Germany is known for spearheading the careers of the youth, both in terms of education and Part-Time work at the time studying. Being underpinned as having one of the strongest economic importance, Germany has served the professional empowerment of international students since time immemorial.

There are a lot of students or academic aspirants who may or may not belong to Germany (EU or non-EU), that aspire to work alongside their programs. Some of them wish to hone their hands on the state-of-the-art industry to chisel their potentials, while some other work to supplement their finances.

Germany has abundant opportunities for young and innovative minds, with extravagant exposures put forward to them.

Here, you may be a set of logical question that I have already reckoned!

How does study and work go simultaneously?

How do international students get jobs in Germany?

How does the university allow students to work at the cost of academics?

The good news is, I have bagged all the answers for these questions.

Firstly, study and work can go together while you are studying in Germany. You have options to opt for a university that allows you to study and work by allocating equal hours to both (part-time).

Secondly, all the EU and non-EU aspirants have easy access to the prevalent jobs and earn in leaps and bounds to support their finances in Germany (one can even work up to 20 hours in a week, as more than that asks for a social security and affects studies).

Also, the non-EU students can work for 120 to 240 days annually.


Lastly, universities allow students to work without any objection with a work permit from the (Agentur für Arbeit) Federal Employment Agency and the Foreigner’s Authority is required to continue with a job position.

Now, is this it? No, Nothing happens in isolation. Not even German education and employment. There are some mild exceptions that aspirants are expected to follow to conform to the norms and objectives forwarded as student part-time job laws.

Let us take a look at all of them to have a clearer concept before commencing!

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Student Laws For Part-Time Employment In Germany

As an international student, aspiring to work part-time

  1. Students are allowed to work only for 120 to 240 days in a year on a part-time basis that further varies according to the high or low employment regions in the country. Germany as a part-time employee, you must go through the information envisaged to sideline loopholes.
  2. In the light of yearly employment days, students are allowed to work only 20 total hours in a week. If they do, they tend to breach university laws and fall prey to paying health and nursing care insurance.
  3. Students can take up internships or full-time jobs during holidays or semester breaks without any restrictions binding them.
  4. If you are appointed for any internship from the university or working on any post in the same university, then there are no specific obligations. But, being appointed in the University is a difficult probability. So, if you are able to make it to the university employment, then you are free from most of the strict rules and obligations that are meant for other students appointed elsewhere, outside the university.
  5. The work regulations are stringent for students who are enrolled in a preparatory or language course. They are only allowed to work during the lecture-free periods, only with a permission from the foreign authority.
  6. Tax is something! Students earning less than 45- euros a month are not eligible for paying any taxes or social security. Moreover, working less than 50 consecutive days annually is also exempted from taxation.
  7. Lastly and most importantly, abiding by the Federal Law is very important as anybody who does not comply to them are expelled from the country.

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What Jobs can you opt in Germany?

You can choose from several job titles depending on your forte and competency. From working part-time as subject tutors, to industrial production assistants, to making it to some of the best organizations as interns gets you immense experience and handsome salaries and perks.

So, cutting the length short, we can conclude that all your aspirations are possible when you are abiding by laws and keeping your studies as your priority.