Ivy League universities are the universities that show up in all the chick flicks and movies we know and love today. From Gossip Girl to Suits to Legally Blonde, these prestigious universities always give us the feeling that they are unlike any other university. More than just being famous, there are many different reasons why ivy league schools are so special. Read on to find out more about these distinguished universities.

What are Ivy League universities?

The Ivy League universities are a group of universities in the United States that are highly competitive and have a reputation for being excellent. They started off as athletic colleges that competed together on a highly professional level but later on went to produce graduates with outstanding academic records, values and unbeatable social and professional networks for their future careers.

These colleges were called the Ivy League colleges because of the infamous buildings with ivy growing all over their walls. They consist of eight colleges that are located all over the United States. The first one is Harvard University, located in Massachusetts, followed by Yale University in Connecticut. Both Columbia and Cornell universities, two other ivy league schools, are located in New York. Princeton University is located in New Jersey, while Brown University can be found in Rhode Island. A university known for its music program, Dartmouth is located in New Hampshire, while the University of Pennsylvania is located in the state of its naming.

These nine schools have highly competitive admission processes as they are ranked at the top of the world university rankings. Even though they are not Ivy League schools, Stanford University and MIT tend to be grouped with them as they also have exceptional rankings and reputations.

ivy league schools
ivy league schools

Why are Ivy League schools competitive?

There are many reasons why there is much competition to get into ivy league schools. One of the main reasons is that they tend to draw the best students, who are incredibly smart and motivated to attend the universities. They also draw in the most qualified faculty from all over the world to their universities to teach the subjects they have prowess in. There is also a low student-faculty ratio which ensures that faculty can focus on the students properly. 

Another reason is the career opportunities that attending an ivy league college opens a person up to after graduation from university. This is especially true in fields like medicine, law and business, where the ivy league schools clearly stand out among their peer universities. Putting the name of an Ivy League college on your CV can genuinely make you stand out to employers.

Furthermore, they also offer highly competitive scholarship opportunities and financial aid to students who can’t afford their exorbitant tuition fees. This is a necessary requirement when you consider how expensive they cost, with tuition fees in the range of 60,000 US dollars per year.

Values learned at Ivy League schools

Another reason why people decide to pursue Ivy League schools despite them being so difficult to get into are the values learned there that students who graduate from the schools gain. From high self-esteem to beating social biases, there are numerous priceless values that ivy league alumni benefit from.

ivy league schools
ivy league schools

High self-esteem and worth

One of the most important values taught at ivy league schools is the idea of a high level of self-esteem and self-worth. Students who study there are taught to validate themselves and their opinions. This helps them feel they are worthy in sharing their views no matter where they are or who they are with.

Access to great social networks

Another value that many ivy league alumni talk about benefitting from is the social networks they have access to. Attending such a prestigious institution gives students and alumni a chance to be part of a giant value network with invaluable social capital. With countless alumni groups, they will always be able to find a professional hand to reach out to if they need an extra push. Ivy League alumni are able to use all these connections through their professional careers, often giving them a competitive edge over others who don’t have the same networks.

Access to many resources

An additional value that ivy league alumni have the pleasure of having is access to many resources. Prestigious universities like ivy league ones can afford to offer substantial funding for research, Broadway-like performance venues and impressive libraries. They can also give alumni and students the funds needed to launch their own extracurricular clubs, projects or even private business ventures.

Going against social biases

Going against social biases such as elitism and inequality are other values learned at the ivy league school. Many alumni say that having an ivy league education can get better chances than those who haven’t had one, mainly if they belong to a minority. The boost of the ivy league name can hand people opportunities they would have never reached otherwise.

Excellent school name

There’s no doubt that the ivy league school name gives alumni a boost to their CV when applying to any job. Attending an elite university like an Ivy League one with a great reputation and name has also been shown to positively affect salaries earned by professionals, often leading them to earn more than their peers in similar positions. Because of the outstanding academics at the institutions, it can also give students looking to pursue masters and doctorate degrees a competitive boost to their graduate school applications.

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Admissions to Ivy League universities

Finally, after all these fantastic benefits and values learned at the university, you are probably eager to learn about the admission process to renowned Ivy League universities. It’s important to remember that many other people are vying to enter these schools, so you should keep some backup options that are non-ivy league schools when you are applying for your bachelor studies.

As previously mentioned, the admission process to enter one of these schools is very competitive. In order to even be considered, your high school transcripts and test scores should not only be immaculate, but you should also have great extracurriculars related to the major of your choice. You may also need several letters of recommendation from trusted professionals. Make sure to check the admission requirements for the school of your choice carefully and make sure you fulfil them all when applying. 

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Ivy League schools have an excellent reputation for being exceptional, which isn’t without reason. From the renowned faculty to the name gained through graduating from the universities, they indeed are worth considering when applying to universities.