A dream destination for people who wish to learn beyond textbooks, Germany awaits you. A land of prestigious universities and learned teaching staff, Germany provides the best of every world.

The change in culture and language might be met with shock and confusion but Udrus has got your back. They make the transition of moving to another country swift and hassle-free. If you are wondering about the Cost Of Living In Germany then this blog is for you!

International students in Germany are accepted with open arms. If you are planning to study abroad, Germany is the perfect destination. The quality of education in the country is highly distinguished.

The course curriculum is highly advanced. They also provide hands-on training for industry work and standards. What more does a student want? Read on to understand how studying abroad in Germany can be beneficial for your career.

Why Study in Germany?

Apart from having great universities, the country is blessed with abundant resources that would convince you to study abroad in Germany. The most important factor while choosing this country for your higher education is the reasonable fees structure of every university.

This is due to the non-commercial nature of education in the country. Let’s go through why you should choose Germany to pursue your higher studies:

  1. Students get to invest time in their all-round development. They only have to attend classes for 2-3 days in a week.
  2. Witness the amalgamation of multiple cultures and languages.
  3. Get hands-on experience by working in the industry while learning.
  4. Finding a job here is smooth if you have got the skills.
  5. Beautiful architecture and castles.

Udrus can be your perfect partner and guide in finding the best university as per your selection criteria. Their experts make sure that education is accessible to all.


Cost Of Living In Germany

Apart from higher quality of education, Germany provides a better quality of life too. Along with a holistic academic and professional development, you can live here without burning a hole in your pocket.

Smart financial planning can help you find affordable housing in Germany very easily.

Depending on the cities, the cost of living in Germany varies. Keeping a check on the pocket and multiple jobs are usually taken up by international students pursuing Bachelor’s in Germany. The average cost of living in Germany for a student may vary from 700-1000 Euros.

The cost of living in Germany is more affordable if you live in the rural or peripheral areas as compared to urban areas. While looking for an accommodation, location and roommates play a key role.

If you are willing to split the housing area with others, the rent becomes more affordable.

On the bright side the cost of clothes, food and transportation is on the lighter end of the pocket. If you wish to travel across Europe and explore beautiful architecture and castles, Germany is the destination for you.

In order to make the entire process of getting admission in your dream college, Udrus is here.

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Cost Of Education And Benefits Provided To Students In Germany

The cost of studying in Germany is nominal along with being holistic. Students travel from different corners of the world to sharpen their intellect and make a worthy career. With an array of courses offered in every imaginable subject, the prestigious faculty here makes it worth the while. The cost of education for an international student can pile on as the cost of living, food and transportation is calculated. It is still better than many countries. There are multiple ways through which you can save money while studying in Germany:

  1. Opt for a part-time job while you are completing your master’s or bachelor’s in Germany.
  2. Split the accommodation or housing space with other students.
  3. Plan your finances in advance.
  4. Enjoy the quality in thrift stores; recycle and reuse.
  5. Join a sports team at the university instead of a gymnasium to take care of your health
  6. Use public transport for travelling and commuting to work.
  7. Enjoy leisure activities for free like a walk near the Rhine or visit local park for a game of football.

The expert team at Udrus can help you save time and money by extending their knowledge. They are with you at every step of the way so that you make a smooth transition.

If you have set your eyes on Germany as a destination to pursue your higher education, you have made an excellent choice. From a plethora of courses and universities, Udrus can help you pick the best suited for you.

If you have had a shining academic career, Germany is the place for you to take it up a notch. Make sure to plan your finances and pack your passport because the world awaits you and wonders!