It is a no-brainer that there are endless universities across the globe that you can get yourself to but, deciding for Germany comes with leaps and bounds of surprises and astonishment. Know why? For that, you will have to gather a little more patient because in the following post I will lay all possible questions that you might have regarding your student visa and education journey in Europe’s most chosen country.

Let us cut short the conventional fables of education and bag the best bet! Germany is a place full of opportunities, dipping you in diversity, and saving you the thought of getting bankrupt. Your overflowing need of attaining the best degree and job gets granted by a possible spell of 400 institutes, having 1500 courses (mostly under arena of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and P.hD.) that come in English. Delve into short or long-term courses while picking a cosmopolitan lifestyle!

How To Get A Student Visa For Germany

Why Do You Need A Student Visa?

When you are moving out to a foreign land, outside your home country to study or work, a visa and residence permit are essential before you depart, right at a German consulate. Students aiming for a German University require a Schengen Visa for a three-month course, whereas a German national visa is necessary for a course duration exceeding three months.

What Are The Types Of Student Visas For Germany?

German student visa, a standard student visa for international students who are further admitted to a renowned German university aspiring for any of their preferred disciplines for a full-time study program to pursue a higher degree.

German student applicant visa, meant for the ones who are supposed to stay in Germany to apply for university admission. This is deemed valid only for the university application process. German language course visa, which is required by students expected to attend a German language course in Germany. Let’s dive into the most ethical and frequently asked questions about how to get your head around the nitty-gritty of German student visas.

Can I Extend My Stay In Germany?

Yes, certainly! Any of the students who are willing to exceed their stay in Germany for studies or jobs are expected to apply for the same while their entry visa is still valid.
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What Documents Do I Require For A Germany Student Visa?

There are some mandatory documents that you must be required for your Germany visa application, namely,

  • Duly filled out and signed national visa application form.
  • Your valid national passport.
  • Two photocopies of your passport.
  • Your certificate of birth.
  • Your recent passport-style photographs. (Up to 3).
  • Scholarship certificate
  • An LOR from university
  • Proof of conditional university admission.
  • Letter from “uni-assist”.
  • Confirmation of admission as an applicant.
  • Communication with the university, regarding conditions for final admission.
  • Proof of having paid for the language course
  • Student Health Insurance.
  • University entrance qualification.
  • Certificate of German or English Language Proficiency.
  • Proof of Financial Resources in the form of a German Blocked Bank Account (“Finanzierungsnachweis”).

How To Apply For A German Student Visa?

For international students, the visa application process is a bit complicated depending on the country, length, and nature of the program. The basic procedures include locating the German Embassy, document verification’s, Visa appointments, and interviews. Udrus is one such platform that will help you in every possible way to secure your abroad study without an information gap.

When To Apply For A German Student Visa?

As soon as you receive the university letter of admission, you can apply for your German student visa.

How Much Time Will It Take?

Without any doubts and deliberations, the processing of a German student visa takes 25 days after applying. As I have already clarified most of the commonly asked questions that students get their heads around, studying in Germany seems to be easier and more possible than before.

Get in touch with the expert counselors at Udrus to push all your cumbersome queries to them. Sit back and relax!