Health and finance are something people hate losing! Isn’t it? Have you ever laid attention that both these concepts go hand-in-hand?

Yes, they do! If you have finance, you can bear explicit health costs and if you have good health, you can earn bang on bucks!

Now, students who wish to fly to Germany for a vision require health insurance that apart from being one of the fundamental eligibility criteria is a shield that ensures you are safe in body and mind.

In this blog, you will learn about the costs you ought to bear for your German health care insurance and how can you leverage the maximum. 

 Before your mind gets flooded with questions as to why you need healthcare insurance in Germany, let me resolve it! 

German health care system is the best in the world! Of course, it is not the only thing to compel you for decision-making, but there are more facts to it. Everyone in Germany must be covered by a health insurance plan (private or public) that entitles them to free public healthcare.  

Which is better, public health insurance or a private insurance plan? 

Both public and private health insurance plans offer you free health advantages pertaining to prescribed drugs, surgeries and treatments, medicines, and regular check-ups along with emergency healthcare.

If you do not gain access to the public health insurance plan, then you must turn to the private health insurance package.

If you are able to acquire more funding through your self-earning employments, then you can make the additions offered by private health insurance pertaining to, private healthcare, private hospital rooms, some dental treatment, and complementary therapies.

There is one exception where private health insurance digs deep into your health history and age before covering your conditions. 

Health Insurance Costs For Germany 

This is one of the most sought-after questions that people are tensed about. As I had mentioned earlier in the blog that finance and health are interdependent, here you would know it.

The cost of monthly public healthcare coverage (The GKV, Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) in insurance may vary from 80 to 1500 euros per month, depending on your medical issues and income. Whereas the cost of private health insurance (PKV, Private Krankenversicherung) is a spiking amount.

The golden secret about health insurance in Germany for International students: 

German Health Care

All the international students flying to Germany for studies can derive an advantage from the discounts on public health insurance rates (applicable for students under the age of 30). This is charged at €105.05 (students under the age of 23) or at €106.93 (students age 23 and above) per month, covering both nursing care insurance and public healthcare.

The most interesting fact here is, private healthcare insurance for international students is cheaper than the EU students, amounting to as low as,  €70-€80 (on certain treatments or check-ups).

Also, the students above the age of 30 have to incur over  €105 a month for their health insurance.  

How Can Udrus Help You With German Health Care System? 

Udrus will definitely help you to get a hang of it while you plan for Germany!

From program counseling, admission accessibility, and having your visa and residence permit organized in order, it also orients you through the complex processes of health and travel insurance that you might find a harder nut to crack while moving to a new country full of newness.

So, do not dissolve yourself into tough cardinals and think about the good times that you can spend in a country-styled by diverse traditions, languages, people from distant countries, amazing education, university infrastructure, campus, residence, and job opportunities awaiting your talents and skills.

Get set, go in your direction of accomplishing a degree and learning everything that follows the process.  

Thus, we can conclude that health insurance staying constant, the types of health insurance one can purchase, and the finances incurred on them varies widely.

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If you are financially sound, you can go for private healthcare insurance with extra added benefits, or stick to public Health insurance that would also bring you free healthcare services!

We understand that you might still have questions about the German health care system, insurance plans or packages and how to leverage them.