Study Medicine in Slovakia– One of the most selected European countries that international students love to be around is Slovakia. There are a lot of reasons attached to it! The faculty of medicine has been the oldest tradition in Slovakia that started off with one of the oldest universities in the country named, Pavol Jozef Ĺ afárik University in Košice that was founded in the year 1959 acquiring top ranks namely, Best Global Universities, QS EECA Rankings, Ranking, U‑multi-rank, URAP, Worldwide Professional University Rankings – RankPro in a go!

The second most important factor to consider is the mode of instruction that is English majorly for all possible course programs. So, if an international student has a great grasp of the English language, and holds good scores in the multiple-choice entrance exam of the all-in-one Biology and Chemistry test, then they meet the maximum criteria of acquiring the best university seats.

When compared to other foreign study locations such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, studying in Slovakia is much more cost-effective for international students. This amount of savings relieves financial stress even before you begin your education in a distant country, allowing you to concentrate solely on your studies and develop your own professional path.

General medicine is an English-taught single-cycle undergraduate Master’s program. General Medicine is a six-year (12-semester) program that culminates in a bachelor’s degree. Students get enough theoretical knowledge of practical, pre-clinical, and clinical disciplines during these six years. Students study basic preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic practices throughout practical training. Graduates of the medical master’s degree program are qualified in General Medicine and may seek employment as physicians in any specialty. For one academic year, the tuition charge is 10,500 EUR.

Tuition fees To Study Medicine in Slovakia

Slovakia’s tuition fees are comparable to those in other European countries. Annually, medicine and dentistry courses cost roughly €10,000. The annual cost of the veterinary course is €8,000.

Here are some Best Universities To Study Medicine in Slovakia

1. Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice was founded in the year 1959 having a total of five faculties making it the second university becoming profoundly famous as one of the topmost educational and scientific institutions in Europe.

This university welcomes international students to its faculties of both medicine and dentistry courses in English that extend until 6 years. Also, the tuition fees vary from €10,500 to €11,000 per year along with amazing accommodation amenities offered by the universities comprising single, double, and triple rooms for the students with prices ranging from €90 and €190 for the living rooms, shared kitchens, laundry room, and study room.

2. Comenius University: Founded in the year 1919, the largest university in Slovakia, Comenius University has more than 25,000 students who have been enrolled into different medicine course programs, taught in the English Language for a tenure of 6 years. The most important thing that the institution focuses on is the curriculum methods, training activities (both theoretical and practical), along offering quality internships to its students.

The tuition fees of the international students in this university vary from €7,500 to €10,900 from ascending to descending order depending on the courses they take up namely pharmacy or MD programs. Also, the accommodation that this university provides its students with are dorms that cost them between €60 and €120 based on the location you choose.

3. The Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin (JFMED CU) which is part of Comenius University has been the topper in the rank of offering its students commendable programs and teachings. The course for 6 years is determined by both theory and practical with other amenities like secure student residences equipped with everything they need from the kitchen, and laundry to WiFi and fully furnished living rooms.

Also, the Slovak University Ranking has marked this institution as one of the best for medicine aspirants that can be acquired by qualifying in an entrance examination and a high school diploma from any of the previous studies recognized university or school in the home country.

4. Slovak Medical University was founded in the year 2002, located in the capital city. It has been said that the Slovak Medical University is solely dedicated to imparting medicine programs that last until 6 years with great opportunities for the students to practice in renowned clinics and hospitals.

The tuition fees that are demanded by the university for 6 years are not more than €9,500 for both pre-clinical and clinical years. For accommodating the students, the university has a separate campus for allotting them double rooms that are fully furnished with all the classic amenities from modern kitchens, television, study rooms, and modern halls that are located just at a distance of a km from the university.

5. The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Kosice was founded in the year 1949 that have English-taught veterinary medicine course programs focusing on a spectrum of areas like, animal medicine, feeding, reproduction, health, and so on for international students offering undergraduate programs for an extended period of 6 years.

The students would require qualification for the entrance tests of biology and chemistry along with a high school or college diploma. The tuition fees in this university are extremely affordable with a cost of €8,000 charged from the students, annually.

It will now be easier for you to choose institutions to Study Medicine in Slovakia even outside of your home country if you have any queries about admission procedures and programme modules, as well as university rankings, the application process, and so on. For the most up-to-date information about the best universities in Europe for studying medicine, visit the Udrus Premium Section.