Europe is undoubtedly the best place when you have to decide where to pursue education from, and is serving as a hub of the best institutes, schools, and universities. The universities based in Europe make sure that the students and their parents need not worry about the education part. Considering the rise in demands for world-class architecture, students are looking for opportunities in the best architecture universities, so that they can get exposure to quality education.

Architecture is the amalgamation of ideas, imagination, practical experience, and a theoretical base backing up the entire project. The universities based in Europe and dedicated to architecture provide the student with ample opportunities to work on real-life projects. Moreover, with experts on the faculty panel, industrial involvement is assured.

Talking about the admission requirements, they are quite simple and convenient, as the student is only required to have a High School Diploma or an equivalent degree and in order to crack the entrance exam for pursuing Bachelors in Germany, proficiency in the German language is required.

In this article, we will be discussing the top architecture universities to pursue Bachelors in Europe.

Top Architecture Universities in Europe

1. Cambridge University – Founded back in the year 1231, Cambridge University holds the title of one of the most prestigious and oldest universities. If you are to be an architect, you will surely admire English Gothic architecture.

2.University of Huddersfield, England – Huddersfield University focuses on providing the students with exposure to architecture located in different regions so that they have a comprehensive idea related to architecture around the world.

3. The Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands – Being a significant part of the IDEA League, the association of five science and technical universities in Europe, Delft University of Technology is always on the top sections in the list of desired architecture universities prepared by students. Here, the student is flooded with ample projects and assignments ultimately grooming him to face real-world architectural issues and complexities.

4. Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden – Chalmers University has been included in this list due to the fact that this university provides its students with magnanimous scholarships and various great opportunities for overall development. The university lays an emphasis on sustainable development, urban design, building engineering, and technology.

5. Politecnico di Milano – There is no denying the fact that the Italian architecture universities have a significant demand among students looking for universities to pursue Bachelors in architecture. The university offers the students with affordable fee structures, quality education and experience, and comprehensive history. In addition to this, the student will be getting exposed to several workshops, study trips, and events. This was for the Bachelor’s, talking about the Master’s, the students will be exposed to specializations in general architecture, architectural designs, historical and urban design, and construction.

6. Universidad PolitĂ©cnica de Madrid – The Universidad PolitĂ©cnica de Madrid, founded back in the year 1848 and located in Spain, is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. Throughout history, the finest and popular architects have been studied and taught in this university. Along with this, it should be noted that the University arises a sort of competition between the students in order to prepare them for real-world issues. Backed with a faculty of well-established architects and professors, the University offers the students a lot of exchange programs so that they can gain experience and learn more about the distinct architectural facts.

7. The Barlett School of Architecture – Located in the center of London, the Barlett School of Architecture possesses the respective offices of the largest UK architecture companies. Equipped with cutting-edge technology tools, the students are exposed to the adequate use of emulators of day and light, college laboratories, 3d printers, and all of what is required to become knowledgeable.

Founded back in the year 1841, the school brings an environment for the students dedicated enough to pursue their courses. Along with this, the university conducts an exhibition for all the students showing their work in the university and as the number of visitors exceeds 10,000, it can be noted how important of an event this exhibition is for the professional community.

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Why Udrus Will Play an Important Role in Your Journey to Education in Europe

Well, talking about the universities in Europe and actually getting admitted to one of them are two completely different things. There are different factors to look upon and various things to take care of, before beginning your educational journey. While looking for universities, it should be considered that there is no perfect university or perfect location, and in the end, it depends completely on your interests, budget, percentile, and convenience.

Udrus plays a vital role in assisting you from the moment you plan for studying in Europe, till you actually get there and feel settled in terms of other activities involved in the admission procedure. Be it your application to the university, your passport, student visa, loans, and all other sorts of formalities and forms, we will be there with you, standing tall and managing all of that on your behalf. We understand how hard it can be to manage your studies with all that admission formalities involved, and that’s why, we, are dedicated to assisting you in the best possible way.

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