There’s quite a few university degrees that seem to revolve solely around money and how to make  more of it-economics, finance, accounting, you name it. But out of all of them, it seems that there is one which reigns supreme in the popularity market among the lot-business majors.

You know how they are, by now-the snarky undergrads in whatever fresh suit they managed to buy, talking about their “hustle” and whatever entrepreneurial scheme they cooked up. It’s a bit grating at first, but you can’t really blame them too much for that-that’s what the major encourages, after all. Business majors are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and change a certain market, be it for the better of their consumers or just to line their own pockets with paper. Overall, a good major for students regardless of whether they intend to study their bachelors or study their masters.

Did all of that perk your interest? Does that line of work seem to resonate with you? Well, keep on reading because we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best yet affordable universities one can acquire a business degree in in all of the United Kingdom. Whether you want to just get into business itself or would rather get into one of its specialty fields early on, this article will have you covered.

Loughborough University


Those who wish to study in the U.K. should take a look at Loughborough University, a big player in the field of English academics. With a beautiful campus and an award-winning student experience in almost every field of university life-teaching, research, internships, campus life, you name it-you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t want an opportunity to study at this renowned institution. Keep in mind, though, their tuition fees-those who are native to the country will have the costs of education be almost 50% cheaper than the international students. Great if you’re a UK resident, managebale if you’re an international student with money to your name, not so great if you’re not an international student whose pockets are light-be sure to try and get a scholarship to offset the costs.

Examples of some of the achievements they’ve acquired over the years are:

  • ‘University of the Year for Sports’ for 2022.
  • Over 90% of their research classified as ‘world leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’.
  • Number 1 in the U.K. for employer-student connections.

You can look up their masters on the topic over here.

Queen’s University Belfast

Speaking of studying in the U.K., another great choice for those in the region is Queen’s University Belfast. A high-quality university through-and-through, a few of the university’s achievements include:

  • The city of Belfast itself, which has the lowest student rent in all of U.K. as well as the best public transportation
  • An active campus filled to the brim with many exercise facilities and sports teams
  • Amazing research opportunities and a strong focus on research culture
  • Winner of many awards and accreditations in both academics and sports

If you’re interested, you can look up their masters of the topic here.

Bangor University

An institution which holds both history and excellent teaching near and dear to its heart, Bangor University is an excellent institution in the U.K. for those looking to study political science. They have many achievements, including but not limited to:

  • World-leading research in important fields such as environment sustainability
  • Located in Bangor, one of, if not the most affordable place in the entirety of the United Kingdom
  • Great student life with many forms of entertainment to enhance your social life

If you’re interested, you can look up the program here:

University of Essex

For those who want another option for economics schools in the United Kingdom, the University of Essex has got your back. The features they have are endless, but a small list of them includes:

  • Multiple campus grounds, including ones in Colchester, Southend and Loughton
  • Excellence in the field of research, with some of their breakthroughs concerning language analysis, world hunger and surrogate laws
  • Vibrant life both in-campus with many extracurricular activities and sports clubs to keep you covered and outside the campus with the whole city of Essex to explore and enjoy

If you’re interested, you can look up the program here:

University of Lincoln

Located near the Brayford Pool of Lincoln, the aptly named University of Lincoln has more to offer their students than just a pretty view of the local lake. There are many achievements this proud institution can boast of, but the most notable ones include:

  • World-leading research with an emphasis on specific topics such as history and computer science.
  • Active student life with its very own Student Union that even owns its own pub.
  • In the centre of Lincoln, a bustling student city which manages to combine both the serenity of a suburban neighbourhood with the excitement you’d expect out of an urban area.
  • Plenty of extracurricular activities to keep you occupied such as academic societies, sports clubs, advice centre, employability programme and various other events hosted by the Student Union.

If you’re interested you can check out their programs here:

And there you have it-some hand-picked universities to begin your career as a businessman. Ultimately, a major in business administration seems like the best of both worlds-you’re not going to have to work yourself to the ground like most science majors but your employability chances are better than the humanity majors. Pat yourself on the back if you manage to land the major because you just got the best of both worlds. If you feel like more doing more research into the matter, then be sure to check out Udrus.