We are all aware of the pandemic plight and the jeopardy it has inflicted on the aspirants worldwide. Education and attending offline classes has become the hardest nut to crack where students have been struggling with education continuation amidst the adversities. From the year 2019 to 2020, there were over 320,000 international students in Germany. The population of students in Germany rose by 6% as found by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Center for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) in 2020.

How have international students dealt with education during the pandemic?

Even during the pandemic, it has been found that students have reached out to German universities for studying the preferred programs. This means the determination of studying abroad by the international students has been unaffected by the outbreak of the pandemic throes.

Why do students choose abroad education in Germany?

There are many reasons that draw students from all parts of the country to Germany. Some of them are the top-class education quality, world-class faculty who have entrenched experience, and the exposures that colleges offer post-degree. The affordability of tuition and residence fees, access to free public universities, diverse scholarship opportunities, and much more.

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Jumping on some real-time statistics and figures, we find the following data on the students in Germany:

Percentage of students distributed according to the programs are:

Most international students study Engineering at German universities, with 119,666 international students in Germany from 2018 to 19 sessions studied.

The second most chosen programs for studies chosen by International students in Germany have been, Law, Economics and Social Sciences.

If we further go by the level of degrees, then

37.6% of international students in Germany were attending a Bachelor’s degree course, 37.9% a Master’s degree, 9% PhD. programs, 6.8% other degrees, and 8.6% non-degree courses in the year 2019.

The most interesting fact being, over 69.2% of international students preferred to stay in Germany and work here post pursuing their higher degrees.

From increasing to decreasing order, students in Germany who relocate for their studies, according to the countries are:

  • India (20,562)
  • Russia (10,439)
  • Austria (11,495)
  • Italy (9,246)
  • France (7,047)
  • Cameroon (7,211)
  • Ukraine (6,926)
  • Turkey (8,470)

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