This blog will determine the most appropriate business schools in Germany as well as their requirements.

Germany is one of the most sought-after locations for international students interested in pursuing business degrees. According to Financial Times and QS Top Universities world rankings, German universities are among the Top 100 MBA schools in the world.

Every year, the country welcomes 300,000 – 400,000 international students to study diverse courses in German universities. Several thousands of such students are admitted to MBA and other business courses. The country has some of the most prestigious universities and some of the most intellectual and internationally recognized professors for business studies.

University education for business majors consists of a lot beyond just theory. Problem solving and analytics, encouraging research competence, language training, and field trips are as much a part of the business degree curriculum as the theory. Beyond academics, German universities prove to be a great space for developing co-curricular skills for enrolled students. The overall experience is worth it for any international student.

Moreover, Business Schools in Germany opens up great prospects for students as many of the universities are located in the country’s economic centers. This gives the aspiring students great business exposure and the opportunity to connect with brilliant minds.

If your goals are to move to a country to study business that has a good standard of living, easy visa procedure, and plenty of career opportunities, Germany would be a good choice for you.

Let us look at the Top Business Schools in Germany that should be any aspiring student’s choice:

1.  Berlin School of Business and Innovation

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation teaches students with a focus on the idea of entrepreneurship and leadership. The education provided at this institution includes practical skills in entrepreneurship. If you are an international student seeking more than just theory-based education, this institution would be a good choice.

The most preferred course is their Global MBA program. The institution also offers other undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The requirements to enroll in a degree program here are:

  • Previous degree certificate
  • Three years’ worth of management work experience
  • Proof of language proficiency

The aspiring students must have an IELTS score of at least 6.0 score. The average tuition costs at this institution are between EUR 6,500 for German/EU students and EUR 12,500 for all non-EU students.

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2. Mannheim Business School

Mannheim Business School enrolls a total of 4,000 students every year. It is regarded for providing international level, research-oriented teaching to its students. Around 84% of the total students enrolled here are international students. You can expect to find great cultural diversity here, along with great education.

A full-time MBA program here is for a duration of 12 months. The program can be extended up to three months if you get internship or exchange opportunities within the country. The requirements for an MBA here are:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3 years of work experience
  • Proof of proficiency in English

The annual fee for the program is EUR 39,500. It might differ depending on certain factors. There are many clubs for students to engage in, from marketing, tech, and IT to finance club, etc. The school also encourages extra-curricular activities alongside studies.

3.  Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is among the best-known business schools in Germany. It teaches business, management, finance, and banking to students and offers a wide range of degree programs for the same.

This institution not only provides degree programs but research projects and consultancy services too. It is basically a one-stop place for all things business and finance. The most popular program here is the 12-month MBA program. During the 12-month duration of this program, students also undertake research projects to build their analytical skills.

The admission requirements in FSFM are:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3 years of work experience
  • Proficiency in English

The annual fee for international students in FSFM is EUR 37,000. The student culture at FSFM is also very promising. Students here can participate in sports, arts and cultural events, social engagement programs, personal and professional development classes outside of the classroom curriculum.

4. HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

The HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management offers 18-month courses in business administration and economics, entrepreneurship, leadership. It is among the top choice of business schools in Germany for international students. With an average fee of EUR 37,700 per year, the tuition at this school isn’t too expensive or too cheap.

This is one Business school in Germany that sees up to 90% admission from international students every year. The diversity is commendable here and the standard of education is too good to miss.

5.  WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

The Otto Beisheim School of Management enrolls 85% of international students in its business course every year. The program here teaches global economy, business trends, organizational behavior.

This institute also offers a three-week study-abroad experience during the total 12-month program as part of its curriculum. During the study abroad weeks, the students spend two weeks in locations in Asia and one in the US. This gives the students cultural exposure and an in-depth opportunity of experiencing and learn about the global economy. The tuition at this institution is EUR 38,700 a year.