Germany is one of the top destinations for higher studies and thousands of students across the globe travel to Germany every year to pursue higher educational programs in its world class universities. The COVID pandemic has led to imposition of various travel related restrictions globally and this applies to Germany too. Anyone travelling from Covid pandemic risk areas or High Incidence Area that include India, need to register on before entering Germany.

Getting a Student Visa for Germany in the wake of the pandemic has become a lot more difficult with strict travel guidelines. Before we talk about Student Visa restrictions, let’s take a look at the general Visa guidelines for travel to Germany.

Who all need a German Visa ?

The Federal Republic of Germany has established strict immigration laws in place for anyone wishing to enter the German territory. As part of Visa Waiver program, there are 62 countries (click here) whose citizens are privileged to enter Germany Visa free and can remain there for 90 days within a period of 6 months. During this time, these visitors however cannot work but can engage in business activities. It is important to note that if anyone from these visa exempt nations wishes to enter Germany for long term goal related to study, work or employment, they need to get a Germany long stay Visa.

For the citizens of rest of the countries across the globe, it’s mandatory to obtain a Visa before they plan a trip to Germany.

Student Visa For Germany

Student Visa for Germany

As an international student who wants to pursue higher education in Germany, you would need to get a Student Visa for German  at the German Consulate in your country. For a Student Visa, in addition to Passport, transport details, travel health insurance, itinerary and bank statement, you also need to hand over-

  • A Letter of acceptance of the educational university that you are planning to attend.
  • A proof of your financial sustainability for your time period in Germany.

For studies of duration up to 3 months, students need a Schengen Visa while for programs that last for more than 3 months, a German National Visa is required.

What are the types of educational Visas ?
There are 3 types of Visas applicable to people travelling to Germany for educational purpose-

  • Language Course Visa – Visa for language learning – If your educational program lasts between 3 months to 1 year and is related to short German Language course.
  • Student Application Visa – If you want to study in Germany but your program details are not yet finalized or you are still awaiting confirmation letter from your University.
  • Student Visa – If you have already been selected to a German University have the letter of acceptance.

Visa Fee and Financial Requirements –

The  Application fee of Student Visa for Germany  is 75 euros which is approximately 6628 INR. German Short term Study Visas are decided within 15 to 20 days, while the processing of long stay Study Visa can take from 6 to 12 weeks.

An Indian Student must have at least 10,332 EURO which is around 7,71,089 rupees to apply for a German Student Visa. Students in most cases need to open a blocked bank account in a German bank and transfer the amount there. You may arrange for the amount through a scholarship too but any which way, you need to get your finances in place before you can apply for a Student Visa.

Student Travel to Germany in Covid 19 Situation-

Now coming to the current pandemic situation, can students travel to Germany?

Only Students from non-variant countries are allowed to travel to Germany. Additionally they must fulfill these conditions.

  • They must possess a Student Visa to enter Germany.
  • They must be coming from an area not considered a risk zone or variant country.
  • Must have Covid -19 test report of not more than 48 hours after entry to Germany and need to present this to the authorities upon request.(If not already vaccinated).
  • They should not have any Covid related symptoms on entering Germany.


Getting a Student Visa For Germany in the current scenario – Requirements

Non -EU and non-Schengen area students have the permission to enter Germany to begin any vocational training program only if they meet these criteria –

  • The person has Visa for training or education – after completing a language course if applicable.
  • The person has required documentation from the institution that confirms the necessity of the person’s physical presence (not online) despite the current pandemic situation.
  • In case the person is travelling for a language course, it is permitted if the person can demonstrate upon entry that the program will begin directly after the completion of the language course – so that there is no intervening travel back home that would require re-entry for the actual course.
  • The confirmation of mandatory presence for the program issued by the German university also needs to be presented to the border control personnel once the person enters Germany.
  • Universities can issue clear confirmation regarding which portion of a particular course needs to be taught offline and thus requires the student to travel even in the COVID situation.

The take away point here is that the process of getting a student visa for Germany is quite complex right now but as the number of cases die down and mass population gets vaccinated, embassy services are expected to resume in full swing.

It’s important to confirm with the embassy or the Consulate General who is taking care of your visa application to find out what applies best to your situation. Contact them via phone or email and discuss about your situation, study plans and the difficulties you are facing in the current scenario.

Patience is the key !

The study plans of thousands of students have been affected by the Covid 19 Pandemic situation with the international travel ban issued on March 17 and the German embassies not operating. However, surveys conducted on more than 350 students from 66 countries revealed that 74% of students are extremely likely to travel to Germany once the situation is normal.

There are Covid related travel guideline updates almost every month and talking to your embassy is the best way to get the most updated official information on student Visa for Germany.

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