Studying in Bulgaria- You might have come across beautiful pictures of beautiful lanes with bougainvillea on Instagram or on travel websites all from Bulgaria. The country is famous as an exotic travel destination and the study destination for international students. After the EU accession, the country witnessed immense increase in immigrants from Ireland and the UK. So if you have already decided to visit Bulgaria, we assure you that it is a good choice as the place is extremely beautiful and is on the checklist of every blogger and influencer.

We have made a list of six incredible things about studying in Bulgaria that you should know about! Stay tuned to find out what we have in store for you!

1. Find yourself in the beauty of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is endowed with natural beauty. If you are a nature-lover, then this country is a paradise. You can explore the mountains of Orpheus, Renaissance village, Rhodope, Pirin mountains and more. Do you know that there are seven lakes in the Rila Mountains? If that doesn’t excite you, you can go visit the Black Sea Coast as well. Click amazing pictures, read a book in the mountains while indulging in the local cuisine. Now this is the life that everyone imagines!

2. Bulgaria is super-affordable!

From the cost of living to the tuition fees at Bulgarian universities, everything is thrice lower than the other countries. In the country you can enjoy a full meal with drinks for just 10 Euros! Even a 20 minutes taxi ride here will cost you around 8 Euros only. As a student, keeping track of financial expenses is an important aspect and to attract international students, the country has even lower tuition fees than the UK. If you are planning to study at Sofia Medical University or Plovdiv Medical university, you’ll only have to submit around 8000 Euros and get an internationally accredited degree!

3. A big community of International students.

The international student headcount is increasing each year in Bulgaria. In 2018, more than 15000 students enrolled from around the globe. Maximum students hail from the United Kingdom and Germany and form communities to support each other. You can find your own community there. These communities throw excursions, parties, get-to-gather during festivals and more. Do you know that there are even different sports teams at the universities you can sign up for so you won’t feel left out in a new country. Go ahead and find your tribe.

4. Smooth entry process in Bulgaria

The biggest problem people face while going to study in Bulgaria is obtaining a visa and getting admission in a decent university. The admission process in Bulgarian university is quite easy though. If you prepare for entrance exams for a week with concentration, you’ll be able to crack the exam. With the increasing influx of international students, the government here focuses on offering a seat to every aspirant and offers every facility and benefit to ensure the comfortable and smooth transition. Universities in Bulgaria believe in offering chances to students with an A- and B score too to prove their mettle and achieve success in their lives. Give yourself a chance and prepare for admission in the universities here.

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5. Internationally recognized diploma

Many international students are not aware of the fact that Bulgarian degrees are accepted around the globe. Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and this means that the degree is accepted everywhere. If you wish to return to your homeland or move to any other country, you’ll be accepted by the government without any hassle. A plus point, the universities in Bulgaria accepted exchange students via Erasmus and more are also invited. University of Sofia, Plovdiv University, Medical University-Pleven and some more are few of the best public universities where you can apply for medicine or dentistry degrees.

6. Huge opportunities to dwell in!

Many students who graduate in Bulgaria settle down in the country and build a highly-successful career! Bulgaria is a hub of start-ups and the government offers support too. Though you might consider Bulgaria a small country, there are individuals with creative and innovative ideas ready to start their own business and jump in the shark tank! Many students also find part-time work and earn a fortune. Also, there are various multinational companies in Bulgaria to recruit you after your graduation. So when you sign up to study in Bulgaria you’ll get a better future as well which is hard in different countries.

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