Italy best universities are the most amazing places to go and achieve all your dreams that you’ve hoped them all the time.

So I’m here to get your attention and say: “What are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply right now.”

Basically, I’ll depend on some websites’ statistics and students’ experiences worldwide who have studied there before you.

Why Study in Italy?

Italy best universities
Best universities in Europe

Italy has a lot of upsides that make you hurry up to prepare yourself for booking the first flight and go on. Some are breathtaking landscapes, remarkable architecture, friendly people, and unique signatures to communicate and express their feelings.

Italy is the home of the most beautiful and historical universities globally; however, you’ll be amazed about universities’ architecture and teaching methods.

Italy’s top-ranked universities 

There are a lot of top-ranked universities, and we may not mention all Italy best universities, so we choose the best universities in Europe to reconsider.

Stay tuned and use your searching skills to get more info.

1- University of Bologna

No doubt that Italian universities are unprecedented. But for sure, Bologna is the oldest university in Europe, which has opened in 1088 AD. It’s not mere a building that offers excellent opportunities to get an education, but it’s a substantial iconic structure that stood for long history.

If you are planning to travel abroad and get your learning in one of Italy best universities, and spend an unforgettable academic year there, you have to take the risk and apply now.

All you have to do is figure out the appropriate program and submit your application to get your chance one day.

You can find all the information you need on the official website here.

2- Sant’Anna School

It’s created in 2001 AD, and step by step, it has improved many educational programs such as Master’s Degree, Master’s Diploma, and Ph.D. Degree.

This university offered scope for students to implement what they already learned through actual workshops.

It is a great opportunity to start preparing yourself to submit your application because the deadline will be in 2022. Generally, applications made by international students are submitted by assigned offices at each partner institution.

Apply right now from here, to know more about Italy best universities (Sant’Anna School).

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3- Sapienza University of Rome

Italy best universities
Italy universities list

The scene that includes many European attractions, including Italy, and the title of the picture from the top is the study in Italy with a black font

It is said that the world leads Sapienza at the top of the Italian universities because it broadens students’ horizons to do their best and staffs their potential in the right way.

It excels on many sides, like the high quality of education and research, and it is considered a benchmark in many occupational areas.

In addition, it includes many programs and branches that may make international students around the world pleased and empower them to be influential leaders in the future.

Click here, to know more about Sapienza university.

4- University of Padua

All universities mentioned above are exceptional and focus on the professional and educational side. Still, Padua is slightly different because it gives its students a chance to fuse in Italian society over time.

In other words, it provides students with a lot of information about Italy and gives them a chance to explore more and more about Italy, even the most minor details.

Padua offers many services for students who are interested in reading and practicing some types of sports. I think it’s the best way to make someone feel that he’s at home.

You can look at Italy best universities’ reviews before you start applying, and according to 2021 reviews, I can confidently say this chance for you!

Here you are their website, just click here.

5- Vita-Salute San Raffaele University

It’s one of the most famous institutions in Italy and worldwide due to its courses and degrees. Let’s say it’s like a container that includes a great mixture of dreams.

It offers chances for students who would want to study undergraduate and graduate courses. So it’s the best destination to get your education in.

It is characterized by taking care of students’ comfort and creating social harmony It is characterized by taking care students’ comfort and creating social harmony compared to European universities.

Here you are their homepage of Italy best universities, Vita-Salute San Raffaele, click here.

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What Distinguishes Italy Best Universities?

Italy best universities
universities in Italy for masters

Keep in mind these points that may change your decision and motivate you to apply for studying in Italy, regardless of Universities for Master’s, Ph.D., and Bachelor’s degree:

  • All the universities I mentioned offer accommodation for international students.
  • Some of the universities above have clubs to join, outdoor activities, sports activities, and many others related to students’ interests.
  • Be sure that some programs are removed from the official websites of the universities and any others replaced.
  • Some universities we mentioned include a school of philosophy, psychology, a science park, a library, and many others to make students content and relax.
  • They offer language courses in Italy. 

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Branches at Italian Universities

Italy best universities
Language courses in Italy

you can choose the right program at one of Italy best universities according to your dreams, and for sure, your skills, bachelor’s degree, and application that you have to submit.

So Italian universities present:

  • Agriculture and Forestry.
  • Applied Sciences and Professions.
  • Arts, Design, and Architecture.
  • Business and management.
  • Computer Science and IT.
  • Education and training.
  • Engineering and Technology.
  • Environmental Studies and Earth Sciences.
  • Hospitality, Leisure, and Sports.
  • Humanities.
  • Journalism and Media.
  • Law.
  • Medicine and Health.
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics.
  • Social Sciences.

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There are a lot of colleges in Italy, universities, and schools, but we talked about 5.  Italy best universities list is so long, but we cannot forget Abano Term, Ancona, Bari, Bergamo, Bolzano, Bressannone, Camerino, cassino, Catania, Como, Cremona, Ferrara, Fisciano, Florence, Gavardo, Lecce, Legnaro,sassari.. ect