If you are an international student planning to study in Germany, proof of your financial resources is an important criterion to get your German student visa and Residence permit in the Federal Republic of Germany.

As per the current laws and regulations in Germany, this is applicable to all international scholars from non -EU or non EEA countries. You need to prove that you have enough financial resources (Finanzierungsnachweis) to take care of your expenses while your stay in Germany for the study program. 

How is this Financial Proof to be Presented ?

The proof of financial security and available funds is to be demonstrated by something called a “Blocked Account”. Any applicant of a German Student Visa needs to open a Blocked Account before entering Germany.
This account has to be opened in the home country as a confirmation from the bank is a key document while applying for the German Student Visa.

What is a Blocked Account?
A Blocked Account is a special bank account for international students in Germany. Here the students need to deposit a specific amount that will cover their living cost and other expenses for the one year stay in Germany.

The name Blocked Account comes from the fact that the money deposited into this account cannot be withdrawn till the time the account holder arrives in Germany. So the money is practically blocked in the account for that period.

Why is a Blocked Account Needed

The German Blocked account or Sperrkonto is to serve as a proof of financial security for all the international scholars and job seekers living in Germany for a period of 1 year. It is a necessity if applying for a German Student Visa or Student Residence Permit.

The Visa applicants, by depositing the required amount in the Blocked Account offer a proof that they have the ability to sustain themselves in Germany throughout the one year duration of their Study Program.

What Amount Needs to be Deposited into the Blocked Account?

The Visa applicant has to transfer a minimum amount of € 10,332 to the German Blocked Account. This amount is blocked until the student lands in Germany.

Once in Germany, the student can withdraw a maximum amount of € 861 every month. To withdraw more than € 861, the student needs to transfer higher amount than € 10,332  to the blocked account.

The blocked account ensures that the international students do not face monetary issues while on the one year study trip in the Federal Republic of Germany. By allocating this amount of € 10,332 to the German Blocked Account, a person willing to stay in Germany for a certain period of time testifies the ability to handle day to day expenses during the specified period.

The Process Of Opening A German Blocked Account To Apply For German Student Visa

Blocked Account can be opened only after proof of admission to a German University. As it involves quite a large amount of money, it’s important to be very careful about the procedure. One needs to be well informed about the procedure as different providers have different rules regarding the opening of a Blocked Account.

Documents needed to Open a German Blocked Account –

  • Duly filled Application Form 
  • Valid Passport 
  • University Admission Letter 
  • Bank Statement confirming the availability of the Required Amount € 10,332  to open the Blocked Account 
  • Prepaid Fee for Account Opening 

Depending on the Student’s Country of Origin and the chosen Bank, there may be few additional documents that need to be provided while opening the Blocked Account.

It’s important to note that all Banks in Germany do not offer the facility of opening Blocked Account for international Students as they are not bounded by German Law to do so. It’s entirely up to the bank if it wishes to offer Blocked Account service or not.

There are some other ways of proving one’s financial standing but the Blocked Account is the most common method that most international students opt for.

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German Blocked Account Providers 

Countries have several providers who offer Blocked Accounts. Information is made available by the respective German mission abroad. Also certain banks in Germany offer special Blocked Accounts for students of the educational institutes located at their business locality. The names of various institutions offering German Blocked Accounts are listed on the Federal Foreign Office website. It is important to note that The Federal Foreign Office however, has no business relationship with these institutions offering Blocked Accounts

How can Udrus help aspiring applicants 

Udrus is the most trusted and smartest German Blocked Account Provider.  Authorized by the German Federal Foreign Office, one can be assured about 100% Fund Security when using Udrus dROP money.

DROP MONEY offers various options for German Student Visa Applicants so that they can choose the right Blocked Account depending on whether it’s for a short term course, long term program, research work, job seeking purpose or extension of Visa after the period of 24 months. Choose between DROP MONEY Blue, DROP MONEY Gold or DROP MONEY Platinum. Each Blocked Account Package is designed keeping in mind the specific requirement of the applicant while following the immigration guidelines.


Alternative to Blocked Account

Yes apart from Blocked Account, there are other ways too using which, you can offer a proof of your finances. Rules also vary from country to country. The best way to know about these available options is to get in touch with the German Embassy in the country of origin before filing the Visa application. This will ensure you have the correct and updated information.

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Other Proofs of Financial Resources 

  • Documents offering details related to the income and assets of the parents of applicant 
  • A letter of sponsorship by a German Resident willing to bear the costs during the applicant’s stay in Germany 
  • In case the applicant has a previously opened blocked account  
  • A recognized educational scholarship 

Key Points to Note – 

  • Annual Amount needed to be deposited into the Blocked Account as from Jan 1, 2021 when applying for a German Student Visa is € 10,332. 
  • It’s crucial to check the requested blocked amount with German Embassy and local German Authorities. 
  • Note that all accounts are not equally accepted by all the authorities. You need to choose a provider that covers all your specific requirements. 
  • Do not fall into the trap of lower fee as security and wider range of acceptance is more important. While you think you are saving a little money on the fees, you could end up into a bigger trouble and paying a much higher bill. 
  • Fully licensed banks in Germany offer blocked accounts that provide a full protection of your deposit along with comprehensive acceptance. 
  • Providers mostly offer Blocked Account and Health Insurance as a bundle. This is a great option so that you prepare for your travel absolutely carefree. 
  • The German Blocked Account process slightly varies from provider to provider. It’s always better to opt for the faster option so that you have it all ready on time.