If you decide to study engineering, there are many specializations available to study. One of these specializations is industrial engineering. Many students choose to study industrial engineering as their bachelor degree for a variety of reasons. The main one is that it gives you the best of both worlds: a background in business and engineering. Graduates of the field learn essential information about design and planning in production and manufacturing. Read on to discover why you should choose a career in industrial engineering. 

What is industrial engineering?

First of all, you might not know precisely what an industrial engineering degree is. The major primarily focuses on enhancing processes and making them more effective. This means they help improve the design of methods so that they waste fewer resources like time, money and workforce. They also have to ensure that all safety standards and regulations are in check. 

Industrial engineers typically study math and physics, like other engineering students. Still, they also learn social sciences to be able to deeply analyze processes and devices to be able to design them and predict the results of their designs. A practical, real-life example of their work is creating the size of mobile phones. They need to learn how it can fit in your pocket or hand and work well, not drain the battery, and not explode. They also apply for their work in many critical fields such as the automotive field, working on cars and aeroplanes. 

industrial engineering
industrial engineering


During the course of study, students who pursue the field learn how to solve problems with scientific management approaches that also combine mathematics. If you decide to study industrial engineering, you will take many courses in production and operations management and planning, international production and handling of materials. You will also learn lessons in business areas such as logistics and operations scheduling and other general management courses to give you a good background in the business world.  

Why should you study industrial engineering?

After learning what industrial engineering is and focuses on, you might want to know the reasons why you should study the subject. From quickly finding a job to always working in a dynamic field, there are several reasons you should consider going into this engineering major. 

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Easily find a job 

One of the most important reasons to study industrial engineering is quickly finding a job. Those who major in the subject can work in almost any sector, as any business field needs one of these engineers on site. This need means that you will be able to find a job without struggling. Because they don’t specialize in a particular engineering field like other engineering majors and have a good background in the business field, management can hire them in many different organizations from manufacturing to hospitals to research and development companies. 

 Dynamic Field

If you choose to become an industrial engineer, you will be able to join a dynamic field. Industrial engineers focus on technology and enhancing it, and technology is constantly changing and evolving. Your professional life will always be exciting and focused on innovation, so if you like improving yourself and the things around you, this major is a good choice for you. 

Industrial engineers also focus on big data, getting the foundations at university to work in this field. Big data, which focuses on extracting large amounts of data and analyzing it deeply with specialized software to pick up on patterns and essential information, is a hot topic now and will continue to grow in the future. Engineers can take advantage of this immense amount of data and help companies analyze it to make good, innovative business decisions. Graduates of the major can also choose to do further studies in big data and gain certifications that can qualify them to become data scientists. 

Flexible Field of Study

Another significant advantage to choosing industrial engineering as a bachelor’s major is the flexibility of the field of study. You can customize your degree to your passions and decide to be as technical as you want to. You can pursue a more technical approach or choose to be more of a business mogul with a more management-focused study path. Because students in the field also study business management, they are highly sought after post-graduation because they can be both technical and have a great grasp of the business world. 

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Great Career Paths

As mentioned previously, students in this field can find careers in a large number of areas. If they already know what they want to do when they are in the course of their undergraduate degrees, they can specialize in studies relating to their careers. Graduates of the field are very sought after because of their diverse range of technical and management skills, which gives them double the career opportunities. 

This means that you can choose the career path of your dreams after graduation. If you love data analysis, you can work in business analysis and sit on a computer all day doing this. If you’d rather pursue the engineering side, you can also thrive in manufacturing with jobs in wholesale trade, logistics, procurement, forecasting, and many others. 

If travelling and dealing with people are the things you love most, you can decide to work in consulting and client-based jobs. Those who love the pursuit of knowledge and new ideas can choose to work in research and development firms. These are just a few of the many career paths an industrial engineer can choose to pursue. 

Solutions produced by industrial engineers

If you still aren’t convinced about pursuing an engineering major, let’s look at some of the solutions industrial engineers help with after graduation. For example, they help determine where factories should be situated in cities and where they should put their machines in the factories. They also help city officials decide where cities should put their ambulance stations. They also develop systems for controlling inventory levels in many business areas, such as product inventory levels in factories, number of books in a bookstore, number of clothing racks in a department store or the amount of gasoline a gas station can handle. 

Other solutions produced by industrial engineers include designing and maintaining material handling systems in factories and warehouses and designing the best route for ambulances to move through a city to get to those in need and get them to the hospitals in the quickest time possible. Engineers also develop quality management techniques to decrease defects in manufactured products. They can even help design crisis management plans for the NASA space shuttle!

industrial engineering
industrial engineering


In conclusion, a career after pursuing your bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in the study abroad country of your choice is flexible and can allow graduates of the field many work opportunities. These opportunities can be in both business and engineering, which is double what most people get. Another added bonus is studying a diverse range of subjects so your undergraduate study subjects won’t get boring any time soon. What are you waiting for? Look into a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering today and be part of a flexible and exciting group of professionals.