Spain is undoubtedly one of the most desired destinations for students around the world due to its world-class education system. Being home to a lot of popular colleges and universities, Spain brings with it a bundle of choices for international students dreaming to pursue their education from foreign universities. However, studying in Spain is another task in itself as it requires a Spain student visa, which has to be applied for following the receiving of the letter of confirmation from the respective college or university that you have been selected for.

Similar to numerous students who want to pursue their higher studies in Spain, if you are one of them, then this article is for you. This article covers all the aspects in which Udrus can assist you. Be it your Spain student visa application, the cost of living, accommodation, scholarships, and whatnot, we, at Udrus, have got it all covered for you so that you only need to focus on your studies.

What Can You Do With the Spain Student Visa?

A Spain student visa will provide the student with an allowance for studying and training, taking part in a student exchange program, and even working as an intern (unpaid) for over three months in the country. Only students from the EY and Swiss are allowed to study in Spain without a visa.

The Type D Visa allows you to stay for 180 days in Spain making you eligible for the Residence Card for foreign students (TIE). This residence card gives a permit to the student for a maximum period of one academic year to stay in the country. In addition to this, it should be noted that you can only apply for a visa from your residence country, not when you are already in Spain.

The Spain Student Visa allows you to work part-time or temporarily in a company for the duration of the course. However, this should be laid an emphasis on that the maximum amount of hours that you can work in Spain can not exceed 20 hours a week. Also, the student should focus on the fact that it is strictly issued in the notice that the job, in any case, must not interfere with the studies of the candidate.

A student from India will be required to have a Type D student visa for studying in Spain. In addition to this, the student must keep note of the advice that he must aim at applying for a student visa well in advance. At least 3 months before the commencement of your study program in Spain is considered the best time to apply for a visa.
Though for doing internships, which are necessary to do in the duration of your course, you are not required to have a work permit.

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Documents Required to Apply for Student Visa

  1. Correctly filled and completed Spain student application form
  2. Passport, which should be valid for the intended duration of the student’s stay in Spain
  3. 2 passport size photographs of the student
  4. Application form acceptance certificate issued by the college or university the student applied for
  5. Proper information about the study program or course such as the name of the intended degree program and the total hours of study per week
  6. Health insurance with a validity of the whole period of studies
  7. Proof of having the required financial backing to cover your living expenses during the duration of the study
  8. Medical certificate
  9. Proof of visa application fees paid
  10. Police verification, criminal record certificate to ensure that the background of the student is clean

How to Apply for Spain Student Visa from India?

Step 1: Download the National Visa Application Form from the official website of the Spain Visa Application Centre

Step 2: Complete the National Visa Application Form carefully and ensure that you entered the correct details

Step 3: Collect the required documents

Step 4: Submit the National Visa Application with the documents at the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi

The student will be required to make an appearance for a visa interview at the Spain visa
appointment center

How can Udrus Help You?

Udrus will be there with you providing appropriate guidance and assistance on the required documents. Along with this, you will be getting advice from us related to funds that are required to be shown. With us accompanying you, you need not worry about the application filing process, as we are here to help you fill out your application forms. Before the final submission of your documents for the visa application, we strictly go through all the documents provided by you and ensure that there are no errors.

We can help you in:

  1. Getting education loans as some students can encounter issues in doing so
  2. Getting you some part-time work to ease the load from your shoulders because of visa restrictions
  3. Accompanying you in a completely strange environment as there probably will be no one else there for you
  4. Easing out the visa-related stress from your minds
  5. Make sure that you do not waste extra money on the processes involved.