In this blog, we’ll look Student Living Cost in Berlin, Germany.

According to research and analysis, it has been found that German students from both EU and non-EU countries spend around 850 to 1000 euros a month and that is it!

While you depart for Germany from your home country, you require a blocked German account that puts a limit on your expenditure by drawing a line between you and your withdrawal from the same.

Thus, so far, we know that you can keep on smiling for not going bankrupt or pestering yourself for loans!

Germany is one of the most affordable countries for students as the Student Living Cost in Berlin is quite low without compromising on the quality of food, stay, travel, and the job pays.

The only thing that you need to be mindful of is, costs of living may vary depending on the city you choose to live in (based on the university you choose).

In this blog, you will get to know how much Berlin will cost you for your stay (long or short tenure). All the Berlin dreamers are welcome with open arms!

Student Living Cost in Berlin

I am going to introduce Berlin as the most affordable city in Germany, rather recalling the fact (that you are aware of) that it is the capital city of Germany and the biggest city of the Federal Republic.

What you find in Berlin are good universities imparting quality education, diversity spreading happiness, historical resemblance, and DISCOUNTS!

I know you were looking for the last word that I just mentioned. We are always drawn towards things that save us large figures, especially in a country we have never been to before.

First things first!
Get your head around as to why Berlin is an aspired location for studies.

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Why Study In Berlin?

Germany has the best education, and we already know it. Berlin in Germany has four amazing universities with numerous technical universities, elevating its reach to overseas students.

How To Spend And Cut Down The Student Living Cost in Berlin ?

All the students who study in Berlin gain access to Studentenwerk Berlin. Depending on the university you study in, you will be offered residence.

This is a win! Know why?

There are greater chances that international students gain access to the student residences that are extremely close to the university.

There is another option of choosing a shared living that is flexible as you are provided with more privacy to a quieter place with a sense of liberty.

Food and drinks would cost students no more than 200 to 300 euros a month depending on how much you are willing to spend.

If you want to rent a room to stay, then a place like Berlin will never cost you an amount exceeding 300-700 euros.

Getting a job for non-EU students is a cakewalk in Berlin. Although you will not be allowed to work full-time, more than 120 to 240 half-days a year, but you get handsome pays along with part-time studies (depending on the programs you choose).

How To Save Money In Berlin?

The most interesting hack that I am going to give you to avoid being a spendthrift is by living in Berlin. Yes, Berlin is considered to be the cheapest city in Germany by studies and researches.

Cook at home rather than eating out at times, spend less on shopping, use a student ID while traveling and for more information get in touch with our experts they will help you throughout your stay in Berlin, get connected with Udrus that can guide you with the best while you are in Berlin.