Summer Vacation in UK- Summer break is the most awaited time of the year for any student. For an international student like you, it can be the time where you finally get to catch a break from your studies and explore the culture and the customs of the new country you’re in. The United Kingdom is not only among the best European countries to study abroad but is also a country full of heritage sites including architectural buildings, museums, a very distinct culture, and much more. Although the summer months (late July to early September) in the UK are not all that pleasant to roam outside every day.

Let me talk about some fun and meaningful things you can do during Summer Vacation in UK to get an experience of a lifetime.

Skill-Up… OR Monetize Your Skills

If you’re planning to work on building your skill set while you’re still a student in the UK, summer would be the right time for it. You can learn a new language, or work on other in-demand skills. If you’re already good at something, you can monetize your skill and make some extra bucks. For example, if you’re good at a language, you can give language lessons to others.

Explore Work Opportunities

Many universities in the UK advise students to not take up part-time work opportunities during their semesters. The reason for this is to encourage the students to spend more time on their academics so they consequently pass their exams with good grades. However, summer is the time when you can look for part-time or full-time work opportunities to earn some extra money and work experience. You can also take up an internship in your preferred field to get good experience and also a work opportunity in the future.

Engage in Student Activities

You can actively participate in student activities in the UK during your summer semester break. Go to events that are exclusive for students, show up to career fairs, network with your colleagues and other people. This would be your chance to not only make great connections but even reliable friends.

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Plan for the Future

With lots of time in hand, you can start making plans for your next move. You will have time to think about pursuing work opportunities in the UK post completion of your degree or moving back to your home country to chase other opportunities. If you already have a plan, you can start executing it. The summer break is also a great time to experiment with things (for example, a business idea) to see if they will work or not.

Volunteer in Programs

You can volunteer in local not-for-profit events that mean something to you. Volunteering experience will definitely lead you to make more acquaintances as you will have to work together in groups. With some effort, you will be able to find a lot of volunteer work in NGOs, animal shelters, orphanages, etc. In fact, if you’re passionate enough, you can create and lead your own volunteering program for a cause that you care about.

Make Acquaintances… If Not Friends

Connect with local people, your flatmates, your college mates, and just get out there and socialize. It is not every day that you will get the opportunity to be in a different country, after all. Network with people as much as you can. You never know which connection leads you where.

Learn a New Hobby

You can pursue your interests or learn a new hobby during your summer break. Try cooking something from English cuisine, or make up your own recipes! You can also indulge yourself in gardening, dancing, or even learning an instrument. The key is to have fun while you can while trying to make the most of your hobby.

Cherish the Cuisine

Explore the local eateries, cafes, and restaurants in the UK. If you’re a foodie, you would love this idea. After all, normal university days will not allow you a lot of time to go out and explore different outlets. Sit by a roadside cafe with a book someday, or go out to a fancy restaurant or even a bar with friends on weekends.

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Plan a Trip

This is an idea that you should take seriously. You should totally plan a trip with friends during your summer vacation in UK. Whether it is a road trip to any of the exotic locations in the country or just a trip to the museum, you can have a lot of fun exploring the great architecture, history, and scenery of the country. With friends and food together with you, it will be an experience for a lifetime.

Make Memories & Preserve Them

While you make memories while staying in one of the best European countries to study abroad, make sure to preserve them by making videos and clicking photos. You will definitely reminisce looking at those memories someday in the future. So, make sure you keep them safe in an album (digital or old-school, it’s up to you!).

Let’s Take A Quick Recap

So, that was my list of ideas for a fun summer vacation in UK as an international student. Of course, there is much more you can do, many places you can go, more things you can explore. But remember to not overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything in one summer! Just do what you can and leave the rest for the next time because there will never be enough time for everything while you’re busy living the fast life in the UK as a student.