Want to pursue Higher Study in USA? The United States of America has six of the world’s ten best universities. With a fascinating campus life and state of the art facilities, modern classrooms and high class technological support, USA is home to the globe’s largest number of international students and Indian students are no exception.

Why Is USA A Dream Destination For Indian Students?

America’s education system is most flexible due to the variety and richness of the courses offered.
Apart from high quality education, some of the reasons why Indian students choose to study in USA as its a study destination with creative programs, multicultural atmosphere, valuable professional connections and a plethora of job opportunities. Globally recognized degrees from the top universities of America ensure a great career ahead.

With over 4500 American Universities and colleges, the US education system offers international scholars almost 10 times more study opportunities than any other country at various levels.

Types of Institutions for Study In USA

There are four types of educational institutions in USA offering a huge variety of options in terms of courses and budget to suit different students.
These include – State Colleges and Universities , Private Colleges and Universities, Institutions of Technology and Community Colleges.

For Indian scholars, studying in USA is a costly affair. A successful budget planning should include costs of accommodation, food, health insurance as well as travel along with the tuition fee. Students may apply for scholarships to better manage their tuition fee charges.

Tuition Fee for Courses in USA

The study cost in USA depends on whether you are studying at a public university or Private University. If you wish to take up any Undergraduate course at a public university in USA, the tuition fee ranges between $15000-$20000, while for a private university, the charges range between $20000-$30000. If you are looking to pursue any of the Postgraduate courses at a public university, the tuition fee approximately ranges between $15000-$25000. In case of a private university, this cost varies between $20000-$35000.

You will need to apply for a Student Visa in order to travel to your dream study destination. Student Visa for USA when traveling from India has 2 categories.

  • Category F – Student F1 Visa is for students who wish to travel to America to attend academic institutions as college, university or want to pursue some language related course.
  • Category M – This type of student Visa is for Indian students traveling to USA for non academic and vocational courses.

Health Insurance

Healthcare is very expensive in USA. You need to get a proper health insurance plan for yourself before you decide to travel to America for higher studies. Otherwise, in case you fall sick you will have to shell out huge amount of money on treatment.
It is not mandatory for international students on F1 Visa to get a health insurance  to study in USA but most universities and colleges have made it a compulsory criteria. In the rarest of rare cases, even if the University in USA that you wish to study does not have it mandatory, its always recommended that you get your health insurance done.

Entry Requirements For American Colleges Study In USA

For an Indian student wishing to study in USA after 12th, its mandatory to have 12 years of education from a reputed Education Board In India so that they can apply for an undergraduate program.

In case you want to go for a post-graduate program, you need to have 16 years of education. Some universities in USA may accept 3 years of an undergraduate degree for the graduate programs.

Apart from a clean and glorious academic background, students need to provide remarkable scores in entrance exams as GRE/GMAT/SAT.

Another vital requirement is English Language Proficiency and for that Indian students need to provide their IELTS, TOEFL or PTE scores. For a successful application, students need to provide recommendation letters, personal statement, well written statement of purpose and back them with a great resume and certificates of achievements in extra-curricular activities.

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Here Is A Quick Look At The Essential Documents Needed For Travel To Study In USA

  • Passport Xerox
  • Student VISA
  • I -20
  • Original Mark-sheets
  • Degree Certificate
  • Immunization form
  • SEVIS fee receipt ($350)
  • GRE Original
  • TOEFL Original
  • Final Year Project Report
  • Recommendation Letters

It’s a dream come true for Indian students to complete higher education from the world’s best universities located in America. USA offers a host of internationally recognized study programs. The five courses that top the list include Business Analytics, Data Science, Computer Science & IT , Engineering and Pharmacy.

If you are looking to travel to USA for higher studies and need help with Student Visa Application, Health Insurance or in case you are facing any issues regarding the documentation required for entry to America , Udrus is just a click away. Udrus is a platform simplifying studying abroad, helping thousands of students realize their dream of getting an international degree from a world class University.