Whenever you are moving to a different country, one of the biggest questions that cross your mind is exactly where would you live?

In Germany, there are two options that you get as a student. One is the more economical option of student unions’ halls of residence(on-campus) or private accommodation( off-campus). Germany is actually considered to have pretty reasonable living expenses at €860.

German Universities do not automatically provide all enrolled students with accommodation, so this is one sphere that often throws off people when they are beginning their journey into the world of accommodation.

How Do You Find Student Accommodation In Germany?

It can be a little challenging for someone traveling from outside the country to find accommodation in Germany. This is the exact reason why a large number of international students wait till the time they land in the country to explore their living choices.

But there is a snag in this as well. This is only applicable to the people who are looking for private accommodation. For students who apply for a place in the hall of residence, the process that takes place is completely online and is counseled to be done right after the acceptances for the year have been sent out.

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Why Is It Challenging To Find Accommodation in Germany?

The challenges that one faces in Germany are the same as they would be anywhere else. As an international student, you are essentially moving to a foreign country which is a tough endeavor to undertake. At the same time, you are also not physically present to see the condition of the living units to actually make the decision. It is a culmination of all of this and more that makes it challenging to find accommodation in Germany.

How Do You Decide: Off-Campus or On-Campus?

There are benefits of both that we will be going through in the following passages.

On-Campus Living

If there was one word that one needed to describe on-campus accommodations, it would be how convenient it is. As you are living in the same area as your university you get to avail of facilities that come along with the university like labs, libraries, gyms and dining halls.

As an international student living right on campus is also a great way to understand the culture and values of the country. Additionally you do not need to worry about the security as most campuses tend to follow a strict set of guidelines for students.

Off Campus Living

On campus accommodation might sound ideal but there are plenty of reasons why one would not want to avail of that option. Considering that a dorm is a common place, there are often questions related to privacy that tend to crop up. It is not easy for everyone to adjust to the constant crowd that is an inevitable part of living on campus.

Living off campus also means that you get the opportunity to be self reliant and completely responsible for yourself. It is also a great opportunity to interact with people beyond just the students that you will find in the university.

You also get to experience a lot more freedom when you live off campus as there are no guidelines dictating your every move. There are also multiple price points at which you can find something that fits your needs.

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So, How Do You Choose Which One Is Better?

Well the answer comes down to three primary factors. There is the associated cost, the convenience and what matters to you the most. The decision can be overwhelming at the surface. Which is why it is advised that you connect with a platform like Udrus.

Apart from being a great place via which you can successfully apply to your dream university, you also get the right guidance to where you should live. Once you connect with the experts at they help you sort through heaps of documentation and required and all the pros and cons associated with living On Campus as well as off campus.

This will enable you to make an informed decision regarding your accommodation.