Becoming a doctor is a dream for many children and teenagers. Some of these children actually go on to pursue medical bachelor’s degrees when they finish their high school educations. There are many reasons why people choose to study medicine and pursue an MBBS degree after completing their undergraduate studies. Here are some of the reasons why students may choose to earn an MBBS degree. 

What is an MBBS degree?

An MBBS degree is a bachelor’s degree in medicine and translates to a Bachelor of Medicine-Bachelor of Surgery. Courses that MBBS students study focus on training them in many medical courses. 

These courses span many medical fields and include courses in Human Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Applied Pharmacology, and many more. Students who choose to study medicine in an MBBS program typically graduate in around five years, including a practical internship to demonstrate enough practical skills to practice in the medical field.


Why you should study for an MBBS degree

There are many reasons why students choose to study to an MBBS degree to become a doctor. From understanding the human body to helping people to gaining a great salary after graduation, deciding to study medicine is a good idea if its your passion. Read on to learn more about this. 

Understanding the human body

One of the first reasons you should study an MBBS bachelor’s program to become a doctor is to understand the human body. Because you are a human, learning how your body works and understanding the details of how your brain, kidneys, lungs and heart work is vital so you can keep it functioning exactly as it should. It can help you live q more healthy lifestyle, one full of a lot of understanding about the human body. 

Helping people live better lives

The main reason people want to become doctors is to help people. When you study for an MBBS degree to become a doctor, the main focus of your study is helping others, sometimes in significant ways that can change their entire lives.

This can be a profound thing when you are helping someone get through a life-threatening condition. Even though this isn’t always the case, even if you are helping them overcome a minor health problem, it’s still just as rewarding to know you have helped someone feel better. 

Good doctors and empathetic nurses can help make a difference in their patients’ lives and the lives of people around them, like family and friends.


Gaining amazing study abroad opportunities

Another great reason to become a doctor is the unique study abroad opportunities medical degrees offer you. There are plenty of MBBS degrees available around the globe, so you can choose to study in Germany or in the US. You can even choose to study in Hong Kong! 

The good news is that every country needs a doctor, which means that you can also relocate to the land of choice after graduation, as long as you know the language, of course!

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Endless specializations and job opportunities

Another reason people may choose to pursue an MBBS degree is the opportunities for specializations to choose from, and therefore, plenty of job opportunities after graduation are available.

Medical specializations include biomedical engineering, pharmacy, dentistry, physiotherapy, cardiology, oncology, and many more.

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After graduation, besides choosing your medical specialization, you can decide where to work, whether at hospitals or healthcare places. You can also choose to work at research labs or the medical departments of many institutions such as universities. 

Some other graduates choose to work in the economic or business sectors and manage healthcare issues. In contrast, others may work in the law field to help defend patients’ rights and confirm medical misdemeanours.

You can also choose to work in research or medical management. Those who work in research explore cures for illnesses and ailments that need them. They can also work in the direction in medical institutions that require the managers to have an excellent medical background, such as the general manager of a hospital or medical centre. You can also work in education if you want to teach in schools and universities. 

You’ll always keep learning

Those who love learning may also decide to become doctors. Even after studying an MBBS degree for five years, doctors always have to stay updated with the latest procedures and medicines available. 

Sharing knowledge with professors during study years and then with colleagues during work years is of utmost importance to keep learning from their experiences and pass on your experience and knowledge to them to keep learning. 

High salaries and job security 

A reason many people choose to study MBBS degrees to become doctors, although this is seldom the main reason for pursuing a medical degree, is the high salaries and the job security that comes with the job. Job security is critical in countries without a strong economy as humanity will always need doctors, so you don’t have to worry about not finding a job after graduation. 

The high salaries of healthcare workers are also very appealing, but it makes sense with their jobs’ stressful and critical nature. These jobs also need incredibly qualified and educated people.

Salaries are much higher in developed countries, but even in developing countries, doctors’ salaries are reasonable compared to other ones.

For example, registered nurses receive on average 63,000 dollars per year, while dentists receive up to 130,000 dollars a year. Paedriticans or children’s doctors may receive salaries of 150,000 dollars per year, while family doctors receive 185,000 dollars per year. One of the highest-paid doctors, oncologists, receives 260,000 dollars per year. 


In conclusion, there are many reasons to pursue an MBBS Bachelor’s degree and become a doctor. From the ability to help people to the constant learning process to the attractive salaries and job stability, it is truly a rewarding profession in many ways. Ready to study medicine and start your medical journey? Check out the study abroad degrees available to study medicine today, in any study destination country you desire.