Are you planning to get your higher degree from a university in Poland? You must be preparing your documents for your visa application and what not.

In the bustle, do not forget about preparing your proof of funds for Poland student Visa.

As an international student planning to move to Poland to pursue your bachelor’s degree program, you will have to fulfill the requirement for producing your proof of funds for Poland student Visa, as a financial capability of sustaining yourself in the country.

This will be an essential document for proceeding with your visa application and all international students in Poland can only enter the country once this document is verified at the time of visa application.

To help you understand the procedure for getting your proof of funds for Poland student Visa and other requirements, let me take you through an overview and try and answer questions arising in your mind.




Why should you get proof of funds for Poland student Visa?


The proof of funds for Poland student Visa will be required to proceed with your visa application, so once your proof of funds for Poland student Visa is verified, you will be able to enter Poland and start your study.

Poland is a popular and vibrant country with numerous opportunities for all international students who are interested in studying in top foreign destination, obtaining a high-quality education, expanding their knowledge, improving their skills, and gaining international experience.

It has the highest education systems in Europe, with over 1.9 million students. Every year, nearly 500,000 international students from all over the world, start their education at Polish universities and colleges. And it also has 14 of their universities in QS World University Rankings.

Let’s see what else Poland has to offer for its students, so you won’t regret preparing your proof of funds for Poland student Visa:

  1. Poland is a Schengen country, which will allow you to travel to all European countries
  2. Your residence permit will be extended, after your graduation
  3. Poland has ECTS, which means you may transfer to any European country for study purposes
  4. The Polish universities programs are entirely taught in English
  5. Poland has International Standards Curriculum
  6. Poland gives you the chance to have the Blue Card, to be able to work legally in the EU
  7. You will be eligible to obtain scholarships around European countries
  8. You don’t need TOEFL or IELTS since your education will be in English medium
  9. You will get monthly living expenses, up to 180-200 Euros
  10. Poland is the only country that has witnessed an educational expansion during the last crisis



proof of funds for Poland student Visa


What are the financial requirements for Poland student visa?

The amount of money required depends on what part of the world you are coming from for your study abroad journey in Poland. The details for the average amount of Poland Zloty (Poland’s national currency) you will need to cover your immediate primary expenses.

  • As a student, you would have to keep PLN 12,100 (per year), in addition to your rental costs, tuition costs, and miscellaneous costs for at least a period of 15 months if you’re moving to study in Poland for a long-term stay.


  • If you’re only going to be in the country for a period of fewer than 15 months, you will require PLN 12,100 (per year), plus tuition, rental and miscellaneous for the duration of your stay.


Suppose you are a student on a short-term visit to Poland for 3 months. During your visa processing, you will be asked to present a bank statement for PLN 1,008, plus the amount that covers your accommodation costs, tuition costs, and miscellaneous expenses for a duration of 3 months.

Another requirement you will be asked to fulfill is having enough funds to cover your return journey to the home country post completion of your study program in Poland.

The average expense for the same again depends on which part of the world you’re originally from:

  • For students coming from the region bordering Poland, the average expense would be around PLN 200.
  • For students from the EU region, PLN 500 would be sufficient to cover their journey back home.
  • And PLN 2500 for those students who are not from the EU region


What are the needed documents of Proof of funds for Poland student Visa?

To provide proof of funds for Poland student Visa, cost of living in the country, and the journey back to their country of origin, you will have to contact your bank, university, or employer in Poland. You can ask them to provide an application for the same. As your proof of funds for Poland student Visa is an essential document, no institution will deny you the application.

Try to get the application no earlier than a month before finally submitting your application for your temporary residence permit in Poland. But what are the documents that work as financial capability proof? I have listed them below for you to take notes:

  • Proof of funds in a bank in Poland
  • Certificate of limit on your credit card issued by the bank
  • Certificate of scholarship from university (if applicable)
  • Proof of earning in Poland (if you have a job there)

Now, I will talk about how to open a bank account in Poland to help you understand the process better, and prepare your proof of funds for Poland student Visa.


How to get a bank statement for Poland student visa?

As an expatriate in Poland, opening a bank account for you will not be a big deal. The procedure is simple and there are some recommended banks for foreigners that guide them every step of the way.

In fact, some banks will also allow you to open a bank account online while sitting in your home country.

If you are not already a resident in Poland and belong to a non-EU country, you will have limited options only.

Most banks in Poland will require you to provide proof of residence and a PESEL number before opening your account.


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However, let me name a few banks that have easy procedures and criteria for foreigners. The names of the banks are as follows:

  • ING Bank
  • PKO Bank
  • National Bank of Poland
  • Citi Bank
  • Getin Bank

The process of opening a bank account involves submitting the required documents including your proof of identity, residence card, address proof, etc. Once your documents are verified, you will be able to use your account to withdraw money.


What is the minimum bank balance for Poland student visa?

According to the European Commission Regulations of December 22, 2008, in order to enter the territory of the Republic of Poland through a Poland student visa, the amount of money needed for proof of funds for Poland student Visa may vary depending on the duration of your stay:

  • For staying up to 3 days: The total amount is PLN 300 or EUR 67.76 for all 3 days.


  • For staying longer than 3 days: The amount is PLN 100 or €22.59 per day.


  • If the accommodation costs are covered by another person or if you have already made a hotel reservation, the daily amount may reduce to PLN 20 or €4.52 per day.


How to withdraw money from the bank?

As soon as your account is ready to use, you will be able to withdraw money from the ATM. You will be provided with a prepaid ATM card, and details to a smartphone app for the bank.

After generating your PIN number, you can withdraw money instantly using your details.


What is the processing time to receive a Poland student visa?

You should receive your Poland student visa at least 15 days before the date of the time you intend to travel.

Yet, the processing time can take much longer in some cases, especially if you didn’t submit one of your required documents.


How long does it take to obtain a Poland student visa?

A typical processing time for a Poland student visa is one month.


Where Can you Apply for Poland Student Visa?

You can apply for a Poland student visa at one of the following locations, depending on where you live:

  • In most cases, applications for Poland student visa must be submitted in person, either at a Polish embassy or consulate or at the relevant visa application center in Poland.


  • You also can submit your application in the country in which you legally reside or hold a residence permit.


  • In countries where there is no diplomatic or consular representation of Poland, applications for Poland student visa can be submitted through the consulate of one of the Schengen countries, that is representing Polish consular services.


Is there an interview for Poland student visa?

In addition to submitting all the required documents, you will have to get an interview appointment, where you will have to answer some common questions about your plans for studying in Poland and the duration of your stay in Poland, and so on.

And you’re all set to go!

Now that you’re equipped with the necessary information of your proof of funds for Poland student Visa in order to fund your study in Poland as an international student, you are all ready to prepare your documents for the same.

For any other queries about your study program in Poland, you can connect with our experts here at Udrus.