One of the primary motivations behind choosing a career is a lucrative salary for many people. This makes sense when you need money to enjoy most things in life. A career in computer science, a growing field, promises attractive computer science salaries, with the demand for professionals in the area growing every day. Apart from great expectations when it comes to computer science salaries, there any many more benefits to making a career out of computer science. Read on to find out the reasons why you should choose this college major. 

Reasons besides computer science salaries to choose the major

When it comes to choosing a major and a career path, there are numerous reasons to select computer science. Besides attractive computer science salaries, graduates of the major can work in almost any field they want, work remotely from any location and can collaborate with others on their codes to produce open-source programs, among several other benefits. 

Diverse job opportunities in many fields

The first benefit to a career in computer science is the diversity of job opportunities in basically any industry. From data scientists to programmers to web designers and developers, computer scientists can make a living doing almost anything they please. Statistics show that jobs in the field of computer science will continue to grow in numbers, rising by nearly 15 per cent in the next couple of years. Studies also show that demand for them often overtakes supply, with companies needing technical experts but not finding any because of the low number of them. This increases the chance that graduates will receive great computer science salaries. 

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They can also find jobs in most industries as all companies, from FMCGs to automotive companies to medical ones, need technical experts. These technical experts can do various jobs, from keeping IT systems in check through development and maintenance, designing and developing websites, or analyzing data critical to businesses and helping them take advantage of it. That means that those who decide to major in computer science can almost guarantee to find a job after they graduate. 

computer science salaries
computer science salaries

Remote work opportunities

Besides the competitive computer science salaries, another advantage to working as a computer scientist is the remote work opportunities. Because most computer science tasks are done on laptops and don’t need much interaction with teams, computer scientists can often work from anywhere in the world. They technically have the freedom to work from any place under the sun, as long as they have the resources to do so. Some jobs will even pay for your expertise and cover travel expenses if you need to do some work at a location far away from yours. 

Collaboration through open sourcing your work 

Sharing your work and collaborating with other programmers through open-sourcing is another benefit of becoming a computer scientist. Open-sourced code is code that is accessible to the public. This means that any other programmers can access the code and collaborate with you on it, whether to make improvements or give you feedback on how to better it.

Many of the programs we know and love today are a product of open source code that has been collaborated on. From VLC Media player to Mozilla Firefox, many significant projects started off as being someone’s open-source code that many other programmers improved upon. Majoring in computer science can give you access to this fantastic community of programmers and give you the chance to make a difference in the world. 

Ability to be creative 

Even though not many people think of computer science when they think of creativity, computer scientists get many opportunities to be creative and innovative. Students who choose this major and go on to become computer scientists learn how to invent and create solutions out of nothing. The field is so much more than just programming. Computer scientists use their computers and smartphones to create outstanding programs by taking advantage of the programming languages they learn, allowing them to design whatever they desire from scratch. 

Battling cybercriminals

If you’ve ever dreamt of being an avenger or superman and saving humanity, pursuing a career in computer science could be your chance to do just that! Every day cybercrimes are rising and becoming more dangerous because of the advancements in technology around us every day. Computer scientists can combat hackers and prevent them from entering computer systems by giving them a run for their money by implementing steel proof computer security systems that they won’t be able to conquer. 

High computer science salaries 

Finally, one of the primary reasons students choose to become computer scientists is their high computer science salaries after graduation. With salaries averaging 100,000 USD per year, the field is indeed a lucrative one to work in. Moreover, data shows that computer science-related salaries will increase over the next few years.

 After all, two of the wealthiest people in the world, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, are closely linked with the computer science field. Bezos himself majored in computer science, and even though Bill Gates didn’t, he took courses in the area after graduation. You can find out more specific information about the highest computer science salaries in the next section of the article. 

Jobs with the highest computer science salaries 

When talking about the highest computer science salaries, you need to realize that you might not get the highest salary right after graduation. After all, reaching the highest salaries takes skills and years and years of experience gained through work. As in any other field, it is customary to start off with an entry-level position with an average salary before going on to more lucrative jobs in the future. 

Jobs after graduation

After graduating with a computer science degree, you can expect to work in jobs such as the ones listed below and earn salaries in the following ranges:

  • Technical support specialist 

Expected salary: 48,500 USD per year 

  • Web developer

Expected salary: 59,000 USD per year

  • Quality assurance engineer 

Expected salary: 69,000 USD per year

  • Computer system analyst

Expected salary: 67,800 USD per year

  • Software developer (specializing in different programming languages such as ruby on rails, javascript or SQL) 

Expected salary: 67,000 USD per year

Jobs with work experience 

After around ten years of working in the field, you can expect to be promoted to positions such as software development directors, senior software engineers and more listed below. You can expect to earn the salaries written under each job title.

  • Software Development Director

Expected salary: 143,000 USD per year

  • Senior Software Engineer

Expected salary: 135,000 USD per year

  • Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

Expected salary: 116,600 USD per year

  • Senior Security Consultant 

Expected salary: 95,600 USD per year 

Disadvantages of being a computer scientist 

As with any other major globally, becoming a computer scientist comes with disadvantages. From health problems to problems with working times, like any other job globally, it comes with its fair share of drawbacks. It would be best if you considered both the advantages and disadvantages when deciding whether to pursue a career in computer science. 

Health problems

One of the disadvantages of a computer science career is the potential health problems you may become vulnerable to. Because as a computer scientist, you spend a lot of time at your laptop, typing code or creating designs, you may be more likely to face issues such as eye strain, lousy back posture, headaches and cardiovascular problems. A way to counter this is to try to incorporate physical activity into your working hours so that you don’t spend hours sitting in the same place. 

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Time zone problems 

Another issue computer scientists may face in their professional careers is time zone problems. When working remotely, they may be forced to work during the night. This could interfere with other aspects of their lives, such as family and romantic relationships. It may also be hard for them to have a regular social life as they tend to sleep during the day to make up for their night shifts. 

Working around the clock 

Computer scientists may often need to work long hours because of the nature of their work. They may need to fix urgent bugs in their code or perform essential maintenance on crucial computer systems. They may also need to combat vicious cybercriminals who threaten large amounts of data. Sometimes, this can’t wait, and no matter what time it is, they’ll have to clock in and get the job done.

computer science salaries
computer science salaries

In conclusion, besides receiving attractive computer science salaries, those who work in the field also experience benefits such as remote work versatile job opportunities in many areas, among many more advantages. However, students who want to pursue careers as computer scientists should also consider the disadvantages they face in their day to day work.