Duolingo test is one of the most valid English proficiency tests all over the world. International students overseas intend to apply for this test to get an English certificate to complete their studies abroad.

Nowadays, studying abroad has become the goal of every ambitious student planning to get an academic degree abroad from one of the top-ranked universities in developed countries.

In this blog, we’ll discuss all the wealth of information you need to submit for this magical test, how to apply online, and the fully-funded scholarships which allow you to pass this exam without fees.

What is Duolingo Test?

Duolingo test
Duolingo English proficiency test

As you know, an English certificate is one of the most required documents for studying, working, and travelling abroad. It’s an English proficiency test that is equivalent to IELTS and TOEFL tests. More than 3000 institutions all over the world accept these test scores as proof of your English proficiency.

It would help if you had high scores in English as evidence that you can communicate with other people you had to cope with at your universities, such as your classmates and teachers, and the people who live with them in a shared accommodation like housemates.

Heads Up: I have to mention that this English test is for international students abroad, so if you want to test your English level, countless English Placement tests, websites, and applications are available for free on the internet. So it would be best if you left this opportunity for another student who is in dire need of this test.

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How to apply for Duolingo Test?

The applying process for this test is so easy; all you have to do is follow these simple steps to register on the official website:

  • Open this website Duioling submission.
  • Fulfill your personal information.
  • Type convincing reasons why you need this test.
  • Prepare a professional Motivation Letter why you want to get this certificate. You can use the Motivation Letter you’ve prepared for the university you want to study abroad.
  • You have to do a simple English practice test to determine your English level; it lasts about 15 minutes. You must open the link that they shared with you. Don’t worry because this test is free.
  • Submit the Duolingo practice test scores by a screenshot. The website will guide you on how to do these detailed steps.
  • It would help if you waited for the email from the Duolingo agency to state that the scholarship is available, and you can submit it any time you want.
  • Open your account on Duolingo, and be careful that you have to use the same email you’ve registered in.
  • After a while, you have to upload a short video speaking through it about your experience. This video is so important for administrators to get more free scholarships for international students.
  • It would be best if you waited for the Email that states you’re ready to apply for a scholarship.

Heads Up: When you visit the official website of Duolingo from the same registered EmailEmail, you’ll find three options:

  1. Do a Duolingo practice test.
  2. Pay for the Duolingo test.
  3. Start the test.

As you are a scholarship holder, just options number 1 & 3 are available for you. 

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More information about the Duolingo English proficiency Test

  • The Duolingo band score is 160 scores. According to CEFR, scores between 120-140 can match C1. While scores between 125-130 scores are equivalent to 7.5 scores in IELTS Test.
  • On Duolingo’s website, you can find all details about the scores and the other English test scores that are equivalent.
  • You can start the Duolingo Test at any time once you click on start test. It takes around five before starting the test, like fulfilling your personal information.

What are the rules of the Duolingo Test?

Duolingo Test
Test of English as a foreign language

There are the rules that have to be applied before starting the online English exam:

  • You have to use a specific browser like Chrome.
  • It would help if you closed all the tabes on your laptop or PC.
  • You cannot leave the room you’re testing from it or lose sight of your staff.
  • The room you use must be quiet, and no one is allowed to come into the room except you.
  • It would be best to fix your gaze on the screen; it’s better to use a PC.
  • You have to take a photo of yourself from your computer’s camera.
  • Show the staff your valid passport, but not a photocopy of it. Be sure that the passport is captured clearly by the camera.
  • They try to make sure that the voice is clear, so they ask to repeat a sentence they’ve said in English.
  • They ask to record a sentence and send it to them to make sure that your mike works.
  • Using headphones isn’t allowed; you have to depend on the computer’s speaker.
  • Covering the ears isn’t allowed, so you have to show your ears.

Heads Up: It’d be better to experience the free practice test one more time because it includes a lot of ideas and forms to learn more about this exam.

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What are the basic questions in the Duolingo Test?

The following items are a general overview of the types of the basic questions in this test:

  • Basic questions determine your English level.
  • Writing report, paragraph, or essay.
  • Speaking in English is the final step.

Heads Up: The final two items don’t determine your level, but they’re sent to your university to know more about your writing and speaking skills in English.

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The basic questions

They include four sections such as Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. But what makes the difference here is the Duolingo Test doesn’t have a specific order; you may experience speaking, writing, and then speaking questions.

This makes the Duolingo exam is different from other English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL. And we’ll discuss the differences between the Duolingo test and the two other tests.

This test varies in terms of the simplicity and difficulty of the questions. In other words, some questions are so simple and familiar to you, while other questions are more difficult and tricky. Once you answer the questions, the following questions become more tricky and require great focus.

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What are the types of the basic questions?

There are all patterns of the questions you have to answer during one hour:

  • Written sentences you have to read.
  • Spoken sentences you have to write.
  • A text includes words with missing letters, and your task is to complete these words with the right letters depending on the context. 
  • A set of English and non-English words, and you have to select the English words. This question is testing your Duolingo English Test vocabulary list. 
  • A set of words you have to hear. Once you hear an English word, tick this word, and be careful that some words are non-English, so you have to move on without ticking them.
  • Three photos show on the screen simultaneously, and you have 3 seconds to say their names before the show the next three photos and so on.
  • A photo you have to describe in one or two sentences.
  • Two ideas and you have to select one of them to write a subject about it. The two ideas aren’t shown on the screen, but rather you have to hear them.
  • Sentences you have to read in English in a good accent.

Heads Up: Every question has a limited time, so take a look at the time of your questions at the top of the screen without feeling confused or adversely affecting your performance.

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Some tips for candidates for this exam

You can pass the test successfully if you keep in mind these tips and followed the rules:

  • You have to be ready for the questions types, so you can use Youtube Channels that help you learn how to describe a photo or how to answer as soon as possible.
  • Use the three types of sentences when you write an essay or sentences; simple, compound, and complex sentences.
  • You can hear the sentences in the listening section three times but not more. In addition, you have to take into consideration the limited time of every question.
  • Try to write every word you hear on the first try, and in the two following tries, complete your sentences.
  • Be relaxed and speak with a clear voice and focus on the tone of your voice and pitch-shifting. You have to practice very well to do your best in the exam.
  • Try to use advanced and diverse vocabulary in English. This magical application will help you to learn plenty of words at various levels; beginner, intermediate, advanced and more. Click here to download it.
  • If you made a mistake, don’t panic; just move on.
  • In the speaking section. Try to continue speaking English until the final second.
  • Be sure that your internet connection is good because if you get disconnected or freeze, you will be out, and the exam is canceled. More than 3 seconds of disconnection make you out.
  • Choose a very private room to do this exam. 
  • Wait for five days to get your result.

Heads Up: If your test is canceled for some reason, such as someone coming into your private room, your phone was in the room, get disconnected, or more, you can repeat this test one time for free.

Heads Up: If you take all your chances, you must wait for 30 days before retry submission.

The Cost of Duolingo Test & Why It’s perfect

Duolingo test
English test with answers

This test was launched recently after the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19. It’s considered the easiest English test for international students compared to IELTS and TOEFL.

However, it’s primarily for students who want to study abroad and live in developing countries. It took around 1 hour to complete it. It costs about $50.

But many scholarships afford the full cost of this test. You can do this exam online from your home in the condition of following the instructions that we’ve mentioned above.

Previously, you could get your score within 48 hours. But after the pandemic that hurts the world, you can get your score after five days.

This certificate is accepted by more than 3000 educational institutions and organizations around the world. So it’s a replacement for any other English certificate.

You don’t have to visit any certified center to register or submit this test. All you have to do is follow the steps that we’ll list in this blog.

What are the universities that accept these test scores?

We have several top-ranked universities that accept this test as proof of your English proficiency; here are some of them:

  • America.
  • Australia.
  • Belgium.
  • Brazil.
  • Canada.
  • China.
  • Colombia.
  • France.
  • German.
  • India.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Georgia.
  • Ireland.

What are the requirements of the Duolingo Test?

Here are the requirements for this test:

  • Your valid passport.
  • Your personal computer.
  • Private room.
  • Powerful internet.

What’s the difference between Duolingo Test and IELTS or TOEFL?

Many differences are there between Duolingo and the IELTS & TOEFL tests:

  • Duolingo Test fits in your answers while IELTS or TOEFL don’t relate to your sufficiency. for example, if you answer correctly, you have to accept the more difficult in the following questions.
  • TOEFL or IELTS depends on four sections, while Duolingo doesn’t depend on the specific order.
  • TOEFL and IELTS are served in two systems; paper-based and computer-based, while Duolingo is served in a computer-based.
  • Duolingo is accepted by plenty of universities all over the world, so it uses for academic purposes. So it has worthy purposes.
  • TOEFL or IELTS has two types; academic and general tests, while Duolingo is an academic test.
  • TOEFL or IELTS includes long texts, while Duolingo includes short ones.
  • It’s cheaper than TOEFL or IELTS 75%.
  • You can send your score to all universities you want to apply for without fees. In contrast, the TOEFL test demands around $20 as additional fees when the student has to send the test scores to the university.

Duolingo test has become one of the most important tests in the world, and several educational institutions overseas have started adopting this test to accept international students’ applications.