I accepted that stress was an inevitable part of my student life in Germany when I saw myself worrying about my academic performance semester after semester, throughout my school life, and then during my university life as well. While I’m stressing over my homework, projects, and assignments on a daily basis, I’m stressing about preparing for exams during semester-ends and worrying about my grades even after the exams.

I think every student deals with stress in their own way. And my way of relieving stress is listening to music. The soothing power of music is real, and any music lover would agree with this. In fact, listening to music for stress relief is a thing. There are scientific studies conducted by scientists and researchers that suggest that music can help affect brain functioning on a deep level. A similar study conducted by researchers at Stanford University suggests that “listening to music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as medication.” Music is the single most powerful and effortless tool to relieve stress, relax, and even pep up your mood.

I have listed some of the ways music helps me to cope up with study-related stress below.

music for stress relief

Music Helps Improve Concentration While Studying

Music can help improve concentration while studying. Well, perhaps not loud, lyrical music. But instrumentals, and lo-fi music? Maybe. I personally am grateful to the creators of the Lo-Fi study music playlists on YouTube because it helps me collect my thoughts while I sit down to study. As a person who finds it difficult to concentrate on a subject at a time, listening to repetitive beats and rhythms helps me get into a flow. And that helps me sit and finish my study tasks in one go. Playing music helps improve not only my concentration levels but also my study performance.

Music can help with stress-relief and anxiety

You must be familiar with using music for stress relief on a personal level. But did you know that holistic therapists use music therapies to treat their patients? Music therapy is real and it is proven effective for helping relieve stress and anxiety. Using sound frequency and rhythmic vibrations can help relieve rapid heartbeats during mild anxiety attacks. As per studies, listening to mild, soothing music can help in controlling stress too. You can find piano relaxation music for stress relief and healing on applications like YouTube or Spotify. Music has therapeutic powers, and I think we’ve all felt it at times.

Listening to music is an effective mood booster

Many studies have been conducted that conclude that while listening to music, the body releases dopamine to the brain, which is a naturally occurring happy chemical. In one such study, the dopamine levels were around 9% higher in volunteers who listened to their most preferred choice of music.

…And that is why we feel like jumping and dancing around while listening to our choice of music.

Music Can Reduce feelings of loneliness

For many people out there, music is their companion in loneliness. I believe there’s a reason why people romanticize being all by yourself with headphones plugged in, sitting n a secluded cafe, or moving around in a corner of the city. The reason is simple – in today’s busy and bustling times, we’ve all felt isolated, lonely, and in need of some company on certain days. And at times like these, music can fill you up with feelings of warmth and fullness, even when you’re all by yourself.

Listening to Soothing Music Before Bed Can Help You Fall Asleep Better

This is my personal favourite tried and tested method to fall asleep quicker and better. While I am guilty (as might be you!) of delaying my own sleep by listening to music till late hours, I don’t regret it because the music at 3 AM just hits different.

However, by self-regulating your music-listening hours, you can develop a healthy sleep schedule. I like to keep my sleep playlists ready, which consists of soothing music, often classical, and that helps me sleep like a baby.

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music for stress: Does It Really Work?

It may or may not work for everybody the same way but music has the power to impact your overall well-being. Try following my mentioned tips and tricks the next time you are struggling to focus, or when you just want to rewind and relax. Using music for stress relief can also help you feel calm again. Make sure to plug in your headphones or put a speaker in the background with some great music to feel the magic that follows.