Now I know what some of you might be thinking:

  • “Why bother taking a major in political science?”
  • “Is it really going to have any applicable uses in the outside world?”
  • “Can’t you just major in economics and get the same thing?”

There’s a lot of skepticism surrounding political science-well, it surrounds humanities majors in general, but this one takes the cake. People just don’t really see its value in being able to provide a job for them, which is a big turn off since that’s the whole point of a university degree.

But let me tell you right now that all of the skepticism and bad flak the major gets is entirely undeserved. Indeed, a political science major can open you up for a wide range of interests and jobs, be they in business, finance, consultancy, law, government work, teaching and so on. On top of that, its roots in liberal arts education means that the major places a heavy emphasis on analytical reading, research and writing, all valuable skills which are important in any job in every field. Contrary to popular belief, studying political science can be a valid degree choice for one looking to choose their bachelors degree topic.

So with that little tidbit of information out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the best universities one can choose for this particular major. Keep in mind that this article will mainly focus on the United States, so it is more intended for those looking to study in America.

Manhattan College

Political Science

Those wanting to visit New York City, one of the landmark states of the United States, will be pleasantly surprised to know of Manhattan College, a campus located right in the heart of Manhattan. The benefits of studying here are many, including:

  • Excellent educational programs, offering the variety of programming you might find at a large university, but with the personalized learning experience of a small, liberal arts school-the best of both worlds.
  • Unparalleled career opportunities, with the university itself having many connections to corporations and foundations to help set their students up for future internships and careers.
  • Beautiful NYC campus, with a close-knit community and homey atmosphere, plus easy access to the most exciting city in the world — New York.

You can find their bachelors on political science in the link below:

University of Mississippi

For those who think that the big name cities of America is too much action for them and would rather settle for a simple flyover state, Mississippi is a pretty decent option with its abundance of comfort food, southern hospitality, mild winters and, most importantly, lower costs on higher education compared to the average state. Enter stage left, the University of Mississippi. There are many reasons to enter this prestigious institution, including but not limited to:

  • Multiple regional campuses to ensure easy access to the university regardless of where you are in the state.
  • Top tier academics and research which will massively boost your learning efficiency.
  • Vibrant campus life with many an extracurricular and sports club to keep you occupied.

You can find the link to their political science program below:

Loyola University

For those who don’t like the crowded nature of the big name cities such as New York City or Los Angeles but still want a fun and exciting place to live in during your studies, turns out you can have your cake and eat it too. New Orleans fits this requirement perfectly, with both a stellar list of universities and a booming job market, as well as a vibrant culture, family-like hospitality and stunning European architecture. And out of all those universities, why not try out Loyola University? They have many outstanding features, such as:

  • High rankings across multiple university listing such as Princeton Reviews and US World & News Report
  • Diverse community of students from all faiths and 82 countries
  • Plenty of majors to choose from-80 majors and 80 minors, to be specific
  • The city of New Orleans, which in of itself should provide the student with many fun life experiences that will shape who they are

Interested, check out the link for their political science program below:

McKendree University

Philadelphia is also another option a student can take. Admittedly, it’s not one of the well regarded options, given its reputation in regards to crime and shootings but there are little pockets of quiet and calm within the city where learning and reflection are possible-and McKendree University is one of them. Located in Pleasant Hill, McKendree University excels at many fronts, such as:

  • Quality academics and research center
  • Vibrant student life
  • Optional online classes for those who cant (or simply don’t want to) have everything be face to face
  • Active athletics community with well over 35 sports teams

The link to their political science program can be found below:

Eastern Michigan University

Last but certainly not least on this list is Eastern University Michigan. It shares a key similarity with many of the other universities on this list-sure, on the surface level they may come off as some obscure university in a random fly over state but get to know them a bit better and you’ll find that they pack a punch in the academics department. Some of their known achievements include:

  • Named ‘The Best in the Midwest’ by the Princeton Review for 20 years straight
  • By far the best degrees when it comes to international business-doesn’t seem relevant but it shares plenty of similarities with political science
  • Extremely vibrant student life with many offerings to the students of the campus-health centres, financial aid, extracurricular activities, sports clubs, you name it

If you’re interested you can check out the link to their program below:

And there you have it-some of the best yet affordable universitites to begin your journey into political science. For more university related information, be sure to check out Udrus.