Many students choose to study engineering as their bachelor’s study. Students who are fascinated by electricity and like to find out how things work by taking them apart might be interested in studying electrical engineering and becoming electrical engineers. Read on to learn more about the engineering major and find out the best and highest paying electrical engineer jobs for 2022. 

What is an electrical engineer?

First of all, you might want to know what electrical engineering is and what an electrical engineer does. The field is an engineering major that focuses on studying and ensigning equipment that uses electricity and electromagnetism. The area became a major in the 19th century when the electric telegraph and power generation started to become distributed and used more popularly. 

electrical engineer
electrical engineer

Why choose a job in electrical engineering?

Choosing to study electrical engineering as your bachelor’s degree might be an attractive prospect because the job has many benefits after graduation. You can gain benefits that are both personal and for society. For example, you can help with the electrical infrastructure of your city, having a direct impact on people around you. This improves their quality of life significantly. On a personal level, having a career as an electrical engineer can offer you great pay and exciting projects that never get boring.

Top Electrical engineer jobs in 2022

If you decide to study in the US and then work as an electrical engineer there, you can be expected to receive a high salary from many employment opportunities. From working as an energy engineer to an automotive engineer, you have many career options to explore and choose from after you graduate with your bachelor’s degree. This section covers the various jobs you can select and the average salaries offered to them when they work in America. 

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Energy Electrical Engineer

Average salary received in the US: 71,200 USD per year

If you choose to work as an energy engineer, your job responsibilities will include creating, testing and implementing parts of electrical plants like switchgear, motors, cables and generators, among others. You’ll also keep track of the energy consumption in any plant and fix any problems faced by energy load. They also go to project sites and carry out audits to ensure everything is going according to plan. Finally, they work with construction managers and give feedback about power systems and generators, among other electrical machinery. 

electrical engineer
electrical engineer

Electronics Engineer

Average salary received in the US: 80,400 USD per year

Perhaps one of the most common jobs for an electrical engineer is the electronics engineer job. The responsibilities for this job include designing and enhancing electrical components like capacitors and resistors. They also make sure electronics pass quality checks and safety regulations and provide technical support and consult during manufacturing and product development stages. They also search for novel techniques to converse energy and make components more energy efficient. 

Automotive Engineer

Average salary received in the US: 78,800 USD per year

Another job you can work as if you pursue electrical engineering is an automotive engineer. Automotive engineers develop parts like power units, lighting, air conditioning and sound components. They also develop autonomous or electric cars and distribute electric cables and navigation systems, among other automotive parts. They also analyze electric wires and ensure that they are up to quality control and safety regulations. 

Oil and Gas Engineer

Average salary received in the US: 66,360 USD per year

Working as an Oil and Gas engineer is another job electrical engineers can work as after graduation from their major. Job tasks for this role include designing and enhancing equipment used on oil rigs and ensuring that it’s up to good safety and reliability levels. They also ensure that the equipment can work properly under challenging conditions, like low or high temperatures and fires, because oil platforms and drilling rigs are volatile environments where any emergency can happen. 

Electrical Project Manager 

Average salary received in the US: 83,700 USD per year

Another job on the list of possible jobs for electrical engineers is electrical project managers. The primary job responsibilities for this job include supervision and planning of new electric systems of projects. They write proposals for projects, outline budgets and appropriate schedules for them, hire project teams, and check that they are working productively. They also make sure project paperwork regarding regulations is in check and order any project tools and supplies needed. 

Sustainability Engineer

Average salary received in the US: 94,700 USD per year

A sustainability engineer is another occupation that electrical engineers can have after graduating. They manage sustainability at their workplace and make sure everything is environmentally friendly. They try to use renewable energy sources and encourage waste decrease and usage of byproducts that could have a negative impact on the environment. They also report to managers what impact a project will have on the environment and recommend to them how to conserve energy and resources best and decrease the potential amount of pollution. 

Aeronautical engineer

Average salary received in the US: 102,000 USD per year

Finally, one of the highest paying engineering jobs out there is the aeronautical engineer job. This type of electrical engineer helps design aeroplanes, missiles and helicopters. They design them according to requirements and client needs by combining their mechanical, chemical and electrical knowledge together. They run complicated tests using modelling software to create aeronautical machines and assure they are working successfully. They also look over outdated or malfunctioning components and fix and improve them. 

Difference between electrical and mechanical engineering

After learning about the different jobs that electrical engineers can pursue after graduation, you may feel confused about the difference between electrical and mechanical engineering/ Although there is a significant overlap between the two, there are apparent differences. For example, electrical engineering studies electronics and electrical systems, while mechanical engineering teaches about power, weapon systems, and transportation equipment. Electrical engineering also teaches how electricity transmits energy, while mechanical engineering studies the design and building of mechanical equipment and tools. 

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In conclusion, studying electrical engineering can be an excellent choice for those interested in electricity and machines that use it. After graduation, they have many exciting job opportunities that they can pick from electronics engineers to oil and gas engineers to project managers. However, suppose you feel like electrical engineering isn’t the right match for you and would instead study engineering programs of different specializations. In that case, there are many study abroad programs available, and you’ll indeed find one to fit your needs!