Sweden is one of the best European countries to study abroad. Students all over the globe are now seeking to study in the country. Free education for students from EU/EEA makes it an even attractive destination. The summers in Sweden is magnificent. The long hours of the day makes it delightful to explore the natural beauty of Sweden. The south of Sweden especially is remarkable with sunny and warm days. If you are wondering what all to do during the summers in Sweden, read on to get an idea of places to travel and best things to do.

We have made a list for you about the places to visit and things to pack when you decide to explore nature’s bounty during the summers in Sweden.

1. Learn a new language

You can try your hand at learning a new language. You can pick up languages like Swedish, German, French and even work on your English. This will give more credibility and look amazing on your Curriculum vitae. People who know the native language tend to blend well and your CV also stands out to the recruiters.

2. Summer job

While exploring the beautiful destination, it is better as an international student to pick a summer job. It will give an opportunity to learn and earn. The government allows the students to get part-time jobs while they study. This will give your curriculum vitae a boost. You will get to interact with new people and learn new perspectives.

3. Find internships in neighboring countries

Norway and Finland are the neighboring countries to Sweden with abundant internship opportunities. You can travel from Sweden easily to Norway and grab an opportunity to work there while you study in Sweden. The same applies for Finland. Although you will need to check if your nationality interferes with the process. You can reach out to the team at Udrus who can guide you better.

4. Volunteer

You can do volunteer work during your summers in Sweden. It is an amazing opportunity to help the people in or pick any project of your choice. You can explore animal shelters, education projects, community services or any other issue closer to your heart. It helps in painting a better and detailed picture of what you wish to do in your life. Volunteer work does not just look good on paper, it helps you understand people and their needs better.

5. Participate in cultural activities

If you want to see Sweden in its full glory, you should plan your trip around the national Midsummer festival. It is celebrated on the nearest Friday of 23rd June. The festival is a celebration of food, dance, flowers and being outdoors on a sunny day.

As per the local residents, this is the most important day of the year. The longest day of the year is celebrated by dancing around maypole and singing folk songs. Women adorn flowers in their hair and enjoy picnics while soaking in the warm summer sun. you can take this as an opportunity to explore your hobbies, interests and passions. You can put up your own stall or volunteer at the festival. If you wish to have a fuller experience, you can join the organizing committee.

6. Enroll in summer courses

Summer courses are a smarter way to learn while you enjoy your summer breaks. It gives you motivation and discipline to have a productive summer. Summer courses usually have a shorter duration and institutions provide certification of your learning and acquiring of new skill or knowledge. You can apply for a summer course that can help you advance in your career and provide you with better opportunities to grow and excel.

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7. The beach

Sweden might not be popular for beaches but it is the best-kept secret of the country. The best beaches are hidden in the lap of the Baltic Sea in the south of Sweden. The colorful and vibrant huts on the beaches call out to people with open arms. These huts on the golden sand of the Falsterbo peninsula lead up to Denmark. You can also roam barefoot on the white powder sand in Gotland, surrounded by pines and dunes to make a perfect setting to satiate anybody’s wanderlust.

Osterland on the other hand is picturesque in its own way; the region flaunts a beautiful coastline. Sandhammaren on the other side looks like a picture out of a book with lush green trees and gives a feeling of Caribbean. You can enjoy a book, take a dip, or go for a walk on these beautiful beaches and make a place for them in your memory. Plan an outdoor trip after a hard semester and let your body and soul replenish.

8. Explore the great outdoors

Sweden is all about going outside and living the best life. You can discover the waters by swimming as well as sailing and kayaking. If you are not a fan of water, you can explore the dry land by hiking. There is no end when it comes to picking trails to trek and explore the beauty of the dry land of Sweden. You can pick the difficulty of the hiking as per your comfort.

Hikers love the 440 km long hike called King’s trail between Abisko and Hevaman in the lap of Sweden. You can also hike from Gothenburg to Alingsas on the Gotaleden trail. The hike promises the beauty of nature and natural reserves before you finish the hike. Biking is another way of exploring the land and you could do this just like their local residents. You can enjoy the beauty of the country by renting a bike. Gothenburg is known for its sustainable practices and green credentials.

9. Go swimming

Home to 90,000 lakes and 2000 miles of coastline, it is easy to find a spot to enjoy a dip. The water bodies are surrounded by lush forests which work as a perfect setting to relax. The coastline makes each and every moment worth remembering. Bring your favourite book and picnic snacks and enjoy your time. The tranquil atmosphere will help you relax and unwind. You can then enjoy a swim in the fresh and calming water to recharge yourself.

10. Enjoy outdoor cafe culture

Summers in Sweden is easy and breezy. It is not heavily populated and overcrowded. A lot of local residents move to other places during the summer leaving the big cities. This will give you the golden opportunity to enjoy summer days on the patios of cafes and restaurants. The Swedish tradition of Fika, “sipping coffee” is an amazing way to relax and meet new people. You can also enjoy the sights of the city and squares while enjoying Fika and cinnamon rolls.

Swedish cuisine is not only about sipping coffee at cafes; you can devour a variety of dishes. Imagine the best seafood like salmon with dill, smoked fish, and pickled herring. You can also find fresh fruits like cloudberries and longeberries. Don’t miss out on trying the staple food of Sweden, Smorgasbord.

11. Explore the culture from the inside-out

You can learn to make the local cuisine by finding a job at a cafe. It will help you learn the native language and culture effortlessly. While working, you can network better and form friendships. This will help you earn recommendations and also some extra money and skill set. While you still have time during your summer vacation, try to make as many local acquaintances as possible. They can not only help you explore the culture in a more natural and local manner but can also lead you to stumble upon great professional endeavors.

12. See the beautiful architecture

Drottningholm Palace is the best-preserved castle from the 1600s in Sweden. The garden of the palace looks exquisite in summer with the maintenance of high standards. Although the royal family still resides in a part of the palace, the grounds are open for the common public to explore. You can enjoy the ornate interiors of the castle along with the Chinese pavilion constructed in 1753 on a beautiful, warm, and sunny day in Sweden.

Kalmare castle looks like a place out of a fairy tale floating on water. The older architecture of the castle dates back to 1397 and newer architecture dates to the 1600s keeping Nordic renaissance style. Stepping inside the palace feels like travelling back in time. It is one of the most preserved buildings in Europe. You can take a guide and take an elaborate tour to the dungeon and enjoy ghost tours as well. A perfect picnic on a sunny morning is the best way to enjoy your trip to Kalmare castle.

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Let’s take a quick recap

During your stay in Sweden, you will come to know that living and studying in the stunning country, Sweden, is an experience on its own. You will not only be studying in the best country abroad but will also be experiencing the geographical, architectural, and cultural beauty of the country in the summers. To make the most of the limited months of summers in Sweden, make sure to plan an outdoor activity, a swim, or just a stroll along the coastline on powder-white beaches. It need not be too much but just enough to replenish your soul and make it a summer to remember.