Scholarships in Italy and how to get an outstanding scholarship that could fund your long-term education are no longer challenging.

Many sources could help you choose the right direction, and this blog will guide you in that direction; I hope so. But you have to open all the websites we’ve listed here and go on.

Best Scholarships Websites for studying in Italy

Scholarships in Italy
Italian scholarships for foreign students

Studying abroad is hard to get, but it’s not impossible because you’ll achieve your goal when you implement all the steps you have to do.

I want to recommend some websites you will need in your long journey to get expected scholarships in Italy.

All you have to do is search for a university in Italy. You would choose the right university that presents a program that corresponds to your major. In other words, selecting a program is the same as your branch that you’ve studied in your country.

Then you have to enter the official university’s website you’ve chosen and search if there are any available scholarships for applying and when the deadline is.

The most important is reading all the requirements for the scholarship because some scholarships may not be appropriate for you. For that, you have to be ready to apply for many scholarships in Italy and wait for admission.

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How can I shortlist universities for studying abroad?

Scholarships in Italy
Italian government scholarship

Select the course which you’d like to study. You see many courses at various universities in Italy; some will be common but others not.

Don’t worry because you will find a lot of information there. And Google will be a good guide for you to search for courses or universities there and get the waiting recommendations or essays that may help you.

All you have to do is use keywords rankings that show many suggestions, and one of them may be what you are searching for.

You have to stay tuned and look at all scholarships websites every 48 hours because constantly, there’s a new branch popping up, some universities list new scholarships, or may edit their requirements.

Write every single piece of information on an Excel sheet to put down all data you want in there. Just make your own list clear, and after that, it’ll be easy to share it with your juniors or professionals who have submitted it before you.

Determine what you have to do in research and if you want to work after your degree or get a monthly sum. You find these details in the scholarship’s description.

Make your application and attached documents unique because there is a vast number of applications submitted every single hour for scholarships.

Here are some websites that may make this process easier while exploring best scholarships in Italy:

  • A website like topuniversities ranks the best universities in Italy and lists all data you should know about the university.

If you find the right program to apply for, you’ll carry out an essential step on the way to traveling abroad.

  • A RUR (Round Ranking) website is an excellent option for finding out the best universities worldwide, especially Italy.
  • A CS Rankings website is a good source that provides you with the best available recommendations.
  • A Timeshighereducation website is also giving you more and more recommendations of universities and scholarships.

This website has more features because it provides you with all the data you need about universities and how to apply for scholarships in Italy. In this way, you will have more skills to submit professionally.

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What can I do if I don’t find sufficient data about the universities I’m searching for?

Here is the answer. Linkedin, as you know, is a famous platform, and it continuously expands its scope to include not just careers and job opportunities but also accounts about universities, scholarships, and the world news.

You can enter the university’s home page and then find many recommendations for students on the side. You can connect with them on their emails or Linkedin, be straightforward and respectful while you’re messaging them.

Remember! Linkedin is the best place where you can find industrial partners and learn from them a lot about studying abroad and getting scholarships in Italy.

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How can I search for the Recent scholarships in Italy?

Scholarships in Italy
Italy scholarship for Indian students

I’ll include some websites that update their content all the time and list all new scholarships around the world with their requirements.

  • Scholarships365 website recommends a lot of scholarships for international students. You also can find fully funded scholarships in Italy for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees.
  • The second website is Scholarship Positions that includes more than 4 million scholarships for international students. All the scholarships there are free, and you can sum up the universities’ names to search for programs they have.

What is Italy Masters Scholarship available?

Scholarships in Italy
Italy Masters Scholarship

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The Available fully funded scholarship in Italy for international students for 2021-2022 is the Italian government Scholarships at the University of Bologna. The available degrees are undergraduate and master’s degrees, and there are programs in all fields.

International Master of Science in Rural Development (M. SC) Scholarships. They’re annual scholarships in Italy, and the date of submission is in February.

Padua International Excellence Scholarship Programme. It’s also an annual scholarship, and the final submission will be in February.

It’s up to you if this scholarship is for you or not. However, you can decide that after reading the description of the scholarships in Europe \ Italy.

Scholarships in Italy are unsteady except the Italian government scholarships, which renew every year nearly at the same date. That’s why you have to be up to date and look at the websites interested in advertising the scholarships in Europe.