Studying abroad is an opportunity for everyone who wants to change his\her life. Depending on the numerous experiences of students who study abroad and experience a new life there, I want to talk about the immediate effects studying abroad has on you and the long-term & short-term changes you’ll note in your life at several levels.

Before we’re going to start, you have to keep in mind that your international experience will be your powerful resume all your lifetime, so you have to do everything possible to make it perfect.


studying abroad
benefits of studying abroad

Higher education and getting your degree from one of the top-ranked universities abroad is hard to get but possible. This step will open the doors to a different future and teach you how to participate.

Generally, the student’s goals differ from one to the other, but they get crossed somewhere, such as getting a better life. Our task is to add more value to higher education and invest it to understand the world, which will help us fulfill the demands of the labor market.

All universities worldwide are permanently renewal to keep up with all significant changes that happen in this complex world, so we sum up the educational institutions trying to react to a particular market.

Let’s take an example: Previously, the programs taught at some universities in Germany were about 300 study programs, but now this number has increased to more than 17.000 study programs; can you imagine?!

As a part of the society you’ve lived in, higher education will help you fit in the community and contribute to making it better than before. Studying abroad will be the whipped cream that you have to add to the cake.

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There are many traditional abroad that are widely held globally and among the students about the studying abroad, such as, studying abroad will help you learn another foreign language, and over time you can be a native speaker in it. In addition, it will help you make new friends and learn more about foreign cultures. That’s okay, but I think there are more benefits of studying abroad, you might know.

Some other aspects are you’ll be exposed in a different country to entirely different culture and try to recognize your life depending on the laws of this country; as you know: “Law is the law.” that’s why you’re an international student because you have to cope and mingle with the environmental benefit.

Heads Up: Enriching your academic language is a critical point and will create an aqualitivate shift in your life, but the human experience is also a significant thing.

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studying abroad
challenges of studying abroad

When you think about that one day you’ll come back to your homeland and be another person loaded with experiences and adventures with more self-motivated and self-initiative, you’ll be excited to travel abroad and explore by yourself all the points we’re talking about.

Networking skills aren’t merely a practical skill to improve your work and get promoted, but it’s so essential to build your own world and meet new friends who may be your life-long friends.

Think about what you will get after mingling with people from different backgrounds and cultures while studying abroad. This will allow you to be open-minded and creative while coping with your family, friends, and coworkers.

You’ll acquire many personal skills that will use your own life at personal and working levels. Let’s list some skills you’ll earn step-by-step:

  • How to solve your problems.
  • How to cope with people that are descendants from other cultures.
  • How to live by yourself.
  • How to manage your time and budget.
  • How to see the world through different eyes.
  • How to learn cultural communication; that’s will be unique, trust me.
  • How to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Knowing simply who you are.
  • This space is for you; add one.

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studying abroad
Tip in English for studying abroad

All organizations and universities worldwide offer funds for international students to ger professional education abroad, and this will win-win not just for you but also for the whole world. One of the higher purposes is improving the employability of university graduates.

Heads Up: More than 64% of employers and companies all over the world are searching for graduates who have international experience.

I think you’re longing to know more about the skills you’re acquired when you experience studying abroad, so I’ll list some of them:

  • Critical thinking.
  • Systematic thinking in different cultural fields.
  • Develop the quality of the transferable skills in different environments.
  • Communication & international teamwork.
  • Enriching your resume.
  • Mastering a second language or more. As you know, the human brain can learn 5 foreign languages.
  • Being a very highly qualified specialist in your career.
  • Being one in a million among your coworkers.
  • Observe new horizons and add to your work some of what you’ve learned.

Heads Up: Studying abroad will add qualities to yourself and give you better access to a brighter future, but not necessarily change you completely. It for sure will make you a better person.

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The answer is sure. You can enrich your resume to get the dream job and expected salary. All students who have studied Master’s degree and Ph.D. degree participated in experiential activities, such as research projects, publishing academic scientific documents, internships, voluntary action, and more.

So education support will be the first support of your resume. Writing a professional and brief overview will help you be the employee that most companies hope to work with.

Education background on your resume will help you increase your chances to get a job in the host country you’ve studied in. You have to select the suitable sector to include your study abroad experience in the experience section of your resume.

Heads Up: If you study short-term courses abroad, you simply list your study abroad experience under the education section.

Studying abroad can really change your life; it’s the truth. All you have to do is take a risk, choose your way carefully to achieve your dream, and complete the form you’ve chosen effectively.

You can watch videos about the students’ experiences. You’ll find that many of them become influencers, stand up to the TED stage, and seize the opportunity to share their experiences with other people interested in TED Talks.