The Plovdiv medical University, also called the Paisii Hilendarski University in honor of Paisii Hilendarski, was founded in 1945 in Bulgarian. It is divided into the faculty of Dental medicine, Public Health, Medicine, Pharmacy, a medical college, a Department of Languages, Specialized training, and a hospital with about 2000 beds. The model of teaching here is very modern but is still a physical contact university with lectures and practical classes. In 2021, Plovdiv Medical University still ranks as the best institution both in Bulgaria and the World.

The Ranking Web of Universities ranks Plovdiv University the 11th best among all Bulgarian universities. Usman Khalid, an 18 years old first-entry Bulgarian medical student at Plovdiv Medical University, said in a video interview that he recommends Plovdiv Medical University as a world-renowned Medical University because it offers a mix of inspiring experiences.

Plovdiv medical University Admission Process

While it is tempting to apply to study medicine, the admission process in medical Universities is competitive in Bulgaria. You will have to go through a daunting application process of interviews and extra tests, which includes:

  • The Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT)
  • The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT)

The overall medical universities in Bulgaria receive about 21,000 applications for around 8000 spaces. So the application process is quite competitive for each University. However, according to Usman Khalid, a Bulgarian Medical student, the application process at Plovdiv is sensible; for example, as an international student, you are only required to submit:

  1. Copy of secondary school diploma or an academic transcript showing the disciplines completed, including biology and chemistry and aggregate marks.
  2. Medical certificate not older than one month during the submission of the application.
  3. Documents from relevant authorities for international students, including an International/ Valid/ID confirming the citizenship for a Bulgarian with dual citizenship.
  4. Application form with educational history, biography data, and the courses you are applying for
  5. Four fresh 4/5 cm passport size photos.
  6. Original documents from a relevant authority, confirming the applicant’s rights to apply to further education in the University of the Country of origin where you attended secondary school study.
  7. An application form. Completed, printed, and signed.

All documents listed in number 1,2,6 MUST be legalized, translated in Bulgarian, and verified in line with official state Procedures. The documents should be apostille-affixed according to and

Moreover, you are welcome to do the translation of documents in your country of origin; however, the Consular Section at the Bulgarian Embassy must certify them. Or a Bulgarian translation agency must certify the documents at a Bulgarian notary office.

You are urged to submit original seals and apostilles, not copies

In addition, as a prospective student from EU/EEA member countries who wish to take part in the admission process must:

  • Have finished 12 years of primary education and obtained a high school diploma certifying them apply for University entry in the country of origin where you completed your secondary school.
  • Have completed and passed Chemistry and Biology with satisfactory aggregates marks

As a prospective student, you must note that the following will not be considered:

  • Marks of Biology and Chemistry were carried out as electives.
  • Application with lower grades in biology and chemistry.
  • Applications with Science or Additional Science instead of Chemistry and Biology should be accompanied by a letter with a notified translation from issuing high school, showing content included in these disciplines.
  • The applicant has qualifications in B.TECH, Foundation, and Bio-Medical Science.

All prospective students should submit application information before the stipulated dates from March to September. The Plovdiv Medical University has four official methods you may use to submit applications:

  1. Walk-in to the Foreign Students Office.
  2. Through an agency or power of attorney authorized by the applying person.
  3. By courier
  4. Or through a post office

Applications can be sent at:

Foreign Student Admission Office

University Information Center

Medical University-Plovdiv

15 A, Vasil Aprilov Blvd.

Plovdiv 4002


Send all documents as a complete set, and if selected, you will proceed to take the Plovdiv Medical University entry test, according to Usman Khalid.

Vibrant multicultural study environment

Each year, the Plovdiv Medical University receives about 10-20% range of both international and local students who passed the selective process of admission. The University welcomes a Cosmo rate of international students from all European countries, as well as from Syria, the USA, Zimbabwe, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, and more with an open-air ceremony.

This creates a multicultural atmosphere under the University’s Integral Institutional Policy to provide learning without discrimination in the institution. It offers all its course programs and events in English to reinforce a vibrant multicultural study environment for all students and staff.

The University houses its students in dormitories under the same rule of “the internal organization for the use of the residents’ halls of the medical university.” The provision of this rule applies to their entire students population as in a uniform code without special regard for a certain group of students at the expense of others. However, the University has frequently indicated concern that the majority of international students choose to stay in private accommodations. That is not a cause for questioning their multicultural policies since the students do so at their own whim.

Moreover, the Hilendarski University of medicine in Plovdiv has adopted a four-year gender equality plan’ between 2021 and 2024. This plan seeks to launch a charter for the promotion of equality between men and women in research, education, social relations, and employment among the University’s multicultural and sexual dimensional environment. The students distinguish the efforts of Professor Rumen Mladenov and the Plovdiv Medical University Council to answer the question of why Plovdiv University is the best medical school in Bulgaria.

Internationally recognized programs

The Hilendarski University offers various programs in English, including Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Medicine for both Bulgarian and international. The University has a record of high ranking as the best medical institution in the world. In Bulgaria, it ranks number three, while ranking the 11th best medical school in all Bulgarian Universities combined.

Plovdiv Medical University is a member of the ‘Bulgarian National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA), which ensures the quality of all Universities in Bulgaria. On the other hand, NEAA is a full-time partner with the ‘European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). This is another reason why Plovdiv University is the best medical school in the UK. It is situated in Bulgaria, a state member of the EU/EEA, which means its qualifications are recognizable in Europe and the world. Plovdiv Medical graduate specialists are welcomed with high esteem throughout the world.

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The University offers four streams of internationally recognized courses in the following faculties:

Faculty of Medicine

  • This faculty offers training in medicine for 6 years.
  • The training entails a preclinical and clinical discipline, including a full-year clinical cycle.
  • The unique and general medical discipline is trained in its logical interrelation and consequences.
  • The faculty is equipped with modern infrastructures and expertise lecturers to ensure the development of practical skills of physicians and first-rate theoretical training.
  • The faculty currently trains 2862 students in medicine.

Faculty of Dental Medicine

This faculty is equipped with the entire modern infrastructure, including a 3D scanner, 34 phantom dental units, and 193 dental units. The National Agency of Evaluation and Accreditation accredited this faculty to train specializing doctors and masters of Science in Dental Medicine since 2007.

This faculty has 8 departments for Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontology, and Oral Diseases, Prosthetic Dentistry, Operative Dentistry and Endodontics, Maxillofacial Surgery, Diagnostic Imaging, Dental allergology, and physiotherapy.

Faculty of Pharmacy

This faculty prioritizes an increase in the quality of scientific research and quality training through harmonizing the teaching materials with the high demands of dynamic pharmaceutical science. The Plovdiv Medical University’s unceasing pursuit of perfection is showing off in the rating system of medical schools in Bulgaria, in which the faculty of pharmacy rated second in the country.

Faculty of Public Health

This faculty is equipped with a modern infrastructure of 300 seat classrooms, fast internet connectivity, accessible working offices, and computer labs. The faculty of public health of offers 6 programs: Bachelor of health care management, master of health care management, master of social activities and public health, master of public health and health management, PhD. programs- in full and part-time, and post-graduate courses and specialization for medical doctors.


The interview which Usman Khalid, the Bulgarian student, did on a video shows that Plovdiv University is the best medical school you will find in Bulgaria. He emphasized gratitude for the University’s effort to make admission to their facilities easy, endowing students with a lively multicultural study environment and offering internationally recognized qualifications. International students who may wish to study at Plovdiv Medical University can apply now on the university application website.