Bingo! You have been finally accepted to a reputed university in the United Kingdoms to study your dream course and now have to just fly to a foreign country. However, before you start to get excited, please hold on and make sure you have a valid visa to gain entry there.

Though getting a student visa to study in UK is a little hectic task, with the right guidance and help, you can easily get a student visa without any hassle. I have gathered all the information required to know before you apply for a student visa to be eligible for a university in the United Kingdom.

The visa allotment in the UK is controlled by the UK Visas and Immigration. Before applying for a UK student visa, please wait for your university acceptance letter as it plays a great role in mentioning your intention which we will explain later. You might have many burning questions such as-

  • What are different types of student visa?
  • Where can you apply for the visa?
  • Which documents are required for an international student visa application?
  • How much is student visa fees?
  • What are the English language requirements to study in UK?
  • What is the visa processing duration?
  • What is the procedure to apply for a student visa?
  • Who can help you get a student visa easily?

So fret not, I will answer all your questions and doubts one by one. Let’s get ahead and know everything about how to get a student visa to be eligible to study in UK-

What are different types of student visa?

If you are unaware, like many other students who are going to study in a different country for the first time, then there are two different types of student visas.

  • -tier 4 general student visa
  • -short-term student visa

What is a tier 4 general student visa?

Majority of the international students will have to apply for a tier 4 student visa. You can apply for this visa if you have received an acceptance letter from a university to study in UK for a full-time course. Here are few things that make you eligible for this visa-

  1. You get an offer letter from a university.
  2. If you have also received confirmation of acceptance of studies also known as CAS.
  3. If your university is approved by the UK government under the ‘licensed tier 4 sponsor’ category.

What is a short-term student visa?

As the name suggests the short term student visa is for students who are enrolling a course with short duration. Most students take it up to study English in the United Kingdom. The visa duration is from 6 month to 11 months.

Now that we have established what type of visas there are, let me tell you where you can apply for the visa and which documents are required to submit along with the application.

Where can you apply for the visa?

You can apply for a student visa in two ways. Either apply for a visa online via the official UK government site or you can visit the UK Embassy in your country and submit your application there.

Which documents are required for an international student visa application?

Although your course provider will help you out with the visa application but in case they don’t, you can depend on Udrus, your study abroad specialist to help you get an international student visa in the United Kingdom successfully. Here are the documents required to get a student visa-

  • Visa application form- ensure to fill in all your details correctly.
  • Your valid travel documents- check the validity of your passport. Ensure that your passport is still valid and not going to expire anytime soon!
  • Passport size picture- keep at least 5 pictures handy. Your face should be clearly visible in the picture. Get clicked just to avoid any issues and use your latest picture.
  • Bank statements- to be eligible to study in the UK, you have to submit proof that you will be able to support yourself in the country.
  • In case you are under 18, you will have to submit a statement signed by your parents stating that you are allowed to go to another country and study.
  • A recent medical test to show if you are in good condition to travel and stay on your own. Also, certain universities require tuberculosis tests, and get in touch with your admission officer to confirm.
  • University acceptance letter
  • Valid IELTS, or TOEFL score
  • Immigration health surcharge
  • Letter of intent stating you will return to your country after completing the studies.
  • Self assessment form appendix 8
  • Transcripts of all your academic scores in case required
  • Visa application fees receipt.
  • Additional documents if asked.

These are main documents that you’ll have to keep handy and submit while applying for the visa. Rest connect with your university’s admission department and a visa counselor to confirm if any additional documents are required.

How much is student visa fees?

For the tier 4 student visa, you will have to pay $440 and an additional fee of $402 in case a dependent is travelling along with you for the time being. Whereas for the short term study visa, you will have to submit around $120 for the duration of six months. However, if you are going to stay in the UK for 12 months, you will have to pay around $240.

How much is healthcare surcharges?

Now I believe that many of you are not aware that healthcare plays a very important part to be eligible to get a UK visa. If you want to avail the benefits of National Health Services, you’ll have to submit $300 per year. The fees were lower but after the UK left the European Union, the fees increased.

What are the English language requirements to study in UK?

To study in any other country, you’ll have to prove that you are proficient in at least one of the national languages spoken in the country. Different countries have different languages. To be eligible to take admission to study in UK, you will have to submit documents to prove that you have efficient knowledge of the English language to survive in the UK. You might have to appear for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or submit the documents stating you have completed your schooling in English language. You might have to get a high score in SELT or achieve level 2 of the CEFR language proficiency.

Now that I have mentioned all the important details about acquiring a student visa to study in UK, let me inform you about the visa processing duration and the procedure. The procedure differs according to the nationality to make sure to focus diligently.

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What is the visa processing duration?

If you are applying for a tier 4 student visa, then you need to start the process of submitting an application 6 months prior to the date of joining the university. The visa processing takes 3 business weeks that too if all your documents are verified without any errors or discrepancies.

What is the procedure to apply for a student visa?

Now this is the major point. Before you start  your application process, let me tell you about the visa application procedure as per the citizenship. There are different processes for Non EU/EEA students after Brexit. Here is the procedure to apply for a student visa-

  1. Get acceptance from a university.
  2. Check with your university whether you need a visa or not.

For non EEA/EU students

Non EEA or EU students will have to apply for a student visa depending on the length of the course. After Brexit it is mandatory to apply for a visa.

For Swiss and EU/EEA students

After 31st December 2020, all the students planning to visit the UK to study will have to apply for a student visa. You will also have to apply for a student settlement scheme now.

In case you are from Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein, check the visa rules in your country and apply accordingly.

Who can help you in getting a student visa easily?

Applying for a visa is a tiring job. There are too many documents, processes and people involved throughout and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Which is why we have gathered all the necessary information at one place. At Udrus, we help students like you live the dream of studying abroad. You name the university, we can help you get admission there. Let Udrus become a catalyst on your journey to career growth.

You can book a free counselling with our team of experts. Our study abroad experts will take over the visa process and will provide end-to-end support throughout the visa application, and document submission. Other than this, we will help you in finding a suitable accommodation during your stay in the UK. You can rely on us to hand-hold you on your entire journey. Do not let anything become a hurdle and stop your dreams to study in UK. Save your time and prepare for the admission to a UK university. Get in touch with us and make your dream turn into reality.