Dentistry In Romania– Students all over the world are now choosing Romania as a study destination, especially for Dental studies. This shift has happened after students realized that the standard of education in Romania is high. Along with finding an institute that helps them fulfill their dream, Romania has a place in its heart for everyone. With different terrain, this is the best preserved delta of Europe.

Beauty of Romania

Rich in natural beauty, the country is a beautiful mix of culture and heritage. Studying in Romania is affordable as compared to other countries. The diplomas awarded by universities here are recognized by the General Dental Council in the UK, USA, and the European Union as well as around the world. It becomes a win-win situation for the students, saving money on the course and earning a degree which is accepted worldwide.

The course duration of Dentistry in Romania is 6 years across the nation. The course structure might vary depending upon the university but they still adhere to the similar stomatological disciplines. It consists of Maxillofacial, Odontology, Orthodontics, Periodontology, Prosthetics, to name a few. These six years of dental studies are bifurcated into two parts: 62% of Stomatological principles and discipline; 38% Surgical, and fundamental medical procedures and discipline. After successfully completing your six-year course, you will be awarded a Master’s degree Diploma in Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD).

More reasons to Study Dentistry in Romania

There are various other reasons for you to enroll into a Dentistry in Romania. Let’s explore a few of them:

  1. Affordable fees structure: The education in Romania is affordable. This is one of the biggest reasons for students choosing Romania to study. The affordable fees structure does not burn a hole in the pocket. The fees is as affordable as 5000-7000 euros per year. Students who come from the countries not included in the European Union can also apply for scholarships made available by the government sectors in Romania.
  2. High standard of education: The education in Romania is driven through innovation and technology. The new and updated methods are accepted and applicable in all the universities. Although the entrance is comparatively easier in the universities here, maintaining a scorecard with shining grades is a task.
  3. Student population: People in enormous numbers are migrating to the country as students due to affordable fees and higher quality of education. Thus, the population majorly consists of students. This has led to a change in the lifestyle and choices of the people nearby.
  4. Low cost of living: Since the country is heavily populated by students, almost everything is available at affordable cost. This makes the living cost affordable and easier for students to survive in Romania. The long holidays usually are spent exploring new places and in nature’s lap.
  5. Exemptions: Exemptions are given to students who have pursued courses like Pharmacy or Biomedical science. Since they already have studied the majority of the subjects from their first and second year, they are transferred directly to the third year. In order to check if you are eligible for a transfer in later years, reach out to the team of experts at Udrus.

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Universities offering Dentistry course in Romania in English

The annual fees for studying dentistry in Romania varies from university to university. The fees in the universities in Romania are very affordable as compared to other universities in the world. The minimum amount you need to spend on your tuition fees is 3200 euros and maximum 5000 euros.

Since you now have a lot of reasons to pursue Dentistry in Romania, let’s have a look at the universities that teach Dentistry in Romania in English language:

1. Victor BabeČ™ University Of Medicine

Located in Timisoara and founded in 1944, after Romania’s King Michael I signed the decree law 660. This university started small but now boasts a huge number of impressive alumni and staff. The university has three faculties which are further divided into sub-specialization.

The university does not provide an accelerated medical or dental course here but a student can get transferred here. The fee structure of the university is affordable as compared to that of other countries. This makes life easier for students. You will only have to pay 6000 euros per year. The cost of living is also comparatively low. If you spend wisely, you’ll only have to spend somewhere around 400 euros per month to live a comfortable life.

2. Grigore T. Popa University Of Medicine 

One of the oldest universities in Romania, it was founded in 1879 by Grigore T. Popa, a famous Romanian scientist. The university has four disciplines further bifurcated into multiple sub-specialties. Situated in Iasi, Romania, the city boasts a young and vibrant population of students. The land of seven hills is also a land of students. Due to this reason, the cost of living and accommodation are really affordable. You will have to spend 7500 euros per year on your fees. The living cost would come around 500 euros per month if you wish to live comfortably and enjoy student life.

The Student Facilities Services as a body helps with the accommodation facilities to the students, the scholarship for the students and its payment status, home management record for each student, and student subscription records for local transportation. It helps students feel at ease and take their mind off of these planning and management itinerary. Living in dormitories comes with a certain set of conditions when it comes to the number of residents and amenities provided.

3. Titu Maiorescu University Bucharest: 

Founded in the year 1990 in Bucharest, Romania, the university is a pristine example of modern education. Led by innovation and technology, this university encourages practical knowledge and competition among-st their students. This course structure and teaching method en-grains advanced skills, techniques, and proficiency are well appreciated and accepted in the nation and out in the world. If you are planning to study here, you will have to spend 7500 euros per year on your fees and the living cost would sum up-to 500 euros with a lavish lifestyle.

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Requirements to study Dentistry in Romania

To study Dentistry in Romania you need to have high grades in A- in Physics, Biology and Chemistry or mathematics and average score of your Bachelor’s degree. Following are the documents that you will give an extra push that you will need for entry in a Dentistry school. The list consists of all the documents that you should ideally have while applying to study dentistry in Romania.

  1. Diploma certificates for International School competition
  2. Diploma certificates for National school competitions
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  4. Attested certificate of post secondary medicine related degree
  5. Attested certificate of undergraduate degree
  6. Internationally recognized certificate for English language
  7. Evidence of extra-curricular activities preferably humanitarian causes

Romania due to its high standard of education and low tuition fees is now coming up as a dental study destination for students all around the globe. With the best of the Dentist universities, leading by example and with innovative course structure, the dentistry course is making a mark on the globe. Despite knowing all of this you might still have questions regarding application process, requirements and scholarships. Reach out to the experts at Udrus to solve these queries. Their team is trained to help students realize their potential to make their study abroad dream come true.