In this article we are going to cover some of the major questions that haunt every aspiring student wondering about pursuing architecture as career.

Well then architecture as career in Germany

It’s a dream of every aspiring architect to study architecture from Germany, the land of pioneers such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Walder Gropius and my favourite Erich Mendelsohn.

The European country has now evolved in every way and has mixed architecture with advanced technology. With the swift evolution of technology and the incorporation of them into the profession, the role of an architect is changing faster than it ever has before. There are immense opportunities for architects in the future, without a doubt! Architects have to work with organizations developing where they are approached to fill in as a fashioner. Initially, the designers have to figure out explicit rudiments of the end consumers of their service and search for some harmony, style, and reasonableness.

Some draftsmen willingly work freely to obtain their business through consultancy operating expenses, which relies on the skills, creative abilities and profile just as work insight. Now when I think about going to a different country to study, there are so many questions that arise in my mind.

  • Why study architecture in Germany?
  • How much score is required to take admission in Germany?
  • Which German universities offer bachelor Architecture programs?
  • Which German universities offer master Architecture programs?
  • How can you get help in taking admission in German architecture school?

You are also wondering these questions, right? Now let me tell you a secret- we have all the insider’s information about studying architecture in Germany. From the master’s fee to requirements, we have it all in our blog. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and take notes!

Why study architecture in Germany?

It doesn’t matter if you are still finishing your secondary school education or you are older than that and making a career change, it is very likely that if you are taking into consideration a life in architecture, you definitely would want to be familiar with which university that you aspire to go to. And most people would likely want to go to the best.

It could be a difficult task to choose an Architecture school which is suitable for everyone. Though choosing Architecture school is a very subjective choice but everyone yet some points remain the same for everyone that is –

  1. Ranking
  2. A good curriculum
  3. Fee structure
  4. Locality
  5. Career Opportunities

Based on the above factors, one country that must have crossed every mind is GERMANY!

Germany is an excellent choice for any student to study, as it offers low or no tuition in general concerning the Public Higher Education system. Students who aspire to become prosperous architects one day can choose from a wide range of Universities that offer excellent programs in obtaining a degree. As for the bachelor’s degree.

With a count of  6 universities among-st the top 100 global universities, Germany is one of the most wanted and loved to study overseas destinations. As per the  QS world subject ranking for architectural studies. The four main indicators to rank the best architecture universities are employer reputation, academic reputation, research citations per paper, and a final gauge known as the H-index, whose job is to measure the productivity and published work of the academics from that particular institution.

Colleges of architecture in Germany do offer the courses at all degree levels:  be it Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral.

Most of the German Institutes charge less or no tuition fees. In addition to that, the living cost  in Germany can be managed easily  as students are permitted to work for 20 hours per week. As a result of which the cost of studying in Germany is quite less than the other present-day countries.

How much score is required to take admission in Germany?

A student who is willing to pursue Architecture as career needs to take care of certain things. They can only be admitted in the course of architecture if they have passed an exam at the end of the 10+2  of the exam with at least 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics, and at least 50% marks in aggregate of the 10+2 level exam.

This is the general eligibility criteria. However, it differs as per the bachelor’s and masters and I will be mentioning them too to help you out.

Which German universities offer bachelor Architecture programs?

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts are the disciplines wherein undergraduate courses in Architecture are delivered in Germany. The period of most of these courses is 3-4 years. One can apply straight through the college website by visiting the international student’s section. There is also a general admission portal maintained by the German Academic Exchange Services known as uni-assist, but that doesn’t include all the universities. One can apply to German universities twice in one year; summer semester and winter semester.

Technical University, BerlinB.Sc(Architecture/Landscape Architecture/ Urban & Regional Planning)3 Years307
Technical University of MunichB.A.(Architecture), B.Sc(Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning)4 Years129
RWTH Aachen UniversityB.Sc(Architecture)3 Years316
University of StuttgartB.Sc(Architecture & Urban Planning)3 Years3300
TU Dortmund UniversityB.Sc(Architecture & Urban Design)3 Years300
Technical University DresdenB.Sc(Landscape Architecture)3 Years350

Eligibility for Bachelors

1. General Qualifications: Completed 12 years of high school education with minimum standard marks of 60% and above.

2.Admission Tests: Students need to clear the entrance test Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (HZB) or other subject-specific entrance exams of the university.

3. English Language Proficiency: Minimum scores required for TOEFL (internet-based)-550, TOEFL (paper-based)-83, or IELTS-7.

4. German Language Proficiency: International students need to show language proficiency in German as the majority of the courses at the undergraduate level are delivered in it.

  • DSH 2 or DSH 3
  • TastDAF with TDN 4 for all sub examinations
  • German Language Diploma: Second Level(DSD-II)
  • Goethe Certificate-C2 Level

Documents Required For Bachelors

International students are obligated  to submit the following documents along with the application:

  • High school certificates
  • Academic transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose

Furthermore, students who have passed entrance exams in their home country have added advantages as well.

Fees for Bachelors

The majority of the universities of Germany do not charge any tuition fees excluding a few. The range of fees for pursuing an undergraduate in architecture is around 0-3,300 Euro.

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Which German universities offer master Architecture programs?

Graduate courses in architecture are delivered in Germany as master of arts and master of science discipline in diverse specializations. Only some of the popular professions are Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Art History, etc.

Applications can be completed through the university’s official website or via a common admission portal as a uni-assist.

German Universities have two intake seasons for the summer semester and winter semester. If you are looking forward to take admission in German university to pursue your career in architecture, connect with our expert at Udrus and get expert advice and support throughout your admission process.

Technical University, BerlinM.Sc(Architecture/ Architecture Typology/2 Years307
Technical University of MunichM.A.(Architecture/ Landscape Architecture)

M.Sc(Urbanism- Urban & Landscape Studies & Design)

2 Years131
KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyM.Sc(Architecture)

M.A.(Art History)

2 Years3,029
RWTH Aachen UniversityM.Sc(Architecture/ Urban Planning)2 Years287
TU Dortmund UniversityM.Sc(Architecture & Urban Design)2 Years300
Technical University DresdenM.Sc(Landscape Architecture)2 Years350

Eligibility for Masters

  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in architecture with minimum GPA of 7.0 or 70%.
  • English Language Proficiency: Average scores required for IELTS- 6.5, TOEFL iBT-88.
  • German Language Proficiency: Only some postgraduate courses in architecture are taught in German, so international students are required to show proficiency in German. TestDAF with TDN 16, The Goethe Certificate C2, and other German language proficiency certificates are accepted.

Documents Required For Masters

Applicants has to give the following documents at the time of application-

  • Statement of Purpose for MS in Germany
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Completed resume
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • Academic transcripts with clear explanation of applied grading system
  • Evidence of English and German language proficiency

Architecture Colleges in Germany: Fee for Masters

Tuition fee to pursue masters in architecture in Germany ranges from 0-3,500 Euros. The majority of the universities of Germany do not charge any tuition fees. One  can apply for a scholarship for masters students in Germany for graduate studies in architecture.

How can you get help in taking admission in German architecture school?

Architects are problem-solvers and designers of many aspects of human life. All of these schools are excellent when it comes to studying architecture, but each person should know their priorities before choosing one.  Because in the end, it is you who would have to make a decision about what you want to discover or what you want to dedicate yourself to, and how you want to advance with the same in your career. You are here, so you already know that at Udrus we provide admission support. But do you know that we help throughout and not just not provide support in admissions.

We tailor the solutions as per your demands. From finalizing a college to apply for a visa and accommodation, we have it all here with us. Here we will take over your queries and make it our number one priority to ensure that you get admission in your dream university and en route on your path to success. We will help you write a striking statement of purpose and pave your personalized path. From accommodation to networking, Udrus will be your partner on your journey to study architecture in Germany.