The good news is that, despite being one of the most popular destinations in the world, the average cost of living in Stuttgart, Germany for international students is relatively low.

How happening your life would be if you are moved to Stuttgart to spend your university tenure. Life in Germany, in general, is heart throbbing for the geographical ecstasy, infrastructural mysticism, and top-class education quality.

Specifically, you will enjoy the stay at Stuttgart because of the multifarious opportunities this place offers you. In this blog, debunk all the myths you have regarding your stay in Stuttgart along with ways to spend the least without compromising on the quality of life.

Being the sixth-largest city and one of the most sought-after cities by international students. With over 600,000 inhabitants this place gains momentum for the automotive industry offering opportunities to a lot of students to make their careers in the high-tech industries. In this blog, I will classify the cost of living in Stuttgart into categories accompanying you.

Which Universities Can You Choose To Study In Stuttgart?

There are both public universities and private universities that you can choose for pursuing your preferred programs. Although public universities offer you the accessibility of free tuition, they require strict academic merits and scholarship scores for free study. Meanwhile, there are universities that offer you top-notch quality education with excellent internships and job opportunities based on the field you choose.

1. Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences

The best thing about this University is their hands-on experienced learning that believes in teaching students about the practical aspect of the theory they imbibe. Although, students would have to have a knack with a certain level of German language whereas, in the recent years most of the Universities teach in English.

2. Stuttgart Media University

The Stuttgart Media University offers both Bachelors and Master’s in a spectrum of course programs, especially oriented towards imparting media education.

3. The University of Hohenheim

Told to be one of the oldest Universities in Stuttgart, The University of Hohenheim focuses on the disciplines of agricultural and food sciences, natural sciences, but it offers degree programs in business, economics, and social sciences as well.

4. Wurttembergische Administration and Business Academy

Wurttembergische Administration and Business Academy is an institution of vocational education and training in the form of a non-profit association that offers training in professional and managerial staff in the field of administration and business sector.

5. VWA College of Professional Education

The VWA Hochschule is a private university with state recognition of the state of Baden-WĂĽrttemberg. Its partners are the Administrative and Economic Academy for the Regierungsbezirk Freiburg, the Baden-Baden Administration and Economics Academy in Karlsruhe, and the WĂĽrttembergische Verwaltungs- und Wirtschafts-Akademie offering courses in administration and engineering.

Latest Cost Of Living In Stuttgart:

Stay in Stuttgart: With a huge population, Stuttgart cost rental prices have tended to rise in the past years as there is a shortage of living places for international students. Although some areas are very affordable, you need to have patience while scouring the city to find an affordable yet quality stay. An average price of a furnished room will amount to not more than €563 a month, or you can also opt for a studio stay or sharing the apartment with your mates to divide the costs of electricity, internet connectivity, and food.

Food and drinks: We all are foodies! With diverse choices of food and drinks, restrictions added to some, at the end of the day we want to sleep well after a hearty meal, isn’t it? A good meal a day would cost you around €11.50. It is advisable that you stop spending lots of money on your food while keeping it under firm control. This way, you can lower your cost of living in Stuttgart and definitely save the stress of losing out on all your money at the end of the month.

Transportation in Stuttgart: Woah! Traveling is fun and Stuttgart is no less in making you go all spellbound with so many sightseeing and nightlife options. But, hold on! Cut the costs of spending on the private transportation system as you will be able to leverage the least expenses as a student, having a university ID that will charge you just €59.90 a month no matter which zone you travel to.

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Thus, the monthly bills at Stuttgart will equal not more than $215 per month, inclusive of laundry, water, electricity, healthcare, housekeeping, and so on. So, it would be like a cherry on the cake if you are earning well from your part-time employment (if you choose to) in Stuttgart, as it will allow you to fund some of your requisites. Besides that, curtail spendthrift on items or services that are of no important use to you. Wake up to the happy mornings when you are reminding yourself that you still have so much that you did not spend.