2020 was a demanding year for everyone, with the pandemic hitting us. Everyone has faced their share of troubles. This raised challenges for European universities, as well as issues for international students. Many European Study Destinations had to close their doors to International Students, at least physically, when trans-border limits arose.

As crossing borders gradually became illegal, there was a dramatic downfall in the Education sector for European Study Destinations. To state the least, international students and staff at universities found themselves with expiring grants, visas, and work/residence permits. Increased traveling costs also became a key challenge in the evacuation drives to send back International Students to their respective countries.

The Mobility of International Students Took a Hit

The world and its practices became digital, and so did education. International Students started resorting to online courses in universities abroad. While the distance learning sector has been a crucial contributor to the EU economy since 2013, the European online market started seeing a boom. With Udrus, you can find the University that best caters to your requirements and land you in your dream career.

The Global Shift To E-Learning: One Of The Major Challenges For European Universities

The global shift to remote Learning laid the foundation of new higher education systems. This shift also urged European Study Destinations to rethink their strengths and weaknesses.

Most European Universities had online databases and repositories of resources for their students. However, not many were ready to go, only digital when the crisis hit them. While the resources and online study materials were abundant, they were structured to cater to an ecosystem of learning which was different. The students must have material at their disposal to consult instead of solely depending on the same. While populating the online repositories was a smaller concern, a big portion of the staff and International Students weren’t familiar with the online systems. Udrus helps International Students ace the process of joining their dream university.


New challenges for European Study Destinations- with the Remote Shift

As distance learning took over the world, a number of challenges for European Universities poped up while playing catch up with the education industry and the responsibilities which came along. Digital learning had its challenges which were still too new for European education systems to sort. European study destinations attract International Students from across the globe.

With that being said, the plethora also included students who come from lesser privileged countries hoping to find better opportunities and make better fortunes. There were reported cases of lack of technology and high-speed internet connectivity to continue the remote learning classes. It eventually led them to fail to pass the exams. While such cases were rare, they resulted in students from such countries cancelling their participation. European Study Destinations had to set up remote counselling provisions. Now the institutions are resuming to on-campus mode, and the students have already started applying for Visa and residence. Our experts at Udrus help students discover hundreds of programs that allows them to create a career path in one of the best universities.

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Other Challenges for European Universities

The research took a great hit with the decline in the mobility of researchers and collaborators. Labs had to shut down due unavailability of International Researchers. While the European Commission could have prolonged the grants, it might not have covered the additional funding’s, resulting in the researchers living income less unless the Universities covered it for them.

However, this shift of moving online has proved to be efficient. There were already existent issues that needed to be re-evaluated with or without the pandemic. The sudden shift only pushed the process further. There are likely better ways of operation, cooperation between universities, and innovative ways to foster communication to promote a balance with the external stakeholders. While research has always been at the forefront in the fight against Covid-19, this shift has only resulted in better visibility.

The cost-effective nature of Digital learning. While the virus changed and manipulated many elements in our lifestyles, the good news is that research has shown a considerable increase in retention via remote Learning. Digital learning also takes less time, and resources are easier to deploy. Remote Learning might be here to stay, after all, paving the way for various students to opt for International studies.

Most of the admission, Visa, and additional process has converted to online mode. From visa application to writing a statement of purpose, scoring higher band in IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, or any other exam, Udrus will extend professional support in every aspect to ensure your admission.