This blog post is aimed towards Accommodation Expense in Hamburg, Germany. Taking all facts and student requisites in the concern checklist, we can proceed with how you can spend and save simultaneously.

Let’s accept that Hamburg is flagged as one of the most expensive cities out of nine others, in Germany. Now, you must be wondering what is about Hamburg that makes it so expensive. Well, this city is enormously populated by millionaires and multinational companies that steal sights. All these make Hamburg 69% more expensive as compared with other cities of Germany. With a glorifying economic presence, this city is posh and entirely dreamt of.

Accommodation Expense In Hamburg

Accommodation Expense In Hamburg

If you want to stay in Hamburg, you must deduct the extra accommodation expense in Hamburg in the city center, while you can choose peripheral areas over the former. You can understand the cost comparison below:

Costs in the city center:

A one-bedroom apartment costs 500-800 euros
Three-bedrooms apartment costs 1500-2000 euros

Costs in the peripheral areas:

A one-bedroom apartment costs 400-600 euros
A three-bedroom apartment costs 800-1400, euros

Another amazing option that is apt for you is sharing an apartment where all the costs get allocated to the residents from electricity, garbage, heating, and water.

Health care is a necessity. While you will be having your healthcare insurance (deemed mandatory by the German Government), most of your treatment and check-up costs will be funded by the same. The fees for student health insurance funded by state agencies are not more than €100 a month, whereas it may exceed for private healthcare insurance.

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If you are traveling, the costs are the least if you use your student ID, in public transport. On the other hand, if you opt for private transport, the prices would surely vary.

The food and drinks at Hamburg will not cost you more than 70 to 210 euros if you are spending wisely.

Wake up to the working opportunities that are prevalent in Hamburg, being one of the richest in offering employment to aspirants who wish to work. All the international students can work for 20 hours a week and earn a handsome income that will further help them to fund their expenses while staying in Germany.

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