Italy student visa is one of the most procedures that concern students who want to get academic years abroad.

All of us think that Italy is the right destination to study abroad, and based on many experiences of Saudi students, we can say that Italy is worths the effort.

Anyway, seeking to get VISA to Italy as a first step needs search and budget monitoring properly.

So we hope that this blog will guide and provide you with the official websites. Through these websites and steps that we share with you may easily access the tunnel’s beginning.

What are the requirements for student visa in Italy?

Italy student visa
Requirement for student visa in Italy

The common question among students is: “How can we get the visa so quickly?” The typical response is: “You have to search. If you cannot search alone, you cannot travel abroad.”

That’s why I’ll start from nothing, and I’ll provide you with full information from A to Z about how to get a student visa for Italy.

Before you apply for an Italy student visa, you need to determine:

  • Your nationality.
  • Your country.
  • Your reason for your visit.
  • Your length of stay.

Just follow these steps, and you’ll get it:

  • You have to click here to be on the home page to get the information and submit their applications.
  • You see four questions as basics for applying, and you have to answer to determine which type of visa you need.
  • After that, you see all information about the visa you choose.

Of course, the questions will be about four points above: Nationality, country of residence, reasons for visiting Italy, and how long have you been there.

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What documents and forms do Saudi students need for applying for a visa?

 Italy student visa
Student visa in Italy from India

You will get your Italy student visa if you focus on these points and submit all required documents to the body in question:

  • Sign and complete the visa application form with your personal information.
  • Prepare a recent passport photograph. But take care that it must be in line with the website’s standards of size.
  • Please have a valid travel document provided its expiry date is three months longer than the visa requested.
  • Submit any proof that shows you have hotel booking in any of Italy’s hotels.
  • Please have any proof that shows you work yourself out, such as a bank account or any other subsistence means for your stay in Italy.
  • Enrol yourself in many programs at Italian universities, whether public or private, provided these universities had scholarships presented by the government or in concert with other scholarships worldwide.
  • Submit health care documents as proof if the international student doesn’t have the right to health care in Italy.
  • Present any proof that you’re a student, like a transcript or recent certificate you got (whatever master’s, PhD, or bachelor’s degree).
  • Type a professional cover letter in which you explain why you choose to study in Italy, your dreams, and your plans for the future.
  • Type a professional cover letter in which you explain why you choose to study in Italy, your dreams, and your plans for the future.

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How much is a student visa to Italy?

Italy student visa
Student visa in Italy

The currency in Italy is Euro, as you know, so the cost of the Italy student visa is in Euro as well.

For Saudi students, the current cost is 50 Euro. By the way, these fees charged are for processing the visa application.

Heads up 1: If you are from another nationality, you have to check the cost of the visa according to your country of residence from the same website.

Heads up 2: The VISA processing fee is unrecoverable, and this note is for students who change their minds about traveling abroad.

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Where can I apply for an Italian visa?

Italy student visa
Exchange student in Italy

As we mentioned, it relates to where you are from and where you have been. So we can say for sure that Saudi students and Indian Students will apply for a visa to Italy in specific centers in Saudi Arabia and India.

You have two options:

  • Reach out to the nearest Italy’s Embassy or Consulate.
  • Submit your application and documents through the VFS Global Italy Visa Centre website for Saudi or Indian students.

Here are the centers in Saudi Arabia:

  • First center: Consulate General of Italy in Gedda.
  • Address: Mohammed Abed Al-Wahhab street | Sharafiah district.
  • Web:
  • Second center: Embassy of Italy in Riyadh.
  • Address: Diplomatic Quarter.
  • Web:

Now, we’ll discuss how to apply for student visa for Italy from India. The same thing for Indian students, and here you are Official centers in India for applying:

  • First center: Consulate General of Italy.
  • Location: Mumbai or Kolkata.
  • Second center: Italian Embassy.
  • Location: New Delhi.

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How to pay for an Italy’s student visa?

There are three ways to pay Italy student visa fees:

  • Cash in a consulate or embassy of Italy.
  • Money order.
  • Cashier’s check.

Heads up: There are special cases, visa fees aren’t paid in the local currency (Euro) but in the country’s currency in which application is made.

Top tips for avoiding failing to apply for Italy student visa

Keep in mind these points and everything will be okay:

  • Fill your data into the application of Italy student visa carefully.
  • Commit to standards of visa.
  • Use a professional email for applying, and be certain that your email is working.

We hope to highlight all the crucial points that every student needs to apply for a visa to Italy. It’s not hard or impossible, but you must have the basics and be on the right track.