Have you ever thought about studying out of your country? Do you know what are the pros and cons of studying abroad in Spain?

Studying abroad in Spain has become more common these days than before, and that is related to the invention of the internet and easy communication with universities that welcome thousands of international students every year.

Spain is an advanced county with a hundred prestigious universities that there date back to the past centuries, and they ranked at the top world’s 300 universities including numerous disciplines, well-designed programs, and higher education institutions.

In this essay, the pros and cons of studying abroad in Spain are examined in detail. Also, we will discuss the most important universities in Spain.

definition of studying abroad

Studying abroad is defined by gaining an academic educational program in a foreign country, in order to expand a perspective of different cultures and obtain new language skills.

Staying abroad allows students to immerse themselves in new ways of teaching, advanced technologies, and explore many different viewpoints in an international environment.

The advantages of studying abroad in Spain

the pros and cons of studying abroad
the advantages of studying abroad

Most of the students think about studying abroad in Spain one day, but of course, studying outside is not an easy decision as you think, there are a lot of pros and cons of studying abroad in Spain.

Having a chance to study outside is one of the greatest opportunities which come once in a lifetime that why universities in Spain for international students are the best. Here are some advantages of studying abroad in Spain:

  • Learning new languages

    Nothing is compared to studying a foreign language by immersion with native speakers, which will give you a chance to master the Spanish language, be more fluent and improve your accent and pronunciation.

    Also, most students with language skills are highly desirable to employers, especially those who are fluent in two or more languages and have the ability to communicate well with others.

  • Boosting your resume

    Adding study abroad in a famous university in Spain to your educational experience sets you apart from the other applicants and shows potential employers.

    So, studying abroad could offer better opportunities in your home country or any other country and give you a leg up in the job market.

  • Being independent

    Traveling outside and being away from your home and family is not easy, it is considered a big step to be independent and start to build your own life from scratch.

    Studying abroad in Spain will give you a chance to depend on yourself to do all duties from laundry, cooking, and shopping on your own, which are necessary for many parts of your future life.

  • Get out of your comfort zone

    University in Spain can teach you many valuable life lessons about what the real world is. That means the life outside your country and away from your friends and family can make you confused and nervous.

    Therefore, stepping outside of your comfort zone will help you overcome most of the obstacles you could face in the future, gain more experiences, and enhance your confidence.

  • Experience new culture and perspective

    As you are going to study abroad in Spain, bear in mind that you will gain a deeper understanding of a new culture and global perspective of social value.

    Also, you will discover new social norms and Spanish lifestyles and become more social, flexible, and open-minded. Broadening your perspective of the world is not easy and you can’t learn it in your home.

    Additionally, Spanish people are often very welcoming and happy to share their culture and traditions with the many international students in their country, so you will see Spain as your own home.

  • Enhance your network

    Studying in an international environment especially in a county such as Spain will give you the opportunity to meet new people, new cultures, and different backgrounds and perspectives. In addition, it allows you to embrace a new culture and way of life.

    Studying abroad in Spain is a win-win situation! It is one of the most powerful ways to make new friends and expand your social network and back home with unforgettable memories and moments.

  • Develop your confidence

    The best advantage of studying abroad in Spain is building your confidence and developing your personality, it will increase your ability to facilitate idea flexibility and expand your horizon and you will gain cultural knowledge of how different countries work.

    Overcoming the challenges of being in Spain, will lead to you becoming a more mature person, thriving in new circumstances, and improving your self-reliance and resilience

  • Discover new land in Spain

    When you travel abroad you won’t just gain an academic education and development skills, you will have a chance to see many different lands and civilizations in this wonderful country.

    Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe with a long history and rich culture, known for its architecture, food and wonderful climate.

  • improve your education levels

    One of the most important things of pros and cons of studying abroad in Spain is to learn new education in different approaches and techniques and you will be able to engage in enriching professional development.

    Many students look to study away from their own country to have a high level of education in the most popular universities which lead them to academic resources, curated experiences, and assessments to maximize student competency development.

  • low-costs of living in Spain

    The cost of living in Spain varies by location, but in general, it is easy to live well in Spain on a student budget. it is very easy to find affordable accommodation. also, the Tuition fees in Spain are among the lowest in Europe.

  • fully-funded scholarship

    Universities in Spain offer scholarships to international students and local citizens every year in many programs. the government in Spain provides the students the finest accommodation, transposition allowance, and financial aid.

Disadvantages of studying abroad

the pros and cons of studying abroad in Spain
the downsides of studying abroad

The pros and cons of studying abroad in Spain are the most argument issue among international students. After we show you the advantages of studying abroad in Spain, we are going to talk about the downsides of studying abroad:

  • homesickness

    It is one of the disadvantages of studying abroad. you may find yourself feeling alone and without any of the social and emotional support that you have in your country which leads you to feel anxious, nervous, and frustrated.

  • Culture shock

    Although we can learn a lot about the host country from the internet or movies, the reality is different. Most of the students can face a culture shock at the first period mostly in behaviors or traditions.

  • Language barriers

    Even though studying abroad is an excellent chance to learn a Spanish language, you may initially have some problems with language barriers especially at the beginning we need to understand everything around you.

  • High cost

    Moving to a different country automatically leads to extra expenses, and this is one of the major disadvantages of studying abroad in Spain which not many students can afford tuition fees, rent of the room, and transportation costs.

Some tips for studying abroad in Spain

The idea of studying abroad can seem like a great chance although there are some potential challenges such as practical, financial, and psychological. So here are some tips to help you:

  • Open yourself to new experiences and get out of your comfort zone.
  • Learn about the culture, background, and language of the host country before you arrive.
  • Be prepared to do everything on your own.
  • Choosing the best academic program at universities.
  • Seize the opportunity to learn a new language from the native speaker
  • do not forget to enjoy yourself and treat the experience as an adventure
  • seek to have a scholarship from your country or your school.


the top 10 universities in Spain 

study in Spain
the best universities in Spain

After we discuss the pros and cons of studying abroad in Spain. We need now to know what are the most important universities in Spain:

University of BarcelonaBarcelona
Universidad Autónoma de MadridMadrid
Pompeu Fabra UniversityBarcelona
Polytechnic University of CataloniaBarcelona
Complutense University of MadridMadrid
Autonomous University of BarcelonaBarcelona
IE UniversitySegovia
Technical University of ValenciaValencia
Ramon Llull UniversityBarcelona
University of GranadaGranada