Ever wanted to get into the field of medicine but didn’t feel like going through the academic equivalent of Hell that is med school? Would you rather focus more on the patients themselves, soothing them and calming their nerves during nervous times, rather than looking at the random wounds they’ve gotten over their lifetime and writing up prescriptions for them? Maybe the pressure of being a doctor is too great for you to handle-you are holding a person’s life in your hands, after all-so you’d rather be on the sidelines doing work that, while considered important, wouldn’t result in the loss of life if you messed up? Maybe you’re just a guy who wants a field comprised mostly of women so you can hit on all of them. If you find yourself in any of these statements, then studying nursing might be for you.

There are many reasons why one would choose to study nursing. Besides the reasons listed above, nursing teaches you a wide array of clinical, technical and interpersonal skills that could be applied to most facets of healthcare, including:

  • Communication skills
  • Critical-thinking skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Technical skills
  • Clinical skills

This, on top of a great career outlook and job security, makes it a highly sought-after field. Keep on reading to find out the best yet affordable universities to study nursing in the United States.

Eastern Michigan University


First up on this list is Eastern University Michigan. It shares a key similarity with many of the other universities on this list-sure, on the surface level they may come off as some obscure university in a random fly over state but get to know them a bit better and you’ll find that they pack a punch in the academics department. Some of their known achievements include:

  • Named ‘The Best in the Midwest’ by the Princeton Review for 20 years straight
  • Extremely vibrant student life with many offerings to the students of the campus-health centres, financial aid, extracurricular activities, sports clubs, you name it
  • Rated as the most Military Friendly university in Michigan and the second in that same ranking nationally. May be a turn off for some opposed to the U.S. government and all that, but it should be noted that the government pays those working in their military well-even those doing jobs outside of combat, such as nurses.

If you’re interested you can check out the link to their program below:

Community College of Philadelphia

Next up on this list is the Community College of Philadelphia. I know some people may scrunch up their noses in disdain at the mention of a community college or other forms of education other than the traditional four-year degree because they think it’s for “poor people”, but these people are missing out on so many opportunities for their education. Not only is the reduced cost a massive incentive, especially in American education, but being a community college doesn’t automatically make the institution inferior. Let me just list a few of the achievements this university has under its belt:

  • Great graduation and employment rates, with 80% of graduates finding a stable job within eight months after graduation
  • Multiple programs of excellence for the truly bright to excel at-including one for nursing
  • If you’re looking to enroll in a four year-degree after your time here, note that most of the people who do so managed to land at Ivy League colleges such as Dartmouth College or Brown University

If you’re interested, be sure to check out their programs here:

Saint Louis University

A private Jesuit university located in the state of Missourio, Saint Louis University might fly under the radar of many potential nursing students, but don’t get distracted by the big name universities vying for your attention-there’s a lot you can get out of this institution. Some of their exemplary traits include:

  • Rich student life with hundreds of student organizations and leadership roles covering almost every area-sports, drama, math, chess, debate, you name it
  • A caring community with an absolute ton of resources when it comes to mental health awareness-mental health resources, academic support and peer tutoring, a campus ministry for the religious folk and much more
  • Top-tier research on many subjects such as global warming and COVID-19

If you’re interested, you can check out their programs in the links below:

And there you have it-just a few of the universities out there in the United States which offer quality education in the field of nursing. If you’d like to do some more digging on this particular major before deciding to settle in, or just want to look up more university related matters in general, then be sure to check out Udrus.