Chevening scholarship is one of the most important fully funded scholarships overseas. This scholarship is aimed at international students all over the world who want to study for a Master’s degree in Britain.

This blog will discuss all the information you need about this magical scholarship. In addition, we learn the applying process and the services served for the graduates. We’ll explain the details about it from A to Z. In other words, from the step of applying to the online interview.

What’s the Chevening scholarship?

Chevening Scholarship
British Chevening Scholarship

It’s a fully-funded scholarship that the British government provides in the UK. The Chevening Scholarship concerns the Bachelor’s holders who want to complete their Master’s studies in the UK.

The British government contributes to helping between 1500-2000 students to study at one of top-ranked universities in Britain.

What are the services of the Chevening scholarship?

It affords all the study fees, including study cost, living cost, and travel cost. It’s for all nationalities except the European and American nationalities. It includes all the specializations that last for one year at any university in Britain and the UK.

What are the requirements for the Chevening scholarship?

All you have to do is collect all required documents for it; then, you’ll be ready to submit your documents:

  • The students have to be from one of the target countries by the scholarship. 
  • You must have two years of experience before applying for the scholarship.
  • You have to come back to the homeland after finishing your study year.
  • There are three options to select one of them.
  • Having a graduation certificate with grade point average equal to 2.1 in Britain.

Are there any additional requirements?

These requirements are so necessary for all students who pass the first step:

  • Two Recommendation Letters.
  • An English proficiency certificate. Some universities demand IELTS, TOEFL, or Duolingo tests, so you have to look at the requirements for every university and program you want to study in Britain.
  • Unconditional acceptance from one of the selected universities is included in the submitted application form.

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How to apply for the Chevening scholarship?

You have to fulfill an online application form, and this scholarship is available every year from August to November.

You have to look at the scholarship timeline on the official website to avoid missing the Deadline.

What are the applying steps?

  • Fulfilling the application form in the period between August and November.
  • You have to answer all questions included in the application form.
  • After applying, the scholarship invites you to an interview in February.
  • During the interview, you have to provide them with the recommendation letters, your previous certificate, and your transcript. As an international student applying to study for a Master’s degree, you have to upload a Bachelor’s degree.
  • The Interviews are between March and May.
  • You can get your scholarship after doing these two things: Submitting university admission and English proficiency certificate. The Deadline will be in July.
  • After that, you can apply for a student visa. 
  • The study year usually starts in September or October next year.

What are the basic standards for selecting the accepted students?

Chevening Scholarship
Programme Chevening

1-Leadership: The Chevening Scholarship is searching for ambitious students to be powerful persons in their communities and contribute to developing the world.

2-Networking: You have to build powerful relationships and communicate with other people in the British community and workplace.

3-Course: You have to have clear and determined plans for the future and know the major and course you’ve chosen by heart. This course must be related to your plans, interests, and previous studies major.

4-Plans: You’d better determine and explain your long-term and short-term objectives. 

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Tips For International Students

These tips will make you understand more details about The Chevening Scholarship, and following them will help you avoid missing this opportunity:

  • It’d be better to start preparing yourself to speak English frequently because the interview will be in the English language. You have to seize the opportunity and convince the interviewer by yourself.
  • Be sure to show your English skills to the administrators of the scholarship, so you must be more fluent and take attention to the tone of your voice.
  • The searching process for your university’s options is important to make the right decision.

What makes the Chevening scholarship perfect?

  • Studying at one of the best Britain universities for one year in the same major or another major equivalent to it.
  • Studying in Britain has a profound impact on students’ lives at educational, personal, and working levels.
  • The recent graduates will be part of a graduation network in the world that ranks 40.000 students all over the world and from all specializations.

How to fulfill the application form?

The application form is submitted online by many simple steps we’ll discuss right now, and you can find this application on the website’s scholarship.

  • You can search on Google for the Chevening Scholarship website, visit the website, and from the home page, you have to type your country name and search. Then you’ll find the section titled, “Apply for Scholarship.” The application is divided into five sections.
  • Accept the privacy policy.
  • Fulfill your personal information in the following application.

Heads Up: Some countries don’t have the zip code, so you can type in this engine: “Not available or NA.” then click on” Submit.”

  • You’ll check out your email and open the link sent by the scholarship.
  • Click on the link to activate your account.
  • After that, this link will take you to a page where you must enter your password and click on submit.
  • Fulfill your personal information and then click on save.
  • The following page will mention your application situation; if you applied previously, have an incomplete application, and so on. 
  • Click on available open awards at the top of the page.
  • Select the scholarship you want to apply for and click on apply.
  • Here, you have to answer some questions about the scholarship, which proved that you met the requirements for the Chevening Scholarship.
  • If you meet the conditions, you can click on the submit, and the link will take you to another page.
  • Finally, the application is in hand. 

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The application Sections

Chevening Scholarship
Fully funded scholarship for international students

1-Background Information: The first section is about background information. Usually, this section is full of your information because you have already typed it before. You have to add your education history in the education section, like your previous certificates.

Heads Up: If you hold a Bachelor’s degree, you have to select an undergraduate degree in the application of the Chevening Scholarship, but if you hold a Master’s degree, you have to select a postgraduate degree.

Heads Up: It’s unnecessary to upload your certificate and transcript in the application, but later you have to do it.

2-Work experience: It’s up to you to choose Yes or No in the work experience section. If you select Yes, you have to type your previous experiences at work.

Heads Up: You have to click on “Submit and add new” when you want to list additional certificates, work experience, or more.

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3-Essay questions: This section is important because your admission depends on your answers here.

4-Application information: This section includes all details about the application process for the universities in Britain. It’s allowed to list three universities here, but it is nonessential to apply for these three universities before including them in the application.

5-English language qualification: You have to fulfill the required information about your English skills. Type here the type of your English proficiency certificate and your band score. Then upload your certificate.

6-Reference page: You have to read the reference page to know more about the requirements for the reference letter (recommendation letter), even before asking your professor for it.

In this section, you have to include the required information about your professor who will write the Reference Letter for you.

7-Immigration: Here, you have to answer the questions with Yes or No. Once you select Yes, you must type the required details and upload the documents.

8-Terms & Conditions: You have to commit to the Chevening Scholarship’ conditions before and during your study year. For example, you have to take part in the Chevening Scholarship events, be a powerful person within the Chevening network, come back to your country after finishing your Master’s degree in Britain, and so on.

9-Apply: It’s the final step in the applying process. You have to answer some common questions about yourself and the Chevening Scholarship.

Heads Up: Once you finish fulfilling a section, click save draft, not apply. In the final step, you must click on “Apply.”

The Chevening Scholarship is a world-class international scholarship that funds a significant number of students’ studies and helps them achieve their goals.
You may be one of those who got this fully funded scholarship if you meet the conditions and follow the instructions we mentioned in this blog.