Every student has a unique style of studying, scoring, and achieving goals. Scholarships are meant for the brilliantly academic minds who win the entire funding opportunities of their international education in the university they aspire to study in.  Best scholarships can be defined as the golden access towards achieving quality education, independent of spending finances to acquire every facility that another student paying for the program leverages.

What Are The Best Scholarship Opportunities For International Students?

There is an immense number of scholarship opportunities that offer lucrative education quality for studying abroad in the top universities. Your study abroad can be entirely free of cost, irrespective of the course programs you opt for. You need not compromise on the quality of education, faculty, infrastructure, classroom amenities, and much more.

In this blog, you will get to know which country offers the maximum number of scholarships that can accelerate the chances of your studies in abroad universities without shedding sweat in expenditure anxiety anymore.


Germany is one of the most countries on the list of those that offer the maximum funding of student education in world-class universities. You will discover that a large ratio German universities do not charge fees for the education they provide.

Also, this country has a record of being having the largest scholarship fund, DAAD that offers a scholarship to cover all the living expenses. So, if you have chosen Germany as your education proprietor, then you have lots to win undoubtedly.

Other Best scholarships that German universities offer include, Erasmus where the students get grants for funding their living, traveling, university enrolment, assessment fee, library costs, and other study-related expenses in Germany. Following this is the Deutschland Stipendium that assists incredibly talented international students to pursue higher studies for any of the degree courses in Germany for two semesters.

  • Exception:
  1. DAAD scholarship applies only to the Master’s degrees pertaining to any of the chosen disciplines
  2. All the Bachelor’s aspirants are allowed to apply for a scholarship program only in the second or third year of their program.

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If you aspire to study in the United States of America, then you must look out for the Fulbright Foreign Student Program that is available and accessible to all overseas aspirants looking forward to studying in the states. This program allows students from almost 155 countries to cut tuition, airfare, textbooks, health insurance, and living allowances.

Furthermore, the Rotary Peace Fellowship in Duke University and the University of North Carolina, allows students to joint master’s degrees in any of their chosen disciplines thus, providing funding for tuition fees, accommodation, and travel expenses.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom government offers The Chevening Scholarships scheme (700 scholarships for students across 110 countries annually) and Rhodes Scholarships. The former is applicable for master’s degrees for a year, covering tuition, living, airfare and other essential costs.

Whereas, the latter is one of the oldest program in the world giving a chance to post-graduate students from Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica & the Commonwealth Caribbean, Kenya, New Zealand, Pakistan, Southern Africa, USA, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

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Aim for the most popular and sought-after Endeavor Postgraduate Awards in Australia for students in the Americas, Middle East, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Pacific to undertake a master’s or PhD. degree in any of the respective disciplines in a renowned university.

It is meant to offer full financial assistance for tuition fees, a travel allowance, monthly living allowance, health insurance, and travel insurance. If not this, you have another extravagant choice of Australian Awards Scholarships that offers full-time undergraduate and postgraduate study bringing into account, the tuition fees, return air travel costs, and health insurance.

How Do Apply For Scholarships To Study Abroad?

The most interesting question is how you will gain access to the evergreen Best scholarships to acquire your seat enrolled in one of the top universities abroad.

The answer is simple! Udrus, a platform uniting students worldwide to overcome the difficulties in getting into the top universities abroad gets you through the detailed guidance of admission, application procedures, documentation, scholarships, insurance policies, and much more that would make your idea of international education possible and comprehensive.