Students Prefer Germany For Higher Education as it is undoubtedly a top destination for international students. Every year thousands of students from different parts of the world apply to German universities for various higher degree courses that include Bachelors, Masters and PhD courses in various domains. There are many reasons why scholars flock in large numbers to this intellectual and peace loving country when it comes to pursuing higher studies.

Germany for international students

Germany is the proud owner of World class universities that offer globally recognized degrees which guarantee students employment with reputed organizations. Aspirants have a wide range of choice and can opt from the list of innumerable courses depending on their educational background and interests.

Officially there are more than 400 recognized universities in Germany that offer more than 17,000 programs. The German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD is the largest German support organization in the field of international academic co-operation. The German Academic Exchange service offers a database of 2000 programs of which 1389 courses are in English, making it a luring factor for students across the globe.

Increase in Number Of Students Year on Year

According to latest official records and surveys conducted by DAAD, there are more than 4,11600 international students currently seeking university degree in Germany. There has been an increase in the number of scholars in Winter semester 2020-21 with the number of international students being 3,19000 in winter semester of 2019-20 and this number is constantly growing every year!

“In the present context of Corona Pandemic, more number of international students than before now wants to complete their higher education in German Universities.” DAAD expert for external studies and statistics, Dr Jan Kercher recently said.

This report was based on an enrolment survey data from 161 out of 270 member universities of the University Rectors’ Conference. The survey showed that the number of higher degree seeking students in German educational institutions increased by 17 % despite the COVID pandemic.
German Student Visa

According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, Winter Semester of 2019-20 saw about 21 percent increase in total number of Indian students in Germany and this growth rate is five times than the world wide average.

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Most Scholars From China & India Prefer Germany For Higher Education

After China, India tops the list of international students at German Universities. Engineering is the most preferred program for which Indian scholars choose Germany as their higher study destination followed by Social Studies, Mathematics and Natural Science.

No Tuition Fee – A Big Attraction

Besides top class universities and the variety of programs to choose from, more than 36% students highlight that very low or no tuition fee is one of the top reasons they prefer Germany for higher education.

Cost Effective Living for Students

To add on, the country also offers affordable living to its students one of the biggest reasons why students prefer Germany for higher education. There are basically two kinds of accommodation – the economical hall of residence and the private accommodation which is more expensive. While 40 percent students opt for the hall of residence, 60 percent of international students take up private accommodation either in the form of shared flats or solo private options. There are reports of German government planning to finance the building of more halls of residence so that more students can avail the facility of economical residential solutions.

Beautiful Country with Rich History and Culture -Enriching Lives

As Germany enjoys a mix of all four main seasons, summer, winter, autumn and fall. International students enjoy all the seasons while on a study trip. The beautiful country with its rich history, dynamic lifestyle and vibrant culture which is a mix of both classic and contemporary entices students making every day spent in the country memorable.

About English Language Proficiency Certification

Another reason why student opt for Germany for higher education is students don’t need to speak German to study there. They need to speak English or German and have to submit a proof by handling an official language certificate. There are non-German and non-English students too, so universities do not expect students to speak perfect English or German as native speakers.

While all German universities have standard rules and regulations related to German language certification in place, they do not have any legal obligation to accept a particular English certificate. So every university is free to decide which English language certificate they want to recognize.
Students therefore need to take a note of that so that they can provide the valid language proficiency proof. Of the various English certifications available, TOEFL and IELTS are generally accepted by almost all the German Universities.

Another important point is that each University and Program can take independent decision regarding setting of requirements for English language. International students therefore must be aware of, not only which English Language Certificate but also the proficiency level that a specific German program they want to go for precisely demands for.

Germany For Higher Education

Why Germany is a Students Paradise?

  • Top class universities with variety of Higher Study Programs
  • No cost education
  • Economic Accommodation
  • English language acceptance
  • Stable economy
  • Job opportunities

All the above factors coupled together have turned Germany into an educational magnet drawing international students from across the world towards it. Germany is now ready to welcome bright minds from across the globe for its Winter Session starting in October. If you too are looking to pursue higher education in Germany but are not sure how to go about it, Udrus is there to help you out. Create your profile, explore and apply.