When it comes to moving to Germany, Student Health Insurance are certain things that you need to keep in mind. One requirement that often comes as a surprise to a large number of student who are planning to make a move to Germany is Student Health Insurance.

In Germany, it is mandatory for everyone to have Health Insurance, irrespective of the time that they are planning to spend in the country.

As a matter of fact, there are two separate types of health insurance that you need to get before you travel to Germany. One is travel health insurance and the other is health insurance.

Understanding The German Health Insurance System

Ever since 2007, it has become mandatory for every German citizen as well as every person traveling and staying in the country to get insurance. As per the law, you are required to have an insurance policy with an insurance provider (referred to as a Krankenkasse in German) that provides you with at least basic coverage.

You have two primary options as a student traveling to Germany. If you are under the age of 30 and enrolled in a select degree program, you are eligible to get insurance via the government-regulated public health insurance system.

Student Health Insurance

If you do not qualify for that then you need to get insurance from a private Student health insurance provider.

Cost of Student Health Insurance Germany

As a student, insurance can cost anywhere from €103.94 – €111.75/month.

Here are some places you can get your public health insurance from;

  • TK Techniker Krankenkasse – 105,80 €
  • AOK Baden WĂĽrttemberg – 107,29 €
  • Barmer – 108,77 €
  • DAK Gesundheit – 111,75 €
  • KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse – 111,75

If you opt for private health insurance then there are certain requirements that you need to ensure that your plan covers:

  • In-patient hospital care.
  • Out-patient care.
  • Regular medical check-ups.
  • The cost of medications.
  • Basic dental care.
  • Pregnancy treatment.
  • Emergency services (ambulance)
  • In case of death:
    â—‹ Repatriation of remains
    â—‹ Funeral costs

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To make the process easier for you the best thing you can do is have an association with a platform like Udrus. This not only helps make the process of admissions easier but also at the same time ensures that you pick a comprehensive insurance plan for the duration of your stay in Germany.

Student Travel Health Insurance

This is another requirement that you have as an international student. You need to get student travel insurance before you leave your home country to ensure that all your unexpected travel costs or any other medical costs are covered. In most cases, this is a mandatory step that you have to take to apply for a visa or enroll in the university of your choice. For others, this is just to preserve their peace of mind when they decide to travel to a foreign land.

Do note that student travel health insurance and international student health insurance are separate.

What Does My Student Travel Health Insurance Cover?

Student travel health insurance is a short-term insurance plan that covers all the expenses and uncertain situations that can occur between leaving your home country and your semester beginning.

The most basic plant usually covers;

1. Coverage in case of an illness or accident

  • The reimbursement of surgical, medical, pharmaceutical, and hospital expenses in case an injury or illness befalls you.
  • Reimbursement of all medical expenses that occur in your home country (in the event that you have to be evacuated back home)
  • All emergency dental expenses

2. Coverage for someone to come and stay with you in the event of a hospitalization.

  • The insurance company pays for the travel ticket and hotel expenses for a couple of days.

3. Insurance coverage for all your baggage and belongings.

  • The reimbursement up to a certain amount in the event that you incur any loss, destruction, or damage to your personal baggage, included but not limited to valuables, sports equipment, and electronics.

4. Safeguard in place in the event that your trip gets disrupted.

  • This includes delayed connecting flights, emergency situations back home etc.

5. Insurance covering personal liability.

  • In case you cause personal injury or harm to someone else or their property, your insurance company pays for the losses (only up till a certain amount )

Is Insurance Mandatory?

Yes, it is. In most cases, you will have to get both student travel health insurance as well as health insurance. So, ensure you make provisions for both when you are planning to move to Germany.

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