In this blog, we are going to uncover some of the most common challenges faced by international students while studying abroad and how one can overcome them. When someone decides to study abroad then it is one of the most crucial things to do. This decision not only changes someone’s life but also provides a distinctive experience with an amazing opportunity to meet new people, travel, learn new things, and obviously get a world-class education. For most of the people, shifting to another country is very challenging and the transition is hard.

 Challenges Faced By International Students

Following Are The Challenges Faced By International Students

1. Currency Differences

Trying to get hold of a different currency is one of the very common challenges faced by international students while studying abroad. So, before you get all excited and start packing your bags and going to the airport, you must ensure that you know the basics about the exchange rate. For help you can even refer to an online currency converter. All you have to do is enter the amount, select your local currency and then choose the currency of the destination country where you are going to study.

There are various other monetary aspects as well that you need to consider. For example; although most of the countries incorporate tax in the rates of an item, taxes are generally not added in the United States and Canada. This implies that you must add the taxes to the price of the product yourself. Don’t forget to learn the money slang as well. Suppose you are studying in the United Kingdom, then you would find people using currency slangs like quid which is another reference for one pound. By knowing all such details you can avoid confusion later while paying for any product or service.

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2. Language Barriers

You must be aware of this challenges faced by international students  because you might have spent years learning the language, but once you’re living in a different country it is very difficult to deal with. You may feel completely unaware about what the other people are conversing and sometimes this can lead to making you an outsider.

Local people of a particular country use various slang and words you are unfamiliar with. It might be a big hurdle to cross, you need to remember that the more you practice, the more comfortable you will get. Also, coming to home learning a second language is an added capability.

3. Cultural Differences

We all know that different countries have different cultural standards and in order to get familiar with their local culture is kind of hard. Apart from learning their language and currency you also have to get knowledge about adjusting to their culture. There are various unwritten rules that people follow in their day to day life that can be completely new and unknown to a foreigner.

For instance, the way you handshake or greet in your country can be different from the way people do at other places around the world. Some dialogues and comments might be offensive to others. Thus, you need to observe the local crowd and immerse yourself in their culture. With time you can easily adjust and might be able to teach your new friends more about your culture too.

4. Day-to-day Finances

As a student, managing finance is one of the major challenges faced by international students. You must gather knowledge about managing your day-to-day finances in a foreign country.

You might be one of those lucky students who got a scholarship, then financial burden will surely be reduced.

But still, you need to know more about budgeting. Apart from tuition, there are various other expenses including food, housing, transportation and more.

We can’t ignore the fact that costs are generally more expensive in urban cities and it will also depend on your lifestyle, habits, and choice of accommodations how much you are spending.

You are already far away from your family and financial burden can be a huge stress. So, consider this as an opportunity and learn how to do budgeting and manage your expenses.

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5. Home Sickness

Among other major challenges faced by international students home sickness in a major one. Leaving your home might make you emotionally unstable especially when you have to do everything on your own without anyone’s help. Things around you are unfamiliar and there is no doubt that you will miss the comfort of your home.

The only thing that you can do in such a case is to remind yourself of the goal you need to accomplish. You know that your family will still be there once you are back, in the meantime what you can do is keep in touch with them virtually.

6. Transportation

Transportation is something that we usually take for granted. But, getting around is one of the challenges faced by international students. It can be strenuous for you to understand and get used to the local transportation. The best way to overcome this is to talk to people around you to know more or take help from a local guide.

There are various other challenges faced by international students while Studying Abroad, but one must learn to overcome them and focus on their studies. Eventually, it will all be worth it.