Students from all parts of the globe wish to attain world-class education at their choice of universities, outside their countries. Begin with a life-changing experience, getting an education, and pursuing careers in distant lands that hold a golden future for you. In this blog, you can unfold the top 5 study destination for Emirate students who are planning their future ahead in academics.

Best Study Destination For Emirate Students

Let us all start with Germany!

Germany is one of the best countries that welcome international students to offer them golden opportunities in their careers with a world-class education in any of the chosen fields of study. This country has the most affordable stay, education, and working facilities going hand-in-hand with part-time classes (online or offline). UNESCO has also enlisted Germany under the top 10 destinations for foreign students, with numerous scholarship schemes out for both public and private universities.

Germany draws students to its universities renowned for bright exposures in dream organizations, a breathtaking landscape, amazing historical and economical records, and flexible study and workshop facilitation with the least cost of living, Furthermore, Germany has a record of serving almost 302,157 international aspirants from 2019 to 2020 batches pursuing higher degrees. From imparting quality education under any recognized and affiliated German universities to offering the best cost of living, this country has aced it in youth’s minds and hearts!

The Second Best Country in our list is Canada!

Being one of the most peace-loving nations of the world, the Canadian government aids student education hailing from international countries in several disciplines namely, telecommunication, medicine, technology, agriculture. Also, aspiring students have the access to work for their living and studying simultaneously for up to three long years after completion of their undergraduate, (20 hours in a week during a semester) under Canada’s Post Graduation Work Permit Program (PWPP). The basic standpoints that Canada puts its educational foundation on are affordable living costs and an ideal education destination for new minds.

United Kingdom one of the Raising Study Destination for Emirate Students

The United Kingdom is one of the best countries to study abroad for students. It has top-renowned universities where you can study different programs depending on your choices. There are numerous scholarship programs in several programs namely, applied arts, social sciences, engineering, physical, and life sciences. British universities offer 25,000 courses in more than 25 majors, with Oxford University ranked first in the list of Times Higher Education (THE) world rankings.


Russia falls under the most chosen countries for higher education with over 750 universities spread across 82 different regions with brilliant higher educational programs in Bachelor, Master, Postgraduate programs and much more specialized courses as well. The number of international students who have pursued their higher education in Russia amount to 353,331 in the year 2019 to 2020.

New Zealand

Wake up to the most amazing courses at the top educational institutions that New Zealand has in store for you. The popular universities of New Zealand are a great study destination for Emirate students to study business management, engineering, computer science, and physical science higher degree programs with authentically skilled faculty, the divine infrastructure of universities, and moderate living costs pertaining to stay, scholarship facilities, travel, and others.

Now, as you have grasped an idea about the top study destinations for Emirate students to study in, you can get into the further processes of applying for them, cracking admission procedures, and accomplishing all the formalities involved in getting you to your dream university. Connect with Udrus to acknowledge the best orientation on all your concerns from admission, scholarship schemes, residence, and much more, for any of the countries you aspire to pursue your career in. Pop the bubbles of opportunities while you are dreaming to study and work in any of the distant lands outside your comfort zone!