Let’s look at why Jacobs University should be on your radar if you’re looking for a top-quality education. Are you passionate about getting knowledge and desire to get top notch education? Germany is a hub when it comes to High Quality Education, thanks to its Recognized Teaching and Excellence in educational Research. Germany has some of the top globally ranked universities that offer various world class study programs in various fields. German Universities have raised the bar for higher education standards.

If you are someone who is looking to pursue higher studies in Germany and is in search of a brilliant opportunity to learn and thrive in an intellectually stimulating, international learning community you should have Jacobs University on your radar. Here are some of the reasons

1. Top Rankings among Universities Globally & in Germany –

Jacobs University is one of the top universities in Germany offering research oriented, academic excellence with a global perspective. It has consistently made its position among the world’s best universities. It was ranked one of the 300 Best Universities globally and secured Second Position as one of the Top Young Universities in Germany as per Times Higher Education (THE) University Rankings 2021. Jacobs University has also consistently achieved Outstanding Results in U -Multi-rank as well as in the rankings by Centre for Higher Education – which is Germany’s most important University Ranking.

2. Vibrant International Community –

Over 1500 students from over 110 nations across the globe join the University every year and this helps create a vibrant and dynamic international community that contributes to an overall development and enrichment of scholars. Jacobs University is a sought after place to gain knowledge and qualification in higher study programs in a digitized set up.

Jacobs University

3. English Speaking, Dynamic yet close Knit Community –

The University with a private, English speaking campus in Germany is highly popular among international scholars. While following an interdisciplinary concept, the University offers highest standards in research as well as teaching.

4. Wide Range and High Standard Research based Curriculum –

The Jacobs University has a wide range of curriculum that ranges from Natural Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Social Sciences to Economics. Students can participate in internationally recognized Pre -Degree programs, Bachelors, Masters or PhD Programs.

5. Small Class Size and Favorable Student Teacher Ratio –

Students per class is less and there is a focus on close interaction between students and faculty as well as between fellow students.

6. Excellent Support Services for Students –

Jacobs University has a range of resources and student support services both during and after the study program to help scholars achieve their desired goal. Help with Resume Writing, training related to interview preparation, workshops to equip students with the required tools for thriving in their careers – all are part of the student support services.

Hands on experience during studies, early research involvement and a safe and friendly environment also add to the popularity of Jacobs University.

7. Students View Point –

Riya who is a third year student of Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience opted for Jacobs University because she always wanted to study in Europe pursuing her studies in English language while fulfilling her dream of studying in an international global environment.

Ashish from Pune who is in his final year of Data Engineering says “ Being at Jacobs and in Germany has been one of the most influential and memorable periods of my life. I simply love the diversity and vibrancy of my university campus while still having that close knit community feeling. People you meet here become a part of your life and I feel I have learnt a lot from them that has helped me grow as a person.”

8. Highly Selective Admission Process –

Admission to Jacobs University is not a cakewalk. The admission process is highly selective and is based on the applicant’s School and /or University academic achievements, self presentation, recommendations and performance score of the required standardized tests. International scholars who complete their degree from Jacobs University demonstrate extraordinary academic achievements, high standards of intellectual creativity and are passionate and motivated to bring a positive difference to the world.

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If You Wish To Apply To Jacob’s University You Would Need The Following Documents –

  • Recommendation Letter
  • Certified copies of high school transcripts
  • Educational History
  • Standardized Testing (SAT/ACT)
  • Language Proficiency Test
  • Motivation Statement

You Can Join Jacobs University After Completing The Following Steps –

  • Complete your application form
  • Get the decision within 2 to 4 weeks
  • Explore Financing Options
  • Enroll yourself and Pay the required Deposit
  • Settle Down during the 0 week
  • Start your study Program

For more details on Jacobs University and the programs it offers, please visit https://www.jacobs-university.de/

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