Let’s go through the leading mobile apps for international students who want to study abroad.

The number of students moving abroad is increasing extensively every year & the primary reasons for this are better lifestyle & career opportunities. Other than these conclusions, plenty of factors play a role in securing admission to foreign universities or accessing part-time jobs & more. Well, don’t stress out. As you read forward this blog, you will know about plenty of Mobile Apps that help study & career growth on international land.

But before that, it is essential to know why renowned educational institutes are ditching the traditional ideology & moving towards the digital era.

How Apps Helps Students ?

Education Technology (EdTech) combines education & technology where the continuous development of tools & software is encouraged to facilitate learning. One of the prime reasons for education digitization was the covid-19 pandemic & now it has become the demand of the present. If you aren’t convinced yet, then keep reading.

  • It is easier to maintain the student’s record & progress by holding the excel sheet.
  • Video lectures, live classes facilitate remote learning & are cost-effective & time-saving.
  • The courses played on a bigger screen in classrooms keep them more focused.

By far, you must have a clear idea about the digital shift of education & now it is time to address the question of how the digital approach is helping students.

How Apps for International Students Helping ?

With digitalization, the world has become smaller & everybody is in reach with just one click. Here are some points that will help you in understanding the digital approach to education. Imagine being a part-time student in Australia; it would be a great help if you study at your own time & place. Well, this is possible with the pre-recorded lectures & videos.

Abroad, students prefer taking distance learning courses because they are somewhat cheaper as you don’t have to pay hidden fees in such courses.

In addition, when international students were forced to leave their countries during the pandemic, digital education had helped them save their one precious year when the teachers took online live classes & exams.

Why do Students Prefer to Study Abroad?

Already discussed, students’ interest is shifting towards abroad & apart from the grounds as mentioned earlier, some of the other intentions are:

1. Better Career

It is strongly believed that international studies boost careers & this is true to a greater extent because they are outspoken in every field. For example, subject knowledge, understanding of cultures, problem-solving & time management skills, ability to speak multiple languages & more, all of these factors combined help build a more robust CV.

2. Better Lifestyle

By seeing the virtual tours, a student gets attracted to the foreign lifestyle. Also, accessible health care in Canada & Australia & liberal laws in America attracts them.

3. Social Reasons

Students below the age of 25 migrate to pursue their passions, like studying arts, singing, or dancing. In addition, students get attracted to the dark foreign life, such as socially accepted sex life, easy-drinking rules & more.
Until now, you must have a clear idea about the craze of digital education & how it is helping students develop better & what now.

Imagine you landed in a foreign land & looking for digital guidance to ensure better studying & career development. In this case, you have landed at the place because the next segment is all about that.

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Top Mobile Apps for International Students Studying Abroad

We’ve compiled a list of all the mobile apps for international students should have on their phones when they move to a new country-

All Currency Converter

This currency converter app will enable you to easily convert the value of the currency of your native country to the currency you’re currently in. With a few taps on the screen, you will be able to know the fare of their currency when converted. Currency converter apps also help you maintain your expenses by showing the original value of the money you’re spending.

Google Translate

In an international student life, translators come in handy in many places, for example, grocery stores, metro, local buses & more. As an international student, you should have a translation application on your phone. The Google Translate app is easy-to-use and in fact, is the most widely used app among people who frequently travel to foreign destinations. The user interface of the app is also easy and it is absolutely free of cost.

Google Maps

How can one expect you to know the routes to college on the first day? Or your way to the nearest grocery store or bank? So, to avoid inconvenience, it is a must to have online/ offline maps app with you. Google Maps is reliable and you can download the route to your most visited locations and save the important places.

Banking & Payment Apps

The banking app on the phone makes it easier for the students to keep a record of their money and facilitates students to pay bills online or send money to their friends/ family living overseas.

University Application

Every university has its own application which includes certain features such as a map of campus, class schedule, lecture video and notes, your timetable, and such. It is also connected with an email id issued by the university where you receive several notifications related to your course. Ensure to download the same on your very first day!


It’s fun to have musical company, especially if you are going to a new place. You might not be able to take your precious CD collections or tapes because they are extremely fragile, you can download the music application on your phone and listen to your favorite music anywhere on the go! It has a vintage collection, different artists, a wide genre of songs, and plans that you can buy to avail of premium benefits.


Today, almost everyone, everywhere uses WhatsApp to connect and communicate with their near and dear ones, and even their colleagues. The app is a simple and foolproof way to connect with people as the majority of them are available over the messaging application and are active maximum of the time. You can even video call and voice call them through a single application.


Instagram is a fun app that you can use both for entertainment and for connecting with your friends. You can find a specific community, or form your own, based on your interest. This networking app is popular for viewing and sharing pictures, short-form and long-form videos. These were the traditional ways people used Instagram. These days, you can also shop and sell products on this app and form a local or even global community.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

You need to access the internet to listen to music, read books or message your friends or use a map. The Free WiFi Finder will help you to find WiFi to connect to while you are travelling. The application can be downloaded on iOS or Android. It spots nearby places where free WiFi is offered. It will help you save a lot of money as you might need to buy a new data roaming plan or get a WiFi connection at your place.

Will These Be Enough To Help You?

Although I have attempted to cover all of the most critical apps for international students may require throughout their studies abroad, there might be more apps out there to make your life easy. Apart from these above-mentioned applications, you should also have apps to help you find part-time jobs, food delivery apps, notes app, student discount app, Duolingo, etc. Remember that it is not important to have every single app mentioned above, but if you keep them, you’ll realize how convenient life can become with the help of some digital applications.