The Universities in Germany have a higher education standard. Students choose these universities based on the curriculum and holistic approach towards industry placements. While planning to study abroad, International students require healthcare insurance.

Although the students pursuing short-term courses and language courses are exempted from this mandate, it is intelligent to get insured before travelling to a foreign land.

International students from outside the EU get two options when it comes to insurance; Private Insurance from their Home Country or Public/ Private Health Insurance from Germany. Students from any corner of the world are welcome with open arms in Germany.

Depending on the country you belong to, your home country’s plan might be eligible. In order to get more clarity on the eligibility of your home country plan, you can get in contact with the experts at Udrus.

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Types Of International Students Health Insurance In Germany

For international students in Germany, there are two kinds of Healthcare insurance available for them to avail:

Public Healthcare Insurance

Any student pursuing a degree, who is under the age of 30 years, needs to have public healthcare insurance if they want to study abroad.

You will not be able to register at any University if you do not have access to healthcare insurance. It needs to provide adequate coverage in order for you to enroll for any course.

The majority of the residents are registered under Public Healthcare Insurance. Udrus can help you get acquainted with the plan and if it is best suited for your criteria.

Private Healthcare Insurance

If you meet with one of the below mentioned criteria, you need to opt for Private Healthcare Insurance to study in Germany:

  1. If you are over the age of 30
  2. If you’re pursuing a degree in Language or Preparatory courses

Private Healthcare insurance is a better option as it provides a wider scope of coverage. You can opt for supplemental Private Healthcare for better coverage.

If you are under the age of 30, you can get the Private Healthcare Insurance under the following circumstances:

  1. You are ineligible for Public Healthcare Insurance
  2. You have given application for exemption from Public Healthcare Insurance
  3. You are opting it in addition to statutory or public healthcare insurance

Udrus believes in enhancing the quality of education for everyone. You can receive the answer to any of your queries from the experts here at Udrus.

Cost Of Healthcare Insurance In Germany

International students under the age of 30 are exempted from paying their 7.3% of the contribution to Social security.

They are supposed to pay a set amount which is a discounted version of the existing amount. The cost is further bifurcated between:

  • Students under 23 years: They pay a monthly discounted amount
  • Student between 23-30 years: They pay a slightly higher amount as compared to the above age group

This amount covers the basic and nursing healthcare insurance which is usually less than the contribution based on earnings in a standard form.

How To Get Health Insurance In Germany?

If you are planning to study abroad, it is mandatory for you to have access to health insurance. This helps them feel better organized. It also helps them avoid unforeseen circumstances and injuries. It is an affordable method to stay on top of being safe in another country. A lot of organizations also help international students apply for affordable Healthcare Insurance.

Scholarships Offered For Healthcare Insurance

Since Germany does not charge any tuition fees from their students, it gives scholarships that help them afford their visa and healthcare insurance. Below mentioned are the few scholarships that you can apply for in order to receive rebate on Healthcare Insurance:

1. BrokerFish International Student Scholarship

It is really important for an International student to have a functioning Health Insurance in order to not burn a hole in their pocket. BrokerFish gives International students who wish to pursue higher studies in Germany, avail Health Insurance at an affordable cost. There is no restriction on the student while choosing a subject while applying for this scholarship. It provides the student with a plethora of opportunities. It also makes them feel more in control about their choices.

2. DAAD Scholarship

They have 250 openings for students who wish to study in Germany. They help reduce financial burden while opting for health insurance to the International students. This scholarship is eligible for students who are pursuing development related courses of postgraduate level.

3. Deutschlandstipendium National Scholarship Programme

The scholarship is independent of the income of self, parents or family. It supports 20000+ students everywhere who wish to study abroad in Germany. The best part is that this scholarship is eligible for 2 semesters and in all universities of Germany.

4. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships in Germany For International Students

This scholarship is granted to Doctorate level students whose primary education base is their home country. It helps lessen the financial burden on students who wish to pursue PhD in Germany.

So what are you waiting for? The sky’s the limit for you when you have chosen Germany as your study detention as an international student. Udrus helps in making the entire journey smoother and easier for the students. They allow the students to focus more on the transition rather than logistics. Reach out to their expert team for any queries related to pursuing a course in Germany.