Slovenia is one of the study abroad destinations that not many people think of when they choose to study abroad. Even though it isn’t as popular as some of the other top study destinations, you should definitely add it to your list of countries to study a master’s degree abroad. Slovenia is a country with stunning scenery, many student discounts and an exciting student life to enjoy. Here are 7 super reasons why you should study abroad in Slovenia. 

No language barrier

The first problem many students worry about is the language barrier. The fact that there is no language barrier in Slovenia is one of the major reasons why you should study in the country. This is because most foreigners there know at least one language besides the local one and there are many study programs in English to choose from. Many locals speak popular languages like English, German and Italian. Of course, it won’t harm to learn a little bit of Slovenian so you can get around and impress the locals but the language and communicating won’t be an issue if you study in the country. 


Many student discounts

Slovenia is a country where they truly value education and want to encourage people to study. This means there are many student discounts to take advantage of. For example, they offer discounts on many extra-curricular activities like sports. They also have student associations which can teach you the ropes and help you get involved in the country. There are also budgeted food options for students as the Slovenian government subsidises them. That means, as a student, you can enjoy meals anywhere in the country at a discounted rate. Over 80 per cent of the restaurants and cafes offer discounts to students so you can easily save money. If you don’t even have the money to eat out, you can always purchase groceries and cook for yourself. Groceries in the country are cheaper than in other European countries so this means you can get by on a relatively cheap budget. 

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Great scenery

Another reason why you should study in Slovenia is the great scenery. It has many stunning natural sights like mountains, vineyards, greenery and many more to enjoy. There’s always the option to do something fun in nature like skiing, swimming, biking and hiking. Slovenia also serves as a great connection to all major European roots so you can go pretty much anywhere you want to go easily. You can also see all of Slovenia if you take a 2 hour drive from the capital Ljubljana. Although it is a small country, Slovenia has a lot of options to keep you busy so you can really have an interesting and exciting study abroad journey. 


Reasonable costs of living 

Yet another advantage to studying in Slovenia are the reasonable costs of living. Accommodation is really simple to find and is very affordable, making it very student-friendly as students typically don’t have high budgets. You can either choose to live in the student dorms, where you’ll pay from 80 to 150 euros, including many amenities. You can also live in a private accommodation with a bit higher rent, so you’ll pay rent anywhere starting from 170 euros, which isn’t bad when you compare it to other study destinations like if you choose to study in Germany. Keep in mind that in the capital, Ljubljana, rent costs are around 20 per cent higher than that but that’s still a great cost of living considering you’ll be staying in the capital.  


When it comes to tuition fees, you can expect to pay a 30 euro annual registration fee for all study programs, whether you choose to study a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. If you are an international student from a Non-EU country, you’ll pay anywhere between 1,500 and 10,000 euros a year. These costs differ based on the university you are studying at and also the study program. A point to consider is that international students who choose to study in Slovenia must take a three month intensive Slovenian language course, which will cost you an additional 1,320 euros as a one time fee. 

Exciting student life

Students in Slovenia also enjoy an exciting student life, with many discounts on activities. Sports are super popular in the country and you can join many gyms and football clubs at low costs. There are also various language courses and artistic courses to choose from if you are interested to do so, and they are well priced so they’ll easily fit into your student budget. You can also find many student associations where you’ll find international students so you can feel at home. These associations allow you to join exchange programs and different workshops so you’ll also have a great experience there. 


Nightlife during the year is great, with lots of student’s parties organised every week (and almost every day). You’ll go to clubs, enjoy concerts, blast loud music, shout from the top of your lungs, dance through the night, and find endless time for beer. During summer, there are also many festivals all over Slovenia that offer different cultural and social opportunities, with a lot of great music for all tastes and activities for everyone.

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Easy entry requirements

Easy entry requirements are also a reason why international students should choose Slovenia as a study destination. Entry requirements are divided by cycle and each has different ones. For first cycle studies, which are bachelor’s degrees, you have to have graduated from secondary school with a valid certificate. This certificate should show that you qualify for higher education studies in your home country. You should also prove you have a good knowledge of Slovenian and English, though sometimes only one or the other is required depending on the degree program. For some degree programs, you might need to take more courses to qualify you for the bachelor’s program. 


For second cycle studies, which are known as master’s degrees, you’ll need to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent diploma of the same level. For PhD studies, which are third cycle studies, you will need to have w relevant Master’s degree program or diploma. Of course there will be other entry requirements like previous transcripts and grades from all previous education degrees and also proof of being eligible to study in Slovenia through study visa. This is why you should be sure to check the website of the study program of your choice so you can figure out the study requirements for the program you are intending to study. 

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Many scholarships available

Finally, a good point to consider when it comes to studying in Slovenia is the fact that there are many scholarships available. If you are struggling financially, or just want to have some extra cash when studying abroad, it’s good news that you can apply for scholarships or grants to help you out. There are many options in Slovenia for financing your studies so that tuition and living costs no longer need be a source of stress. From private and public institutions to the universities themselves, there are various options for financing your degree program. Depending on your country of origin and what kind of degree you are studying, you can find a scholarship suitable for you that can help make your Slovenian study journey dream come true! 


Slovenia is a country filled with stunning scenery, great schools and degree programs and costs of living that are pretty reasonable. If you can’t afford these costs of living, you can always get a scholarship to help you out. Don’t miss out on considering this great study destination! If you need help finding a scholarship or you need help applying to the program of your dreams, you can always contact the experts at Udrus to give you a helping hand.